How Powerful Will Robert Pattinson Be in New Moon?

That’s the question that The Deadbolt asks in their latest feature.

“Edward Cullen will be a strong spirit in New Moon, but from an acting standpoint, Robert Pattinson will need to up the Twilight ante to make as much of an impression on New Moon as he did in Twilight. Although the events of New Moon have already been set in harmony with the novel, it’s not like Robert Pattinson can simply mail in his performance, especially since the Twilight Saga is – safe to say – twice as popular as it was before the first film. In leaving his imprint on New Moon, how will Pattinson make the most of his time for the sake of the character and the set-up to the third Twilight film, Eclipse?”

Check out the full analysis on Deadbolt.


  1. Twiligher14 says:

    i bet he’ll be awesome and plus they sed he gets to come back in dream sequences and stuff

  2. Bella Jane says:

    Does it annoy anyone else that this states Bella as being Edward’s “imprint”?

  3. I have no worries that Rob will be able to do an awesome Edward n NM. He was great in Twilight & think with the right direction he’ll be great in NM. I just really hope the breakup scene is heartbreaking, I want to cry!

  4. Ms Lisa says:

    What I find interesting is that there is so little of Taylor Lautner out there right now. I know there is filming going on, but no Taylor/Jacob. I have to admit, I am waiting for a bit of a Twilight upset here, like a cage fight on UFC. With what Taylor had to do to merely keep his role, I think when people get a load of him on the screen, I think Prince “Edward” may be unseated from his throne. At least for a little while. Kind of a battle of the “boy hunks”. A little competition is supposed to be good though. And truly, Taylor deserves his 15 minutes of fame. And with the Wolf Pack running around with, let’s face it, not much on clothing wise, Jacob will indeed seem larger than life. Don’t get me wrong, from a book standpoint I am an Edward girl all the way, but I also know that every girl needs a Jacob.

    I’m betting for an upset…..Taylor, get ready, your time is coming!

    • Nezzi Loves Lautner says:

      u go girl!! thats exactly wat i was going to say! there are already enough edwatd/rob fans out there! give my boy taylor a break! and seriously, this is the only chance jacob will have to actually become a character and not just the gross “other” guy.
      my boy taylor freakin worked his butt off to get this role.. and people like me did alot for a guy they only saw twice in their life! give taylor AND jacob theire one chance…wel, we’re ready to do it again if jacob doesnt have as many scenes as he did in the book or more…. watch out is all i can say!!

      plus, with the half-naked wolf pack running around with taylor(who would look hot in anything!)… watche out edward! Here comes: Taylor. Jacob, and pple like me!

      • vampire gal says:

        robert has 2 play a big role! his role is a WHOLE lot bigger then jacobs! and Jacob doesn’t even see tht in2 Bella in the movie as he does in the book and they need 2 make tht better! now, im a HUGE Edward fan. i have tons of stuff from twilight! i lik jacob but i wld lik him more if he acted lik he loved Bella more…and i am looking forward to the parts in NM where they r half naked. lol.

  5. I think the whole cast wants to live up to the frantic fans expectations. It’s sad to put the full burden of success solely on Rob’s shoulders. Kristen and Taylor have to deliver too big time or the love triangle will not be complete. Kristen especially. I think it was Rachelle(sp)(Victoria) that said during the filming of twilight, that they didn’t want this to be just another teenage vampire romp, they wanted to make a good movie. Maybe with Chris being a male he can help Rob bring something different to the character, you know …male to male thing.. heartbreaker stuff?? Rather than Catherine seeing things as a female. It will be good though, I just have that feeling.

  6. I look forward to Taylor’s time too. I think the focus of this article was mainly Rob’s ablility to carry off Edward as he is crucial to the continuing story, but he has much less screen time to do so. I don’t think they meant for this to be an all-encompassing view of the story/film.

    They seem to take a long way around to the point that Rob can handle the challange. I agree. I have no qualms on his or Kristen’s ablilities, as long as the script and direction don’t drop the ball. I thought it was interesting statement that Rob’s role in Little Ashes would help him portray Edward. Odd conclusion.

    I wasn’t too happy about the statement early in the article listing actors who “will soon be looking ahead to their time in Italy where the New Moon production comes to a close.” We all know only Kristen, Rob and Ashley should be there. This article leads you to believe everyone in the Cullen family and beyond might show up. I hope they are just confused on this point.

    • I’m pretty sure they must be confused here. I read an interview that Peter did and he said he wished Carlisle had also been a character to go to Italy so he could go with them.

      • You’re right. Peter did say that he would not be going to Italy for filming.
        It’s not surprising that the article is inaccurate, if you read it in its horrible entirety. The journalist didn’t even use the right “affect/effect”, for Pete’s sake. The article was basically one point rephrased in 14 different ways — every paragraph said the SAME thing!

