Hot Topic Twilight Massive Clearance Sale

Hot Topic is having a major clearance sale, and like all fabulous sales you really have to take your time and look to find what you want. However, it’s worth going through their clearance section item by item when you get tee shirts for about $5.00 that were once close to $25.00! Ty to
dioriadore for the heads up.
Check it out here.


  1. idk why they sell them so expensive in the first place. my hubby bought me a zip-up hoodie that said “so the lion fell in love with a lamb” on the front and “twilight” on the bottom of the back and it was fifty dollars. i was happy but they’re really overpriced.

    • I went to Hot Topic and the items they had on clearance were only the posters and stickers and patches.
      That’s it! Shirts were still $25. I went there to find deals but ended up leaving empty handed.

  2. Yeah but when they are on clearance there, it’s a good deal. Seriously, $5. I got most of my HP stuff there on clearance for less than $7 each.

  3. LMFAO!!

    i bet a good 98% of feel really dumb now


  5. Also look in clearance ‘accessories.’ This morning they had Twilight posters on sale for $.99 each.

  6. missbluejuju says:

    It looks like there are also a few things on clearance at (a hot topic sister site) for us plus-sized gals.

  7. I was so excited and ran to hot topic to find not ONE thing on clearance. Sigh…

  8. HOPEFULLY the are make romm for New Moon merchendise!!!!!!!! I’d love a shirt with the new poster on it!

  9. Dang it! I missed the Edward shirt!

  10. I had to pay £12.99 in London for an Edward t-shirt, to be honest I felt a little cheated!

  11. Julie M. says:

    Bummer! I just looked at the clearance stuff and there isn’t much left. I wanted a hoodie. 🙁


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