New Moon One Sheet Is Here

Let the drooling begin.Β  So what do you think?


  1. i love it

    • I agree with you…wonder when we can start using these as wallpapers? Has anyone heard anything yet?

      • Go to They have one. Just scroll down until you find it.

        • Thanks for the info, I have collected all of the Twilight posters and I cant wait for these to go on the market..I am a huge fan.

          • I think this poster is great. Bella looks like she wants to pass around Jacob and go to Edward – or is she holding on to him? I can’t tell… okay I forgot my point… Anyway, I can’t wait for November. I made this calendar and I hung it in my bedroom, counting the days.
            PS: did anyone else notice how… tiny Bella looks? I mean seriously small?

        • Jeannaly says:

          i donΒ΄t like the way bella looks she looks too kristen.

          • CeeCee29 says:

            I agree. Too much make up on the eyes for Bella.

          • Beka Cullen says:

            That is exactly the first thing that I thought too…that she looks too old & too much like Kristen in this shot. I actually just watched the movie again last night or I probably wouldn’t have even noticed. ha ha! Yay for having the first poster though!

          • JENNANLY and CECE….She looks more attractive thank god no more dumb blue eyeshadow and hot pink lipstick. in every movie they enhance the actors, why not this one? How many women do you know go out without some form of makeup on?

          • People, People, just enjoy the poster!!!! We have waited for it and now savor the moment. The poster is accurately describing the struggles of the characters-With that said, does anybody understand the end of “the uninvited” with emily browning? I saw it last night and am a little confused. Thanx!!!!

          • I agree! Leave the poster as is, no matter what you say its not going to change…. I personally LOVE IT!! And I’m very happy to see it finally…cant wait for what comes out next!! The poster is gorgeous!! the 3 or them are gorgeous!!

          • yeah don’t like bella in this poster
            but the guys look awesome lol

          • Cecilia says:

            That’s exactly what i thought! She’s not in character enough…

          • I second that. And Kristen looks like she always does! Expressionless. *rolls eyes*

          • SO AGREE! All Kristen does is expressionless!

          • La Bruja says:

            So exactly what kind of expression is Bella supposed to have in this poster? I think she looks good.

          • yah but is is way to much kristen

          • You are so right to kristen, not enough Bella. But Edward (Robert) is so hot!

      • My honest opinions? I like it better than the Twilight posters, but Edward is too prominate. This is New Moon, meaning the focus should be on Jacob and Bella. I think that Edward should have been in the background.

        • Not that I don’t love looking at him, but I agree, Edward should be in the background.

          • Emily Lane says:

            Yeah! and bella shud be at the front n jacob being protective n all behind her!mygod i cant wait!

        • Miranda says:

          Im not complete sure that I agree. Edward is in a way a very prominent in the book – he’s in Bella’s mind throughout the whole thing. Also, in reality, Jacob is the only thing standing in between Edward and Bella which is accurately portrayed in the poster.

          • Confessions says:

            I agree with Miranda. Edward is in every thought that Bella has. Even though she has Jacob the relationship is overshadowed by Bella’s love for Edward. I really like the poster. Makes me excited for the movie!

          • Miranda and Confessions you are dead on in your eval of this poster! Edward is still a main character in New Moon.

          • miranda u are completely spot on! i totally agree with you. i love this poster.

          • Desiree says:

            I agree that edward is there through the whole book, but he is in the background. He’s either distancing himself from Bella or only in her mind. This is Jacob’s one chance to shine. But it’s not true that the only thing between Edward and Bella is Jacob, Edward’s “reasoning” stands between them too. If anything, it’s Edward that stands between Jacob and Bella. BUT with all that said, this poster follows the movie, making Edward more prominent than in the book. I do like it, but I wouldn’t mind a bigger picture of Jacob. He did a lot of work for this movie and should get to show it off a little! πŸ™‚

          • I agree with miranda, edward is a prominent part of the book. when i first read new moon i kept waiting for edward to come back. I am happy with edward being prominent because for me there is no twilight saga with edward in the back ground.

