Vancity Allie Launches Tour Company

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later.  There are already Forks and Portland tours that deal with Twilight book and movie settings. You can now add Vancouver to the list. Vancity Allie, the blogger, who covered many of the outdoor shoots surround the New Moon filming is launching a New Moon themed tour company.

Allie tells us that:

“ – Vancouver Set Tours of New Moon Sets Running This Summer

By fans, for fans! We are excited to announce that Twilight New Moon Set Tours are now available in Vancouver. You’ve had the chance to see so much coverage of Vancouver during the New Moon shooting, but what about visiting it for yourself?

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world to visit, and why not mix a Vancouver sightseeing tour with a little Twilight? Visit the famous New Moon sets such as Bella’s House, Jacob’s House, the Cullen House, Forks High School, the theatre sets, the woods sets, and other special FX sets!

Enjoy professionally guided tours with fans who can give you all the back story on the sets and the cast. We hope to see you in our beautiful city soon!”


  1. Jane R. says:

    I hope she got permission from the house owners first before she thought of doing the tours. Some people might not take kindly to a bunch of strangers taking pictures of their house without permission; even if they did let Summit use the houses for the movie. 🙁 They could be arrested for disturbing the peace or trespassing. I live very close to Vancouver, almost right in the city. I would love to go on the tour if it’s doable. 😀

  2. vancityrockgirl says:

    this is disgusting and disturbing.
    the set of new moon has already been stalked by many people harassing the cast and crew and making their jobs more difficult than they have to be… and at this rate, i wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t film the 4th one in vancouver.
    charging money to bring an SUV of people to a closed set to harass people while they work is just wrong.
    things said on the website like “We can do our best to find out where your favorite star is going to be. If we are not able to find who you are looking for, we will refund your money.” are disturbing to read.
    these poor actors already have their privacy invaded and now you’re outright promising people for money that you will “find” the actor/actress they want to meet?!
    wow. i am flabbergasted in the gall that some people have.
    this is really really messed up.

  3. this is unbelievable. i can’t believe people, who i KNOW are fans of the series, would actually make a quick buck (and it ‘aint cheap) out of the fact that they’re filming in canada. its really sad. just let them film-be happy that they’re doing so in your own neighborhood, & not go around exploiting that fact.

    Hello ugh meet anon, according to your Ip you are the same person. This couldn’t possibly be another group that’s POed because she launched her site first could it?

  4. Someone says:

    wasn’t this newsflic’s idea first?

  5. yeah-thats what i heard.

    Hello anon meet ugh, according to your Ip you are the same person. This couldn’t possibly be another group that’s POed because she launched her site first could it?

  6. The tour company has been in the works for the past few months (you can check the date of the registration of our domain name). We are super excited to launch this service!

    We’re huge fans of the series and we hope we can share this experience with others.

    We weren’t aware of others doing tours in Vancouver but would be happy to work with them.

    We’re hoping this can help cover some of our costs of reporting New Moon/Eclipse/Breaking Dawn news!

    Our hearts are in the right place and we really are super huge fans of the series. I hope over time we are able to provide the same level of enjoyment and fan excitement that they are currently providing in Forks 🙂

    Please let me know if you have any questions, we definitely don’t shy away from answering them!

  7. vancityallie,
    i have a question-do you realize summit may be a little ticked off that you’re leading people straight to where one of their movies are filming? You REALLY think they’re going to appreciate it? It would be fine if you did the tours after the filmed, no problems-but during? Really? And you’re actually justifying it too-saying you need it to cover costs of reporting the news? Last time I checked, you just blogged about set visits etc. as a FAN and- blogging is free. Forks didn’t do what you’re doing. You’re doing these ‘tours’ during filming and they’re doing it after. As the previous poster said, the actors/actresses are there to do their job. Bringing more ‘fans’ to the set would just make things worse and complicated for them to film here. Think about it-they’ll see that Vancouver is no longer a good place to work in because everyone effing knows where they’re filming, and they’ll leave. Are you trying to ruin this for the people who live here? Stop trying to make a quick buck and move on. Doesn’t matter if you’ve been planning this for months, it doesn’t justify what you’re doing.

    Why Hello there Chelsea! Another post under another name, and a Vancouver based IP. This couldn’t possibly be another group that’s POed because she launched her site first could it?

