Edward’s Music Poll

Ok I know this is a day late but I was at the 100 Monkeys and have some great footage of that to show you later!!  Now on to the actual music poll.

First let me start by saying that there were so many great songs submitted that it was very hard to narrow down which ones to include in the poll itself.  Some bands, like Red, Muse, Trading Yesterday,  could clearly have more than one song but in all fairness only one was chosen for the list.  I do suggest checking out the bands other stuff though because it is great!

So just like last week we have a list of songs with links below and then there is the poll for you to vote in. As always feel free to comment on what you’ve chosen and why.  I think it is trcky picking just one Edward song becuase he has such varied emotions in this book  so sometimes it helps to know where you think the song fits in order for us  to understand it.

**Slight technical difficulty with the poll. It seems you can only put 20 songs in one poll so I am creating a second poll for the rest of the songs. Please be patient.

One last thing “Hate Me” is a giving it will not be included in the poll.  And just a reminder this poll is for fun and has nothing to do with the actual New Moon Soundtrack.

Good Bye My Lover By James Blunt

The Reason By Hoobastank

You Could Be Happy by Snow Patrol

Prodigal by One republic

Who I am Hates Who I’ve Been by Relient K

Rescued by Jack’s Mannequin

Nothingman by Pearl Jam

Trip by Hedley

Clean Breaks by Dashboard Confessional

In the Sun by Joseph Aurther

Farewell by Greg Laswell

Pieces by RED

Running Away by Midnight Hour

Better for You by Kutless

What if By Josh Radin

Last goodbye by Jeff Buckley

She is the Sunlight by Trading Yesterday

Broken by Seether

Monster by Stars Down

The Funeral by Band of Horses

Goodlife by Frances Dunnery

Someday you will be loved by Death Cab for Cutie

I’ll Keep Your Memory Vague by Finger 11

The Scientist by Coldplay

What I’ve Done by Linkin Park

Sing for Absolution by Muse


  1. I chose the Snow Patrol song because the entire album (Eyes Open) could be the soundtrack for New Moon and Eclipse. Edward leaves Bella because he thinks it’s for the best, although he knows he’ll never be happy without her. It’s perfect.

    So many of these songs are perfect. It’s hard to really choose just one!

    • Devon061381 says:

      Why weren’t TWO separate polls done? It’s too hard to pick songs when you lump all the songs that fit Edward at different times. There are two significant points for Edward in the story: 1-when he leaves Bella, and 2-When he’s reunited with Bella. Can’t we have one poll for a Leaving Bella song for Edward, and a Reunited with Bella song for Edward? It would make things so much easier…

  2. OMG Hedley! I saw them live and met them and got autographs! They defiitely have my vote. They aren’t that known in the US so I suggest people here look them up. I love them!!!

    • I know, they’re awesome! I first heard them when I took my trip to Forks and intercepted Canadian radio, so they have strong Twilight ties for me :o)

  3. heatherh says:

    I chose Snow Patrol too. Looks like Hoobastank is winning. Really, guys? Hoobastank? C’mon. Edward has better taste in music than that.

    • I agree – Hoobastank? No way
      I voted for ‘pieces’ though, really loved it, and I thought it sounded like Edward. The music was just like an audible picture of him somehow. I liked Running away too though – and I love Sing for Absolution! I want to vote for it!

      btw: I never got to vote on Bellas song – but it should totally have been ‘like a knife’ – it was perfect.

    • HEY H, Your comment made me think.You were talking about edwards music taste and i think he would apperciate all kinds of music.In twilight we know his music taste spands a century at least.I think next time we have a poll for ed we need more diverse music.All the songs are great but lets mix it up a little open our minds!!!

    • I’d have to agree. Hoobastank is a little cheesy for Edward. The lyrics aren’t bad, but it’s just not the right vibe.

  4. Beccaaaaaa says:

    How come sing for absolution got missed off the poll 🙁

    muse = <3

    • Yeah, WTF? It’s the best song in the list…

      • I also noticed that Pearl Jam’s crappy song “Nothingman” was included, yet Incubus’s (who definitely had more nominations) “Earth to Bella” was left off the voting list.
        I wonder what the issue is?

      • Twilight_News says:

        When I made the original poll it was on there and then the poll would only accept 20 songs and I had to make a secondary poll and I forgot to add Sing for Absolution. So I apologize but sometimes thing happen.


  5. Wish you would have put kelly clarkson’s already gone. Its amazing. Every word is perfect… Too bad.

  6. OliviaS says:

    Man, I’m hecka mad I missed listing up songs because I just found one I think fits Edward. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsYgcACfWTw) I don’t think it should go on voting now, but I’m giving the link to share a good song.
    Good list of songs though. =]

  7. Yeah! Like Beccaaaaaa I miss Sing for Absolution….

  8. What happened to Sing for Absolution! This song kills me every time, and not only does it seem fitting for Edward it reminds me of the phrase “La Tua Cantante”

  9. phillygirl19119 says:

    Where’s the Justin Guarini song or Paramores?