          • thats so true!

        • i totally agree, edward shouldnt be in the front. The story is about bella, bella should be first, then jacob holding her and edward glaring over his shoulder. or at least a bella sandwich. lol

          • I really like this poster alot more than the Twilight one! I think its great, plus a movie poster is all marketing…. so even thought I think it goes great with the movie…. im sure they did it because Robert has become the most marketable out of the Twilight cast. cant wait to see the rest of the promo pictures like the Cullens, Volturi, and the Wolfpack!

          • Isabella says:

            I totally agree, the twilight poster was a little creepy (edward looked scary), this one is really perfect!

          • Sarah,
            Yes the story is about Bella and her struggles but this poster illustrates Jacob being the object of what’s keeping her away from Edward.

        • FilDeCuivre says:

          Sensei: At first I thought that yes, Edward is more prominant in the poster, but then I thought again. Look at the way he’s posing. It looks like he’s walking away from them. Bella is leaning on Jacob because that’s what she did in the book, too. The whole safe harbour thing. And Jacob looks very protective, and both he and Edward look at each others obviously with full of hate.

          I think Rob looks awesome! I like this poster better than the Twilight poster!

        • I totally agree. Edward should be in the background, behind Jacob and Bella.

    • Melissa says:

      Oh My God!!!! I Think it’s perfect!!

    • Nezzi Loves Lautner says:

      OMTL!! I absolutely love it!… but i think edward should have been in the background. i mean this is jacobs only main like thing…so why does edward have to cover everything up.
      Did you see how taylor was sandwiched in like no one cares? they probably didn’t put jacob in back like they proabably wanted to because pple like me would have freaked!!…

    • Oh yeah! Definitely drooling here!!! I absolutely LOVE IT!!! Where can I find it???????

  2. awesome!!! cant wait!

  3. AAAAHHHHHH! I LOVE IT!!! Oh my gosh! *stares in stunned silence*

  4. Cara B. says:

    Okay deep breaths. This is amazing! I don’t know how they expect us to wait until November!

  5. Oh. My. God. Why isn’t it November yet??

  6. I love it. I can not wait!!!!!

  7. Nymeria says:

    It’s okay, I guess. Expected something better.

  8. Kathleen says:

    i like it a lot! but some of the fan ones are better.

    • Though your picture is nice the first tiem I saw it I thgought soemone pasted Rob’s head on a super hot body.

      • Miss Miriam says:

        I still think they should use that one for the individual posters…it’s just too perfect for Edward.

        • I do agree a single edward pic would be nice though. It should come out in a matter of weeks I asume.

  9. BeCullen says:


  10. Leonela says:

    I love it! But I just wish there was more to it…the last one sheet didn’t have much to it either but this movie has more action than the battle between Edward and Jacob for Bella’s love thats more Eclipse.

  11. I really don’t like rob in this poster.he looks more like rob than Edward (he does look a little different when playing edward ) his hair is really short and his makeup is too white and the eye makeup is way too purple….ngl I liked the posters made by the fans better especially the one with billy and the corn stalk in the corner ; )

    • I agree with Sam, Edward looks to much like Rob and
      with the miracle that is hollywood, could they not have hadv Jacob stand on a book, he’s supposed to be a foot taller or at least on his way to a foot taller by now. I think the poster is lovely otherwise. Just thought it would be more mysterious. And the fan posters were alot better. on
      the flip side, it does mean that the movie is getting closer, just hope they pay more attention to detail. We’re watching you……

      • Well alice is also suppose to be 4’11 but we dont see that happening either. But Jacobs height is a little bit more crucial to the story.

      • I absolutely, 100% agree with you. That shirt is so not Edward!!!!

