Win The Shirt Off Of Robert Pattinson’s Back: Literally

Popsugar is having a contest where you can actually win the clothing won by Robert Pattinson in How To Be. According to Popsugar:

“It’s no secret how much we — and you! — love Robert Pattinson. Just in time for his birthday tomorrow, we’re kicking off this amazing one-of-a-kind giveaway of the jacket he wore in How to Be! Yes, he touched it. It’s a staple in the movie and most importantly Robert Pattinson wore this jacket filming the movie and we are giving it to one of you!”

Check out their site for full contest details.


  1. Christi says:

    I would take it. If he came with it. Haha

  2. thats a little creepy….

  3. Timberlynn Twilighter Cullen says:

    my birthday iz 2morrow 2! me n Robert have the same birthday!
    Mine:May 13,’96
    Robert:May 13,’86
    That’z so KOOL!

  4. Christi says:

    It was a JOKE!!!!

  5. Robs songs on the How to be soundtrack are fantastic! hes great, and funny! love them!

    i really want to win this contest :]

  6. Twilightfreak says:

    I know this is kind of off topic, but does anyone know when the New Moon set visit will be released?
    We’ve been waiting quite a while.

  7. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    i read that a women found the twilight and new moon script in a trash can on the street or something like that.

  8. Twilightfreak says:

    It was the New Moon script and the Memoirs script.

  9. Ms Lisa says:

    lol I actually entered this dumb thing, like I’d ever win the silly thing anyway, but that is a cool jacket and I probably would wear it….if it got cold enough where I lived lol

  10. Yea, and i heard catherine hardwicke, the director, is selling the shirt kristen stewart wore in the kissing scene. wit rob patinsons handprints on it. buy buy buy!

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