Who Should Direct Breaking Dawn?

The LA Times, in light of Robert Pattinson’s statement that he’d be up for a 4th film, proposes a couple of ideas ranging from Alfonso Cuaron to Sam Raimi to Len Wisemen.

“With countless challenges ahead for anyone hired to helm the project, Summit would be well advised to take their buckets of cash and invest in a director who knows makeup, special effects and young love and won’t balk at the thought of a rapidly growing vampire baby. Not to mention inheriting the vampires and werewolves of past directors Catherine Hardwicke, Chris Weitz and David Slade.”

Who knows, maybe Kevin Smith might be interested in the job. His daughter is certainly a big fan, at least according to an MTV interview.


  1. Megluvstwilight says

    I think Quentin Tarantino or maybe Wes Craven would be appropriate.

    • Miss Temple says

      I agree!
      Or maybe nobody. We could all pretent it’s just a trilogy…

      • Megluvstwilight says

        It’s just so gory (sp?) and I can’t imagine the movie without that middle vomiting blood c-section part. Especially if it’s only going to be one movie.

        • Well they would have to make Breaking Dawn rated “R”

        • Yeh if they fully go into it, they can make the vampire lovers out there see what twilight is really made of. its such a talented project twilight, its already showed good action and romance etc. and when eclipse comes to town with 30 days of night’s David Slade we are gonna be blown away

    • those guys are ok but if we are wishful thinking may as well shoot for the stars—-peter jackson
      would be fabulous-look what he did with lord of the rings! he’s is the best i know but breaking dawn is so special….they could at least ask.

    • Quentin would be AWESOME! Good suggestion!

    • GUILLERMO DEL TORO!!! Or Juan Antonio Bayona. Either one of these uber-talented directors is BEYOND perfect for Breaking Dawn.

    • Megluvstwilight says

      I had to add based on the comments below that my suggestions were kind of a joke. Although I think either director would make an amazing movie, there is just no way to make this movie pg-13 without ruining it. The whole Bella pregnant with crazy growing killer vamp baby (of course that’s what we think before we meet renesmee) was so disturbing to me. But it was still awesome to read. I would hate to see a movie made that didn’t include that stuff.

  2. I think Catherine should finish it up. She kind of brought it too life and I think it would come full circle if she could end it. For some reason I really think a female should do it.

    • Tara Lurie says

      exactly what i was thinking cathrine hardwick should do the last movie, she brought it to life, im sad that she isnt doing the second film :/

      • Tara:: Catherine H. me and my sister agree on it as well.. She started it and so she should finish it.Really the only scene thats bloody is the birth scene and im sure they wont show to much of it.They want everyone to see it. summit will want to make as much money as they can.

        • heatherh says

          No way! Catherine did a terrible job. Get her far away from the rest of them!


    • I agree 100% that Catherine should direct Breaking Dawn…someone please tell Summit this. This book is wonderful and needs her passion with directing the film.

  3. Do you think they’d consider Chris Weitz again??? I like him.

    • I was thinking Chris again too. The actors all seem to like him and he’s essentially the creator of the wolves and the Volturi. I’d love for him to come back and finish it up.

      Their reasoning for not giving him Eclipse was that he’d be too busy finishing up New Moon…so give him Breaking Dawn; it’s going to be the most challenging special-effects wise of them all!


  4. i vote Catherine Hardwicke. Because she made a spectacular 1st sequel into Love-dangerous romance into life. She can make miracles and much more intense vampire romance in Breaking Dawn!!! More power Twilight Saga movies!!!

  5. soozabooza54 says

    I’m going to guess it won’t be Len Wiseman… as the director will have to work a lot with Michael Sheen… and there’s some bad history there… πŸ™‚

    Peter Jackson would be awesome – but totally unattainable.

    • Little ot, but actually they get along just fine. He directed the Underworld movies that stared Sheen and his ex wife, Sheen’s new wife. There are a bunch of interviews where they all say it wasn’t a problem.

      I think Wiseman would be good because of his knowlage of the genre and he’s worked with the CG and stuff to know enough when it’s bad and good.

  6. So my husband helped me with these….I dont know directors, but I really think that based on their past movies they would do a great job! The reasons why they wont do it are from the hubby.
    Guillermo Del Toro – But he will be doing the Hobbit movies.
    Peter Jackson – Producing Hobbit movies and working on Halo film that will never come out.
    Michael Bay – Not to good at the LOVE part of the books
    Christopher Nolan – But I’m pretty sure that he is busy with Batman.
    Alfonso Cuaron – Maybe a really good choice and cant think of anything he is currently working on.
    David Fincher – Did Fight Club (we think) and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

  7. they should bring back one of the 3 first directors. that’s something that (from the look of #6) is working for harry potter.

  8. twilighter says

    Guillermo Del Toro: I love what he did with Pan’s labyrinth, El orfanato and HELL Boy 2.