    • Rob looks so bad in this pic! he looks like he wants to eat Jacob or something. Who posed him like that? he looks like he is high. and he does not look like edward at all! I feel like they positioned them very strangly and awkwardly. I don’t like it. And what is up with Rob’s shirt ? seriously it is so ugly and his neck looks very strange. Sorry Sumitt you screwed up big time with this ugly poster!

  12. It’s fine…and I am sure that I will get used to it, but it’s kind of sad that I liked some of the fan made poster’s better. There honestly isn’t anything wrong with it per se, but there isn’t anything super exciting either. Actually, I take that back, I don’t know why but Edward’s shirt really bothers me. They couldn’t have gotten something a little nicer? lol. On a positive note, I love how menacing they made Jacob look.

  13. I luv it! Omg!

  14. carlene says:

    oh god! i agree with urcoolcarrie, i also got in ” stares in stunned silence” moment. grrrrr….can’t wait!

  15. mdc8189 says:

    Honestly, I really expected something better. Why is Kristen in the back? She’s the lead role! She should be in the front and (though I do love Rob) Rob should be in the back. Or have Kristen in the middle. This order just doesn’t work for me.

    • Chela85 says:

      Well I think she’s in back because even though she’s the lead character, the poster tries to encompass the story. Bella doesn’t think of herself as a “lead” in any way she doesn’t like attention. In New Moon the main thing she does is miss Edward and become closer to Jacob, and the fact that Jacob and Edward don’t get along (Jacob blaming the vampires for being a werewolf, Jacob begging Bella not to go save Edward…) is a major problem for Bella (hence the tension between the two guys right in your face). I think it’s a good representation =)

  16. carmella says:

    LOVE IT!!!!

  17. Love it!! I actually squeaked when i saw it!! I NEVER squeak!

    • Haha, I had the exact same reaction! At work, which made evtyone look at me. It is now safe to say no one missed my Twilight adiction…

  18. Hmmm.
    I’m not quite sure if I like it yet.
    Of course, I was like that when I first saw the Twilight movie, so I’m sure I’ll like it after I stare at it for a while later today.

    • Same here……hmmmmmmmm I’m torn between thinking it’s more celebrity based than character based……I think I would like it better if EDWARD were more lighter, JACOB had his long locks, and BELLA had a more pained expression. hmmmmmmmmmmmm just my opinion. *SMILE*

  19. I agree with Sam. Rob in the poster looks more like Rob than Edward. I can imagine Rob dresses like that in read life! But Sam, I get those eye makeup — for the longest time Edward is supposed to be thirsty in the story. I think I still need to see a real poster to give my final judgement. Anyways, I think the postings of the 3 actors are clever.

  20. Susan H. says:

    This says Eclipse to me more than New Moon.. for New Moon I would have gone with something that conveys the pain of Edward and Bella being apart.

    • Devon061381 says:

      I can understand that. If you look at in the way that Edward is up front, he’s facing another direction but looking back over his shoulder, Jacob wedged in there facing Bella, his back to Edward’s back, with an arm out to protect her kinda, and Bella looking kind of sad/lost, AND with the “new moon” up in the corner, it says enough of “New Moon the book” for me πŸ˜€ I LOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!

      • twilove26 says:

        i agree w/ devon.
        and i LOVE the poster.
        made me cry just b/c i cant wait for the movie =]]
        not gonna lie
        i wanted jake to move so Bella could be with Edward
        but dont get me wrong i deffinetly love jake
        i cant wait for the movie
        i love it.

    • I agree this says Eclipse to me more then New Moon. I think the poster looks good but they should have had Edward in the background and not in front although I love seeing Edward.

  21. Oh…my…god…*faints*

  22. lorabell says:

    SOOO perfect – AMAZING!

  23. AHHHH!!!! <3! *hyperventilates* I can’t wait for this movie!

  24. I like it but it doesn’t feel New Moonish!!! Like the poster really doesn’t have anything. I think a lot of the fan made poster were amazing compare to what they have done. I have to say my addiction was not satisfied and feel disconnected from the poster. I guess they chosed to go cheap on the poster.