  7. I like Taylor, but he doesn’t compare to Rob. Honestly Rob is what put Summit on the map, so of course hes going to be there #1. Taylor is only 16 and doesnt appeal as much to the”older fans” 20-30 whitch there are a lot more of since Twilight came out.

  8. AllThingsMeMe says:

    I was totally sold on Edward until I read NM. Jacob has warmed his way into my heart. I must admit that I am just as torn as Bella. I am really interested to see what Taylor has to offer. He worked hard to keep his role and I think he deserves his moment in the spotlight. Even with that said I’m still in love Edward (he is the perfect boyfriend) and I love Rob’s sense of humor.

    P.S. Do you think the fans could convience Stephenie to write Jacob and Nessie’s story eventually? I think it would be great.

    • leahluli says:

      I agree, I’d LOVE to know what happens with Jacob and Nessie after Breaking Dawn.

    • I would love to see the relationship build between Nessie and Jacob…Someone needs to let Stephenie know that there are some loose ends to tighten up in this story.

    • I would also love to hear what happens to Jacob and Nessie!But at the same time get the low down on whats happening with the Cullens and the wolf pack.
      But I heared somewhere that stephenie wants to write about another world other than the Twilight world (Why, I do not know?) so I’m kinda upset now that all we might get is the 4 books and no more. If Harry Potter can have 7 books why can’t Twilight have many more?

  9. Stephanie says:

    I think that the idea of putting Rob into dream sequences in a great idea. It makes him much bigger part of the action than in the book. I am anxious to see it.
    Truly, though, I can’t wait to see how Taylor is allowed to take off with Jacob’s character. This will be totally different than Twilight.
    Plus, the expectations on everyone are so much higher.
    The entire cast has bigger expectations on them from the fans.
    New Moon is a lot different story, in my opinion, than Twilight.

  10. GOSH!!!Do they do this 2 the Potter cast?This is gettin out of control, they are relentless w/this cast.We all know that the movies will be great.the actors have said over and over, how much they enjoy the characters.They will all do the series and characters justice.Honestly im happy with whatever they do, i enjoyed the books and twilight.Im gonna see all movies even if the cast members run arond w/paper bags on there heads…LOLOL

  11. It’s so easy to tell these days when articles are written just to get viewers. It’s pretty obvious whoever wrote this doesn’t have a strong grasp of the material. downgrade!

    Rob could walk across the screen in a pink tutu and still own the shot(what an awesome mental image). I have no doubt Taylor will be awesome but they’re two totally different people. No comp between them. They’re both awesome.

  12. AlbertaJenn says:

    Aside from the inaccuracies regarding the rest of the cast in Itlay, I really liked this critique of how Rob will have to perform in NM. Considering Catherine didn’t let him get as dark in Twilight as he wanted to, this may feed his inner brooding actor.

  13. I have faith in Rob and in Chris, I am sure Rob will be able to pull it off. Chris can help him pull out the performance he needs. I know he will have less time to do that, but I believe he can deliver.

  14. appledream says:

    I guess its good to make a story for nessie and jacob but when Summit or any other company will make it into a movie , I guess Taylor Lautner will not be the right actor for the role. It should be someone who has very strong cinematic presence like Rob.I’ve meet a lot of Twilight saga fans but honestly no one likes the character of Jacob in New Moon. Sorry, but I myself was not drawn to jacob’s character. I read as fast as I can to finish the chapter where jacob was prominent so I can be with the chapter where Edward was saved by Bella.

    Im very excited with New Moon because of Rob especially and Kristen. They have the most powerful tandem on screen in this generation. I just wish Kristen will be Rob’s love interest again in “Remeber Me”. Good Luck Rob! We will be always right here supporting all your upcoming Projects. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love u.

  15. Juliana says:

    I’ve read all 4 books about 5 times and every time I start off loving Edward in Twilight and Hating him in the beginning of NM then I love Jacob. by the end of NM i love Edward again and in Eclipse i love them both. And in Breaking Dawn I love Edward and am so glad Jacob has found Nessie.
    Now that I’ve read the first half of Midnight Sun, Edward seems a little over obsessed, it’s almost creepy.
    I really hope this movie makes me love Jacob, just like the book does.

    • Thank the lord I’m not the only one who’s read all the books 5 times over I thought I might be a bit mental! lol. And its crazy that I feel the same way about the books as you do, That I love Edward in Twilight then at the begining of NM I started to think ‘Edward you’re mean’ and I started to warm to Jacob,By the end of NM I welcomed Edward back with open arms(all forgiven of course) But in eclipse Jacob and Bella got on my nerves a little and I stayed loyal to Edward but in breaking dawn I started to really like Jacob again! its like being on a love/hate rollercoaster when you read these books (but that will never stop me reading them again and again).Midnight sun also creeps me out a little too,But if I could have anyone spying on me from the bushes it would be Edward! But with the film New Moon I think its (even though I love Edward) Jacob’s time to shine, Taylor went to great lenghts to keep his role and even though he’s a little young for me (I’m 24) I think he’s really sweet and a great actor when he’s being interviewed he is honest and humble and really understands his role. So I kinda like Jacob and Edward but never at the same time. lol.