  9. ruthieee says

    i kinda want Alfonso to do it.
    but i think Chris Weitz should just come back and do it.

  10. People says Catherine but I reallly hope she is not in Breaking Dawn…Also, all of the movies would be better off is Melissa wasn’t the script writer. My opinion !!!

  11. michelle says

    I really think it should be Peter Jackson. He is awesome with CG which there will have to be a lot. His work on the Golum(sp) character in Lord of the Rings was brilliant! He does have experience with action,romance, and will have the good sense to give it the 3hrs it deserves!!!

    oh and my husband insists that i mention Ron Howard. His most recent movie is Angels and Demons.

  12. I think Wes Craven would be good or just bring back Chris Weitz. It looks like he is doing a good job with New Moon so let him come back.

  13. Sam Raimi, hands down. Unless Catherine Hardwicke comes back. Del Toro and Tarantino only know how to do one movie style….usually geared solely toward men, sex and violence.

    Ron Howard would be an interesting choice too.

  14. NO CATHERINE HARDWICKE. Sorry, but she did not do a very good job with Twilight. I loved it and all, but she could have done much, much better. Like…Oh, I don’t know…tell he actors when they’re making really stupid faces or that a certain hotty didn’t have to cover his nose when Bella walked in the room because HE DOESN’T HAVE TO SMELL/BREATHE! (I’m still a bit upset, lol).

    I love Joe Wright (director of Atonement, Pride and Prejudice) because of his use of the camera. I think the gore would be a challenge he could meet. But Alfonso Cuaron would do a great job too b/c of his camera use.

    If we’re REALLY shooting for the stars: Ron Howard or Danny Boyle

  15. I think ron Howard would be wonderful. I agree with Eclisse about Catherine Hardwicke, I really could of been done better.

    I think it’d be funny if Tim Burton was optioned, it’d be amusing to see what his take on it would be. But in all seriousness Ron Howard or Chris again.

  16. Catherine? Really? Um, not so much. She couldn’t handle Breaking Dawn. The director will have to be amazing to ensure that it doesn’t come off really cheesy. I think Chris would do a great job with it. He seems to “get” it.

  17. GUILLERMO DEL TORO!!! Or Juan Antonio Bayona. Either one of these uber-talented directors is BEYOND perfect for Breaking Dawn.
    (I already posted this, but in the wrong place:))

  18. Peter Jackson!

    But really Mr. Smith, Twilight’ s not just for 14 year old girls….that cliche is so old.

  19. Christina says

    I love Alfonso Cuaron! BD would be just his style, and thats what’s key. . . Finding the right style for the movie. There are lots of great directors who would be all wrong for this movie. I hope they find the perfect one. I vote for Alfonso Cuaron!

  20. FreakinCrazy says

    I would like to see Stephenie Meyer come back and shoot this 1. I want to see how she does with a bigger budget, and Im sure she wouldn’t disappoint.

    • I would love to see her co-direct it, but she would admit herself she’s not a director, but yes, it would be great to have her input throught the whole process

      • FreakinCrazy says

        Oops Im so stupid… I just realized I meant Catherine Hardwicke lol… Not stephenie Meyer >_<

  21. Sorry, but I so do not want Alfonso Cuaron to do BD. In my opinion he massacred HP:Prisoner of Azkaban… the only film in the series I can’t bear to watch ever again. He doesn’t get the little details that you need in such as emotionally charged story. From what I’ve seen of NM shooting so far, would like Chris Weitz back. Craven and Tarantino, given the styles of movie they usually shoot, I don;t think would even consider it if they were offered it. My suggestion if not Chris, Matthew Vaughan (Stardust)

    • FreakinCrazy says

      I dont like what he did to HP3 either… Btw, its the lowest grossing of the movies to date πŸ˜‰

  22. I think Alfonso Cuaron has such a great view of a love story. Have you seen his work at Great Expectations? Plus he has a lot of experience working with young actors and putting his own perspective of the story. He should be great!!!

  23. Stephenie meyer to direct? Really? Talk about an epic fail. Shes an author, she belongs nowhere behind a camera.

    I think you meant to say catherine hardwicke. I hope anyway.

    Anyway, if i had to pick someone i… Wouldnt. I dont know one director from the other so i wont pretend to know what i dont πŸ˜› lol. Itll sure be interesting though.

  24. OK! I had to ck out who Kevin Smith was!? I’m like who in the BLEEB is that? LOL! No, not him…lol I dont know who should direct it? I want to see how the next two come out first.

  25. not cathrine hardwick!! please! she royally ruined twilight the movie!

  26. I’d be interested in seeing Tom Welling direct it. The episodes of Smallville he’s directed have been some of my personal favorites. And he was Stephenie Meyer’s imagined Emmett. LOL. By the time Breaking Dawn’s released Smallville will probably be over so he’ll have to find something else to do. Why not Breaking Dawn?

  27. danielle says

    I love the series but I honestly don’t think they should make the fourth one. I don’t think it will even turn out that good. But then again that all has to do with who the director will be.