    • Rachael says:

      I agree with you completely Joline. The poster does not reflect the mood or the story of New Moon at all. I don’t understand why Edward is at the forefront except to serve as eye candy fan service. Out of all of the books, this book is about Bella. And in the poster she seems so irrelevant.

      I love Jacob’s expression and the tension between he and edward and the way he has placed himself between Edward and Bella but that feels more Eclipse then New Moon.

      I was really disappointed. I expected a lot better. I hope they have some better follow ups.

    • Chela85 says:

      Edward leaving is the reason New Moon even begins. For Bella, even as she learns about Jacob and grows closer to him, Edward is still the main things in her life (even though he’s gone). I think that’s why Edward is in front. With Jacob, I feel like the only thing stopping Edward from looking at Bella, and stopping Bella from looking at Edward and being consumed by his constant presence (in her mind) is him (Jacob) being in the middle. The reason Bella comes back from the edge of complete despair and the reason some sunlight comes back into her life is because of Jacob. But seeing as Edward is still more important to her he goes in front, Jake comes next, then her last. She barely thinks about herself in this book she’s lost and reckless, I feel like the distance and detachment in Kristen’s (lovely =]) eyes grasps that and she’s holding on to Jacob for support. I think it does the book justice especially for a first poster =)

  25. so what do i think? well, first i think it’s great of you guys to post this at its proper time. i wish i could say that I had the same patience, but unfortunately i can’t.
    and about the poster, i think it looks good, loving the tension between jake and edward. give me an inch and i’ll want a mile..I can’t wait to see that clip at the movie awards!!

  26. better than i expected i guess…but i’m not sure why edward’s face is covered in black eyeshadow.

  27. Its clever how they’ve done the semi eclipse in the background. The moon is moving to uncover the sun – very symbolic of Edward leaving to make way for Jacob

  28. Jeanita says:

    Wow. I LOVE it. Except that Kirsten could have looked more into it. It looked like she was a bit bored.. The boys did a great job though:D

  29. I’m not sure I like it because it is so predictable and conventional. Not very original really, not creative. I have to agree with many others here, some fan-made posters were so good that this one is a bit of let-down. I find Bella’s face so bland and empty. No sorrow. She has no expression at all, Jake looks just angry and Edward, well… angry, annoyed, disdainful? You can’t really tell. But not in pain. In a nutshell : it’s too conventional.

    • Luthien says:

      Yeah, that’s my reaction exactly. I can’t get all worked up about this one. It’s sort of a generic poster, but it may be indicative of how the film will emphasize the characters. I would have liked to have seen Jacob front and center, but I understand that the Rob/Edward-addict contingent probably comprises the majority of the Twilight fanbase…not to mention the Screaming Teen factor. So I think this poster probably does its job. I really loved one of the fan-made posters a lot better, the one showing Edward’s back as he is about to step into the light in Volterra. But the meaning of that would have totally eluded the masses who have not read the books. Hm, I hope some of their subsequent posters are more interesting.

  30. If this is going on the cover of the NM movie release book I’ll be happy. Anyone know if it is?

  31. jacob looks hot XD rob as always hot but he looks like himself than edward =| overall the poster is just okay for me i can drool at it XD but i expected like an amazing poster but i’ll get use to it XD

  32. Only 17, only 17, only 17…..God, I’m as bad as Ms. Cope!

    Alex Meraz is good, but mmmm Taylor. Jailbait!

  33. OMG…I love it!! I’m totally diggin the way rob/edward has his back turned away from kristen/ jacobs protecting pose!!The whole poster is so New Moon I LOVE IT!! Ur right let the drooling begin!! I Can’t Wait 4 New Moon

  34. It’s just a poster. I don’t know what everyone was expecting. New Moon is the book that introduces the whole Edward/Bella/Jacob love triangle, so the first poster needs to capture that main plot, not summerize the whole film. Edward turned his back on Bella, Jacob was there for her to hold on to. Isn’t that what we are seeing here? The Volturi stuff, while really the heart of the action of the book, is not the main story… neither is Jasper’s attack on Bella. So if the first sheets are meant to give us an idea of the main plot of a movie, than this one is good. We can debate aesthetics all day, but this poster does with it’s supposed to do, IMO.

