Twilight Fantrips Needs You

Twilight Fantrips, the group that is putting together the charity baseball event on July 4th and several other Twilight trips this year, needs fan help:

“FanTrips Troopers are a group of motivated, enthusiastic fans from various fandoms who are interested in the travel opportunities and unique themed experiences provided by, and volunteer their time and effort to participate in activities and promotional opportunities to help spread the word about some of the fantastic events has to offer! FanTrips Troopers have the chance to help with “extras work”, such as flyer posting and distribution for events local to your area, and for those not in the area, promotion through blog and social networking like Facebook and Twitter! In return, you are not only entered into exciting exclusive contests for (t-shirts, memorabilia, trip discounts), but are also the first to receive new “casting calls” — updates and announcements on upcoming trips and opportunities! ”

Find out more about this oportunity here.

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