    • Ms Lisa says:

      Lol, no you are not the only one who has read the saga over and over again. When I first read the books, mind you now, I’m 42, Edwards character annoyed me. Why? Because it felt to me as if everything was an irritation to him and he always seemed short tempered to me. I guess being a 108 yr old vampire with multiple academic degrees will do that to a person lol. It wasn’t until later in the first book that I got over my irritation with Edward. (I’m talking EDWARD here not RP and NOT the movie) Jacobs character was cute, like a puppy, pardon the pun, lol, but also young and somewhat immature. What makes him attractive is is warmth and sincerity. The only other thing that got on my nerves what the constant brooding….the “omg I made you feel bad and now I feel bad that you feel bad and now I must mope”. Since I am now on my umpteenth reading of the saga, obviously I have gotten over all of my own personal quirks with the story. The funny thing now is, thanks to Bella’s character I have now purchased the complete works of Jane Austen, and by random a copy of War and Peace. As I read the stories, I translate everything into Twilight-ese and everyone is a Cullen. In War and Peace, and instead of Pierre, it’s Jasper.

      It does make them easier to read lol, and fulfills the need for more Twilight lol.

      • Thats good to hear so I’m not crazy, I really need another Twilight fix so I might take your advice and read other books and just imagine that the people I’m reading about are the Its worth a try! And I’m not a crazy lady writing on here at 6.45 in the morning,I’m in rainy old England and its 11.45 But When it comes to Twilight fan comments TIME has no meaning…
        (To weird? nah!)

  16. I don’t know how often I’ve read NM, I just lost the track…lmao!!!! It’s a nice post, but I think some press are going too far don’t u think? Twilight is not only Rob (of course I love him), I mean, that’s too pressure over him. I’ve watched Little Ashes, I’ve got to say: Rob’s put his guts on that role. I don’t know if some of u have read the comments there in the DeadBolt (usually I never do this),but I’ve found an awesome lirycs:
    I set my sights on glory
    Seeking to grab my piece of life
    My path was on he road less travelled
    With obstacles and strive
    And the signposts were all faded
    I was waking on eggshells
    Turning over the rocks
    Running from the dark clouds
    Running out the clock
    Sometimes u get what u asked for
    Somentimes u get what u dream
    Be careful what u hope for
    Things are not always as they seem
    I’m losing me
    Then like an unexpected storm
    In the whisper of the night
    A hungry beast named Fame
    Extinguished all my light
    Taking me further from my reality
    I heard the crowd still screaming
    So I turned to look around
    No one appeared behind me
    Just my shadow with a frown
    A thousand voices & still I’m alone
    Sometimes u get what u asked for
    Sometimes u get what u dream
    Becareful what u hope for
    Things are not always as they seem
    I’m losing me
    I’m seeking a quite refuge
    A place where no one knows my name
    To fill the hollow spaces
    & find the person without fame
    So I’ll know the face in the mirror
    I’m losing me
    I’m walking on eggshells
    Turninig over rocks
    Running from th dark clouds
    Running out the clock
    I’m losing me.

    • What I felt when I read this lirycs, I could just imagine how much pressure some (or all) of the cast would be under… do what u love to do, in that case, the price is a little high. If we want Rob do a supperb portray we should give him a break, let he do it in his way. I’m sure as a hell he’ll do it right.

  17. I think that it is too early to talk NM movie and the portrays on the characters, there is much anticipation to it of course, and it is mostly centered on Edward´s character and Robert Pattinson since in Twilight movie, it is obvious he carried the biggest weight of it, and I’m not talking about the importance of the character to the story, but for almost all 2008 Robert was the actor that lunched the film, he dedicated his time to do promotion in city after city, mall after mall, every event, tv, magazine or net interviewer out there; latter when the publicity machine for Twilight was already rolling, they send the entire cast to comic cons and interviews, but the truth is Summit focused the promotion of Twilight on Robert, and he was up to it carrying so much of the film, aside his acting talent to play Edward, that I think it felt short because he did a good job,but it could had been great because for what I´ve heard from Robert on his interpretation about Edward I have the feeling he really understands the psychology of the character, with another kind of direction both Kristen and Robert would had been spectacular onto their roles, so I have big expectations to watch what they are going to make in NM; as for Taylor, I think that once Summit launches publicity for NM it will concentrate a lot on Jacob/Taylor, the kid deserves it, he did a lot of effort to keep his role in it.

  18. Yeah I agree with that,As much as I love Edward/Rob it really is Taylor’s chance to shine! He’s worked his young buns off for this role and deserves to be in the Twilight spotlight for a while. But on saying this the real reason I’m so excited to see New Moon is to see Edward half dressed/shirt open near the end in Italy! lol. Only 6 months to wait!!


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