    • i agree πŸ™‚

    • Yep, i agree with you. The picture emphasizes what New Moon is all about… Edward leaves her and Jacob becomes her protector and friend, and of course all the warewolf v vampire bizzo shows in the tension between Jacob and Edwards stance. And Bella is still looking for Edward, even after he is gone and she and Jacob become close. I think it’s great, and can’t wait for more to come. Also can’t wait for the clips on May 31st!

    • Yeah, i think Kristen was purposely putting on a blank-ish expression, because thats what New Moon is all about, isn’t it? She is so heartbroken, but she tries not to show it for Charlie etc., so this is how she looks – like a ‘zombie’. And Rob and Taylor look awesome. The colouring is great too. I like it!

    • Chela85 says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your opinion because I completely agree =) I know that people feel like the love triangle is all Eclipse, but it begins here with New Moon. I hadn’t even noted Edward’s turned back, versus Jacob who could quite possibly reach out and hug Bella. I did get Bella holding on to Jacob (really liked that). I think they did a wonderful job, I am very pleased.

    • I COMPLETELY agree with you. And people need to remember this is only the FIRST one. There is more to come.

      Personally I love it. This one poster is FAR better than all of the Twilight posters they put out.

  35. OMG!!!! Awesome picture!!! I’m so happy right now….I already put it on my desktop. I just can’t wait for the movie to come out!

  36. I think Bella(Kirsten)looks very gorgeous in this picuter. Its change from the ones put on tabloid magazine racks near the cash register everyday.

  37. Awesome love it

  38. purdy! looks like the fan-made posters, but it’s official. lol. thnx!

  39. librarybooks says:

    The coloring is SOOOO much better than the Twilight posters. Edward looks pale but not fake white. I think it is great!

  40. One other thing…I’m getting really tired of Kristen’s vapid, unaware face. Bella is an emotional, intuitive character, I get none of that from her performance and especially in this pic. Boo. It’s like the photographer cued her with, “Alright! More of the lobotomized look, Kristen, that’s right!”

    • hale_yes says:

      I agree with this. I really hope Weit doesn’t put up with her melodramatic bull. I hope he’s not afraid to critique her like Catherine was.

    • Ah, i’m pretty sure she is supposed to look like that. Have you read the book? What other expression is she supposed to be showing? She feels dead inside – therefore looks blank. It wouldn’t really have had the same effect if she was smiling…or crying.

      • Like I said later in the comments, I have two problems with it:

        One, according to the books, Bella is past her zombie stage by the time Jacob cuts his hair, so her expression here is anachronistic.

        Two, Kristen looks like this the majority of the time, even throughout most of Twilight. So I don’t buy the fact that she is just “in character”.

  41. hale_yes says:

    I like it alright, but I think it looks like a fan made. I’ve seen so many of the sepia manips that it doesn’t look special to me. It’s a nice poster, though. My only critiue is that it does look a little over photoshopped, and it looks to me like Bella is wearing a bit too much makeup for her character. That’s just my opinion, though. I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

  42. I don’t know if i like it but the style is definitely better than the Twilight one. It looks like Bella is trying to get to Edward but Jacob is blocking her. In this pic Bella looks much older than 18.

  43. Am I the only one who thinks this poster is awesome!!?
    I think Edward is in the front cuz he looks like he’s leaving. And I love it that he’s wearing black and Jake and Bella are brown, you know warmer colors. I actually like the fact that Edwards “looks” more like Rob. Edward in the Twilight sheet just looked sick.
    Jake looks very protective(turning his back and taking care of her) and Bella is clinging on to him(his personal sun) while Rob watches them over his shoulder(even when he’s gone he wants to make sure she’s okey). It’s a simple sheet, but when you look closer there is a whole story behind it.
    It almost looks painted. Just brilliant.

