Summit Looks Beyond Twilight

Variety has a sit down  with Summit executives and talked to them about their current success and future plans for their company.  Summit, once a barely noticeable company, scored big this year with both Twilight and the Nicholas Cage movie, Knowing.

“When ‘Twilight’ broke out, we got a lot of vampire scripts,” Friedman says, “But ‘Knowing’ has really confirmed that we’re doing a broad range of projects and that we’re not a genre company.”

Read the rest on Variety.


  1. That’s pretty awesome! ^_^
    I’m happy for Summit.

  2. glad to know Summit had so many plans for their new projects and novel films. Hope more powerful and extraordinary yet amazing stories and movies to be created and watched… (:

  3. Melisa says:

    It’s good to know that the movie company too is looking beyond Twilight.It’s good to know they actually have a plan and are not just depending on the Twilight saga to make them money. And kudos to them for not just sticking to one genre of movie. I’m pretty sure Rob and Patrick have a lot invested into Summit.

  4. BJ Matthew says:

    Good for Summit: Can you imagine their good luck of walking into the Twilight Saga !
    And Good for us “Twi-holics” As you know the rights to Twilight were originally owned by Paramount who transfered them to MTV movies. Thank you God for seeing that this treasure was bought by Summit.
    Presently with 400,000 million in world wide box office receipts. With THREE potential projects ahead of them. The hits just keep on cumming. Now lets keep our fingers crossed that they will be able to catch Meyer’s magic again. Some times I think about the Trilogy Silence of the lambs. World class movie But it’s prequel Red Dragon was terrible and it post-quil (?) Hannibal wasn’t any good either. Keep all fingers crossed.

    Only human,

  5. buttercupdaisy says:

    i went to see knowing yesterday, at it really wasnt all that good….but at least its a recognized film!


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