  10. lolly 12 says:

    Wow that was hard. So many of the songs seemed perfect for so many reasons and different parts of where Edward was during New Moon. Running Away by Midnight Hour was perfect for Edward as he leaves. Better for You by Kutless fit well for Edward was thinking before and when he left. Red-Pieces fits his general mood from after he left to when he finds her again in Volterra. The Scientist also wraps it all up. Most all of them seemed like good Edward songs. Looking forward to what songs make the soundtrack.

  11. Ugh! Why are the majority of these pathetic emo songs and is that James Blunt I see at the top. Man they guy’s tone deaf. I thought Breathe by Taylor Swift seemed like a good choice. Apparently not

  12. What happened to Sing for absolution? ..Well we all know that it’s one of the best songs for Edward.. 🙂

  13. Edward (L) says:

    just thinking about how Edward must feel throughout new moon is heartbreaking. I know now that i am going to be crying during the film lol

  14. I voted for “you could be happy” by snow patrol, and the scientist. I hate that hoobastank is winning. It’s not that it isn’t a good song, or that it doesn’t fit, I just find it a little over played… I like songs I’ve never heard anywhere else.
    Btw, I like the song “broken” when Seether sings with Amy Lee more than when he’s alone. It’s a lot better

  15. Charlee says:

    I wanted to vote for sing for absolution, since it was the song that I originally suggested, but its not in the polls!

  16. I like Pieces by RED but I’m not gonna vote,’cause the one it deserves my vote is the one which is not on the poll-SING FOR ABSOLUTION by MUSE!!!

  17. I only want three things- Breathe Me by Sia, White Chalk by PJ Harvey and a beautiful musical score for Alexandre Desplat, like the one used in “The Painted Veil” (which is an amazing movie, and no offense, my favorite book.)

  18. Laura G. says:

    I chose “What If You” by Joshua Radin…I think it’s perfect for Edward as he makes his decision to leave Bella. I could just picture him watching her sleep and trying to do what is best for her.

  19. I wanted to vote for Sing for Absolution, but since it wasn’t there I chose The Scientist by Coldplay.

  20. If I could pick any song for Edward, it would be:

    With Me by Sum 41. None of those other songs.

  21. Chelsea says:

    where’s sing for absolution? 🙁

  22. Erin!!! says:

    It can’t be James blunt it just can’t! That is way to cheesey! I’m sorry but it is 🙂

  23. Where is Sing for Absolution?

  24. Okay I voted for one on each poll, Broken, by Seether, but I like it better with Amy Lee. So I’m choosing the one with Seether and Amy. It gives me goose bumps, and makes me feel for both Edward and Bella.
    Second poll I voted for Linkin Park, What I’ve Done, it makes me think of Edward in Italy, thinking that Bella killed herself and how he can’t live with that.

  25. Christina says:

    If you are true to the book, in NM we don’t see Edwards’s pain when he leaves Bella; we don’t know the truth behind his leaving, only that he says he doesn’t want her anymore. So songs that would detract from Bella’s feeling abandoned are wrong, the reader needs to feel as unexpectedly, inexplicably alone as Bella did. All these songs make us sympathize with Edward, but at that point in the story we don’t know his true motives, so the songs don’t fit.
    Now of course, after she saves him and they are back in Forks is the first time we are made aware that he was suffering as much as she, but there are no flashback scenes of his leaving in the book, so again these songs won’t apply.
    Probably most appropriate to pick a song that represents his preparing to die in Volterra, then thinking himself dead upon seeing her, but then realizing in fact she was actually saving him.

    • Desiree says:

      Out of the songs that they put on the poll, i think that Pieces by Red is the what you are describing. He talks about being torn to pieces the he’ll see her face and know they are together (that he is dead since she’s dead too). When he realizes she’s really there, she saved him, and she can put his pieces back together again. But in general, I agree with you.

  26. WOW this is hard!! i cant pick!! too many options!!

  27. I would vote muse if it was on the second poll. Oh well the scientist is still winning though

  28. I finally chose after listening to every single one of them lol…I still had to pick Broken by Seether because it’s one of my fave songs of all time, and it just calls to me with Twilight…

    others I thought about:
    -In the Sun by Joseph Arthur (its from Bourne Identity)
    -Pieces by Red
    -What If You by Joseph Radin (its more of a lovers song, not a lonely song-from the movie “Catch & Release”
    -The Scientist by Coldplay
    ….but alas, theyve already been overly used with movies and songs! But I’m still sticking with Seether although the song was played in the movie “The Punisher”….