    • Chela85 says:

      Nope, I love it too Sem =)

    • Sem,
      I love it too! But I see it as Bella not clinging to Jacob but torn by how she feels and trying to get around him back to Edward.

      Jacob’s fist show’s he’s not giving her up without a fight even though he knows she loves Edward more.

      I LOVE how Edward is looking at Bella, Jacob is looking at Edward and Bella at us. There is so much story here. Well done!

    • water lily says:

      spot on! Great breakdown. What’s not to like. It’s beautiful and well done. They all look normal, unlike the twi-poster. This is what they mean by “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Just a totally stellar job! LOVE it!!!

  44. If Edward and Jacob were switched, this is totally what I imagined the Eclipse poster to be like. There’s even an eclipse in the background!

    But for New Moon?
    No. Just no.

  45. It looks hot. Can’t wait for the movie. Jacob is on fire…can someone throw water on him. Edward, he looks the same but still hot.

  46. Its okay but I’ve seen some fanmade posters that are better. I do like it better than Twilight’s but that is how it should be in a series is that they keep better each time. Either way I can’t wait for the movie to finally come out.

  47. I love the poster. I can’t wait to get my hands on one today. I guess I’ll be buying the newspaper.

  48. lolly12 says:

    It’s great and says it all…Edward has turned his back to Bella and now Jacob stands between them. I think I’m looking forward to this movie even more than I was to Twilight if that is even possible since it was my least favorite of the books (mainly because I kept searching for Edward).

  49. Hmmm…
    Well, they all look great (personally, I liked Kristen’s hair better the first time, but I can see the hastle that they wanted to avoid with the hair pieces).
    It’s just… I like some of the fan made ones where its more omniscient, like Bella on the ground on jumping in the water etc.
    This one sort of looks… well, corny. Like a bad fan made poster.
    Maybe I’m just being picking, but I’m kind of disapointed.

    • Chela85 says:

      I think they were just trying to catch the essence of the story instead of revealing huge events (like the Volturi, or the birthday scene, or cliff diving). Those of us who’ve read the story (which is a fair amount of us hahaha) know about all those things, but for people who are only involved in the movie aspect can get a general gist from this poster: There’s a distance between Edward and Bella, and Jake fills it, Bella feels lost, there’s a huge amount of tension between Edward and Jacob (we know it’s because of their love for her and because of the vampire vs. werewolf deal), and this story will be a little darker, sadder (Edward’s black/steel colored clothing and the subdued tones of everything else). =)

      • I agree…I also like the way you can look at Bella’s body language and either see her pushing Jacob away or clinging to him for support. I also think the placement of the characters is exactly as it should be.

  50. Catherine says:

    It looks really well done. The body language says alot, especially Jacobs where he is trying to protect her. Notice how Bella isnt making eye contact with either but how her hand is on Jakes arm almost pushing him away, and her face almost looks empty. And Edward is looking at Bella with a regrettable stare almost. Also notice the color contrast, Edward in the much darker colder colors, and Jacob in the earth tones. And last but not least there is a sun breaking through the cloud cover in the sky in the back.

    • Your thoughts was what I thought of when I saw this. The body language and expressions say a million. I LOVE it.

    • CelestialMajique says:

      Those were my first thoughts, also. Reading the other first reactions and comments, I see what everyone is saying about Bella’s look, Edward being in the front while not physically being in the story, and Jacob’s protective stance standing in the way of the two. But once I stopped, remembered the STORY, and studied the poster, I saw everything. This poster was very well made. Like you, I noticed the colors, the sun, the positions of everyone standing in relivance to their characters in the story. The direction of their stares. For being a first poster (you KNOW there will be more!), I like it. It satisfies… for now. πŸ™‚

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