  8. while this is a great idea in theory, i frown upon the cost of these tours. personally i don’t like the idea of fans using the cast for profit whether it be tours or selling photographs through paparazzi agencies. i also frown upon fansites that sell advertising unless it is to cover the hard costs of hosting, which is unexpensive these days. i am old school.

  9. AlbertaJenn says:

    Yeah, tours by production companies are one thing, as they do all the leg work to okay these things. But if I was letting Summit film in my home for Eclipse or BD, and then I found out that my house was on a fan tour where people drive past in buses and take pics, I would be very angry!

  10. I gather that I’m in the minority in liking this idea … however, the prices are sadly a bit steep for my budget.

  11. That is kind of screwed up, exploiting the fact that you know where set locations are for a profit. A lot of this info can be garnered from the internet, you shouldn’t be charging for it. Also, what, are you going to be finding out where the cast members are eating dinner and take a bunch of people there to disturb them? How classy of you.

  12. Chelsea says:

    First of all, what you’re doing is very invasive, to the actors and to the crew-people who are just trying to do their job without a bunch of crazies (aka the only people who would actually shell out THAT much to see these actors)-hanging around, asking for their photo, their autograph and their time. I also agree with the previous poster-that info about set locations can be easily found on the internet-and yet here you are, charging what-$250 PER PERSON, for that very same info? how can you possibly think that what you’re doing is right? that theres nothing wrong with it?
    Its intrusive and immoral to be doing something like this, and to have the nerve to actually go through with it.

    Hi Chelsea meet laland. You have the same IP Another post under another name, and a Vancouver based IP. This couldn’t possibly be another group that’s POed because she launched her site first could it?

  13. Lalaland says:

    You suck man. You know what….what happens if I start to stalk you everyday?would ¥OU like that? If you do then you must be REALLY STUPID and SICK!

    Why Hello there Chelsea! Another post under another name, and a Vancouver based IP. This couldn’t possibly be another group that’s POed because she launched her site first could it?

  14. I have mixed thoughts… first, if it is available on the internet, then people who want to find it can search and go on their own, people who want to have the work done for them and relax and hear stories from people who have seen it all, then this would be for them… it is pretty pricey but if people are coming to town and spending thousands on airfare, hotel, etc. mayeb this extra couple hundred dollars is worth it for the guarantee or at least the higher chance to find/see/experience sets, stars, whatever. I don’t think they should go to private homes or invade privacy of the cast but it seems to run a business like this they have to have permission and insurance. Also there was no set or filming in Forks, just the name of the town used in the books. Time will tell but if people want to run tours, or pay to go on tours, that is their decision.

  15. Twilight_News says:

    One of the things that rarely happens is when a post on a minor topic keeps getting replies days later after it’s fallen three pages off the front blog.

    I couldn’t figure out on my mod panel why all the action, because really this never happens on a minor topic.

    Imagine my surprise when I discovered that people are talking to themselves on this thread. Certainly no one has to like this enterprise, but your point is hardly strengthened by creating multiple sock puppet accounts.

  16. Lindsay says:

    My thoughts: this was bound to happen one way or another. At least the tours are being led by true fans who really and truly want to share the experiences they’ve had with other fans. It’s not a selfish thing to share the love and you know what, you gotta make a living. Best of luck to !!

    P.S. Way to call out the multiple poster – it really wasn’t hard to tell who it was though. Some people’s kids man, some people’s kids… when will they ever grow up?

  17. ugh & anon (ooooh) says:

    Why yes, I am ‘ugh’ and ‘anon’- I always use a different ‘name’ when I’m commenting. Notice how its not my real name? Cause i like my privacy, so shoot me (or in this case, call me out for doing that-which I’m fine with but wrongly accusing me is another thing and also my next point). I’m not ‘another tour group’. Actually, I’m a teenager. You know-the people who are in high school? One of them. 🙂 (You should know, you probably have tons of them commenting when you run a twilight fan site…) Just because, OH-i don’t know, I sounded older to you, and called out VA on what shes doing, doesn’t mean I’m a ‘rival tour group’. Really, its pretty straight forward, even a teen could think this through- if I were another ‘tour’ group-why would I be calling out what vancity allie is doing if i am doing the VERY SAME THING? Does it make any sense? I’m sorry, I have too much of a conscience to ever do something like that.

    I also speak sarcasm. Useful little language isn’t it? Main point? I’m, as you put it, ‘PO’ed’ right now, because you accused me of something I am not.

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