  28. There are a few directors I think would do a great job. Tim Burton, Ron Howard, Peter Jackson, Francis Ford or Sophia Coppola, Wes Craven, Quinton Tarintino. They are all amazing Directors that have done Incredible movies. Hopefully they will pick one of these Directors.George Lucas would be great as well.

  29. Yeah, thinking about Tom Welling… I think he’d be perfect for the job. I think he’d really be able to show Edward and Jacob’s confusion about Bella’s pregnancy and their issue of not being able to differ between right and wrong. And of course he could show Bella’s resolve well, that the baby should live because know life should be destroyed. That’s a lot of what Smallville’s about. And I’ve never seen a show as real as that one before. The episodes that Tom’s directed really seem to echo that. I think he’d bring a great vision to Breaking Dawn.

    Also, maybe Breaking Dawn will need two directors. Do you guys think it’ll be split into two movies?

    By the way does anyone else think that David Archuleta would be perfect for Seth?^^

  30. It should absolutely be a woman. Breaking Dawn would be awesome with any talented and motivated director and fair budget. But I just think that a woman would be better able to grasp the intimate and personal female experiences Bella goes through in Breaking dawn, from honey moon jitters to pregnancy.

  31. i’m sorry, but shouldn’t we really be spazzing about eclipse, rather than breaking dawn?

  32. Tom welling?! Are you serious???!

  33. No one. BD shouldn’t be a movie.

    • You have NO IDEA how much I agree with you. If they are to even ATTEMPT to do this, they will have to change sooooo much it’s not even funny. The whole book was far from brilliant. Sorry to those who liked it. This is my opinion.

    • why is my comment awaiting moderation…?

    • FreakinCrazy says

      When its made into a movie, dont watch it.

    • Julie M. says

      How can you say that? I can’t wait to see the wedding, the honeymoon, everything! It wraps everything up. I agree with FreakinCrazy, don’t watch it.

      • It’s no secret that a fair number of people were disappointed with Breaking Dawn. Most people were not expecting Bella to have a baby, period. Also I think a lot of people were disappointed there was no epic battle at the end. Lord knows it took me a while to get comfortable with the way the series ended.

        As for who should direct Breaking Dawn, I wouldn’t mind seeing how Alfonso Cuaron would fair with it. I enjoyed watching some of the romance movies he’s directed. They were beautiful.

  34. Catherine is not the only female director out there. What about Sophia Copella or Amy Heckerling? How about a screenplay by Diablo Cody? I’m pretty sure with a little bit of research there can be a great female director, female screenplay writer combo.

  35. papermoon says

    del Toro, Bayona, or Cuaron- these three would be my first choice. honestly, i think kevin smith would do a good job with the movie, as he is a good director in general.

  36. Zack Snyder-“300” & “Dawn of the Dead” (Remember, the zombie baby?)


  37. You guys are right, Tom doesn’t have enough experience yet. I claim temporary insanity. But the director’s they are choosing are scaring me too. No proposal in New Moon!? What IS that? Anyone else fear the series is being ruined?

  38. ImBettingOnAlice says

    Quentin or peter Jackson ….. Kevin smith????? Really???? Do we want an apperance of vampire jay and silent bob??? No thanks

  39. Ron Howard, Alfonso Cauron, Peter Jackson.

  40. Catherine says

    Peter Jackson!! any fellow NZers out there? πŸ™‚

  41. im a kiwi!! lol

    i think peter jackson would do a great job. just watch “heavenly creatures” he can do intense drama too, not just action .

    thats so cool there are two nzlanders on the list (andrew adamson and peter j.)

  42. Len Wiseman is a great choice! Eric Kripke would be great too. Peter jackson would be awesome! I don’t think Summitt could afford him though!

  43. I didn’t know Tom Welling of Smallville directed an episode,so it would be interesting to see how he’d bring Breaking Dawn to life. However I would like to see some of the other candidates mentioned,like bringing back Chris Weitz or Guillmero del Toro. I was really hoping Juan Bayone was going to direct Eclipse,as it seems the spanish directors have a knack for making visually stunning films,like my man Alfonso Cuaron. I would also vote for David Fincher as he made the brillant-Curious Case of Benjamin Button and he’s worked with Kristen Stewart previously on Panic Room. Hopefully they’ll find a director that can bring the fourth book to life and stay true to core story.

  44. Catherine all the way. Let it go full circle.

  45. I think it’s a little too early to choose the right director for Breaking Dawn.We haven’t even watched the second film yet.

  46. edwardmusicfreak says

    honestly, though i am a fan of the series, i would probably not go see the fourth movie because….welll i mean come on…it would have to be rated R and i didn’t really appreciate it if they left it a trilogy and added the transformation and wedding at the end of the third movie because plus i mean come on…. who wouldn’t love a longer eclipse? =)

  47. im a director and would love the chance to helm breaking dawn


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