  29. I can’t actually pick one. They all have their own deep meaning. ‘Good Bye My Lover’, ‘Trip’, ‘Clean Breaks'(goes perfectly with the very words Edward used), ‘What if’, ‘Last goodbye’ (“the bells out in the church tower chime” sounds familiar, huh?), ‘Monster’, ‘Goodlife’, ‘Someday you will be loved’ and ‘The Scientist’ are all perfectly fitting songs. I would also add a really random one: ‘De Quererte Asi’ by Luis Miguel. Spanish, random, I know, but very Romeo to Juliet.

  30. Isabella says:

    The one from Trading Yesterday (She is the Sunlight) describes almost exactly what Edward says to her when they come back from Italy (un the “The Truth” chapter)

  31. Sing for Absolution by Muse is missing… So I won’t vote, Muse is so perfect.

    It’s Blue October Hate me or Muse Sing for Absolution. Blue October is a giving so ^^

  32. All of these songs are amazing. I should have put Never Think in a comment/nomination thing though. It reminds me so much of Edward in New Moon.

    But I think I’ll go with … Ah! Umm … Yeah, I’m stuck. I think the lyrics of ‘Someday You Will Be Loved’ are closer, but ‘The Scientist’ is such a good song! And I love ‘What I’ve Done’ so much! Grr. It’s hard to pick.

  33. Aww man…I couldn’t submit NEVER EXISTED by me….Heidi Sierra.

    The song is about Edward justifying his departure from Bella and feeling he is no good for her….hence the quote…”it will be as if I never existed….”

    I hope you can listen.


  34. YOU LEFT



  35. where’s SING FOR ABSOLUTION BY MUSE on the poll? i don’t see it.

  36. Beccaaaaaa says:

    Hmm they still haven’t fixed the poll yet since last I was here,
    this is so unfair to that song :'(
    does that count? xD

    • I think we can all bet that Absolution would have won, had it not been left off the list for an entire day of voting.

  37. TwilightDieHard says:

    I think the song What If is what would be playing in Edwards mind the last night he stayed with Bella before he left in New Moon. But I want to do a write in song choice for his theme song- “Here I Stand” by Usher. I could hear Edward speaking those words to Bella.

  38. Desiree says:

    I can’t decide if people are voting just for the most popular song they know or if they are actually looking at what the song is saying. I tend to think the first. It was REALLY hard for me to decide. I narrowed it down to Rescued, Pieces, Clean Breaks, and Someday You Will Be Loved. I cut out Someday b/c in the end it’s only about him leaving her and nothing else. Then I cut out Pieces b/c to me it only talks about him deciding to die and when he sees her he thinks they are dead together. Clean Breaks caught my attention b/c of the line “one last sacrifice of this ritual escape” But over all it was only about him deciding to die. I voted for Rescued, b/c it starts when he decides to leave her. Then it starts talking about how spun he is and apparently how spun she was too (b/c she jumped off a cliff) How he fells her dying and how she made him feel warm. So he does not want to be rescued b/c he feels he needs to see her again (he will die and be with her).

  39. Hoobastank? Really? I agree with heatherh. Read the Snow Patrol’s lyrics – so, so sad. It’s Edward all the way. The Reason? VOMIT. Give me a break. Too easy.

  40. Rosmelie says:

    No offense to Hoobastank but I don’t want little poppy songs being in New Moon when it’s supposed to be dark and to me, Hooba is ultra poppy in that song for it being slow. As for others…I would love to see Muse back on this album, and Sing for Absolution is really good but there’s also another that would work incredibly well and that’s Falling Away With You.

  41. Kathleen says:

    I love alot of these songs for “Edwards song”. another one I like that reminds me of Edward in new moon is “The Mess I Made” by Parachute 🙂

  42. Jennifer L. says:

    The Reason fits Edward perfectly, but i don’t think it fits him in New Moon.

  43. better then me by hinder didn’t make the list?


  44. What I’ve Done by Linkin Park probably wouldn’t be the best choice considering it was one of the theme songs for Transformers. Whenever I hear it all I think of is Transformers, and I’m sure the same will go for others watching it.

  45. OMG! I just sh*t a brick when I saw Hedley on there! wow. <3

  46. isabelle says:

    trip from hedley

  47. Trip is perfect for Edward,

    “Like a tone if bricks it hit me, and woke me from this dream. No matter how hard I tried to wash my hands I could never get them clean.”

    “Can you hear me? Cause I can’t change what I’ll always be.”

    “Cause when I was finished sinning love came down and showed me you.”

    Ugh the lyrics fit perfectly!

    *full lyrics here: http://www.metrolyrics.com/trip-lyrics-hedley.html

  48. BloodSuckingLeech says:

    What about my immortal? Just kidding!!!

    Queen’s “WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER” is an excellent song for Edward. Haunting, so sad.

  49. OMG… I totally didn’t think of Broken by seether, its actually my husband and mine’s song. Not for the lyrics actually but for the situation it came into our lives

  50. i like the song CLOSER with KINGS OF LEON
    though it isn’t on the list, the lyrics are perfect for this.

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