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Ok here is what you have been waiting for all week! I have actually read through all the comments(all 591) and listened to all the songs (no idea how many).  I have chosen 15 songs for you guys to vote on.  Now before everyone gets huffy about which songs were chosen, I did take into consideration ALL the songs however I couldn’t put that many in a poll, so I took ones that were mentioned numerous times and ones I thought fit.  Below there is a list with the songs and links so everyone can hear them.  I highly suggest listening to the songs before voting you might be surprised at what you find, I was.  I must say I love doing these polls because I get introduced to some truly great music that I wouldn’t normally find on my own.  One last thing to remember this is just for our personal fun.  This has nothing to do with the actual soundtrack!  Enjoy!

Be My Escape

PS-You will want to check out next week’s music feature! =P

PPS- I have been out and was just checking the post and realized I forgot to mention that My Immortal isn’t on the poll because almost everyone would pick it! So pick a song other than that. Also just a note this is for F-U-N.

Haunted by Kelly Clarkson

Near to You by A Fine Frenzy

Need by Hana Pestle

Like a Knife by Secondhand Serenade

Memories by Within Temptation

Unwell – by Matchbox Twenty

Alone in this Bed by Framing Hanley

Destiny of Love by Yiruma

Who am I to Say by Hope

Tears of an Angel byRyanDan

Time Stands Still All American Rejects

Breakable by Ingrid Michaelson

Storm by Lifehouse

Breathe Sia

Rest in Pieces by Saliva


  1. madison says:

    If it’s the song I am thinking about, then it isn’t ‘Storm’ by LIGHTHOUSE, it’s ‘Storm’ by LIFEHOUSE. Just wanted to let you know 🙂

  2. Natalie L. says:

    Those are all horrible songs. Who actually thinks Bella would listen to Kelly Clarkson.

    • Shannon says:

      These are songs that we think represent her, we’re not picking what we think is her favorite song.

    • Mary Alice Cullen says:

      Kelly Clarkson good songs and its not about the perosn who sings it, its about the lyrics

    • Mary Alice Cullen says:

      Why not River Flows In You by Yiruma i love that song sooo much. and Haunted is a good song and Behing These Hazel Eyes is a good song too. And i liked Need by Hana Pestle

  3. Melisa says:

    New Moon DOESN’T need a soundtrack. Alexandre Desplat is an excellent composer and I doubt he wants anybody singing over his score.

    • Julie M. says:

      Melisa, I’ve seen you say that before and I don’t understand why you say that. Why can’t there be a soundtrack and a score? I loved both the soundtrack and the score for Twilight. They both worked really well together. I think this can be achieved with New Moon as well.

      • Melisa says:

        Because it isn’t needed. What really good movie out there has a separate soundtrack for it? Have you listened to any of Alexandre’s work? The last thing he needs is some emo/alternative/pop crap playing over his score. it will completely take away from it, which is what happened in the first movie. Songs are not needed to represent characters, that’s what themes, created by the composers, are for. Songs are not needed for emotion because actors accompanied by the composers score should be doing that. If they are going to pick songs they are going to pick songs that actually work with the composer’s score. Chris shouldn’t have to feel obligated to make a separate soundtrack because that’s what Catherine did. If Alexandre’s score embodies everything about New Moon, then there shouldn’t be any songs in the movie.

        • You need a soundtrack as well because a lot of people will be able to be able to relate more. Think about it whenever you have had a moment in your life did you think there are no words that I can explain to you how I feel. Well thats when we find a song to do that. Now yes in some parts of the movie it should just be a score, But they need to keep music. Music is everywhere and in everyday of our life.

          • It’s a good point, but New Moon still doesn’t need one.

          • By the way, just because it doesn’t have words that doesn’t mean that doesn’t mean the score is not music. You can express feelings through music without words. What part of New Moon is so hard to understand that you need a song to do it for you. And unless done right, most songs just take away from scenes than add anything to them.

          • “Music was her life, and the lyrics were her story.”

            Although scores can express what the feelings are in the scene, lyrics tell the story.

          • If you need song lyrics to tell you what’s going in a scene then the actor’s are not doing their job. There’s no reason why you should need a song to tell you that Bella’s feeling depressed. That should be very obvious.

        • Lets be realistic now…the Twilight saga is selling everything and their mother…there is no way in the world they’re not going to do a soundtrack plus a score. $$$$$$$$$

          • That choice should be up to the director and music composer. I believe Chris is trying make New Moon into a REAL movie, hence why he hired Desplat in the first place. If they are going to put songs in the movie they have to work WITH the score, which was one of the many problems with Twilight. The soundtrack hijacked the score and didn’t go along with it at all. I don’t mind a song in the beginning, somewhere in the middle, and about 2-3 during the credits, that’s what most movies do, but to have a separate soundtrack, that doesn’t work with the score, just because you want to add a couple of extra dollars in your pocket, then the movie will be no better than an MTV reality show. Why bother having a composer at all? Let’s just fill every scene with songs, so New Moon could be as big as a joke as Twilight was.

  4. i think it should b my immortal evanescence

    • I agree My Immortal is GREAT for the sound track BUT so is Bring me to life them also – both songs sound like they were written for this series

    • Twifanatic Amanda says:

      I want My Immortal. Why the heck wasnt that on the list.

  5. Wow that was insanely hard! I really would hate to be the person choosing the songs for the soundtrack! Well my top 3 were: Haunted by Kelly Clarkson, Near to You by A Fine Frenzy, Memories by Within Temptation

    I voted for Near to you though just cause I’m team Jacob!! Wooohooo!!!

  6. they are all great songs a little dramatic for my taste but they are great for bella, lets face it she freaks out majorly in the book.I liked memories it reminded me of an artist named sara brightman.Good job everyone.

  7. Eclisse says:

    It’s not even a contest: Near to You by a Fine Frenzy

  8. None of the above! My Immortal!

  9. cliffnotes is having a vote for prom king. twilight fans, get in there and vote for rob!!

  10. I had 3, Haunted.. Near to You for Bella and Jacob and Memories.. I’d love anything Evanescence too..

  11. I love these polls as well…it’s always nice to know other ppls opinion’s on matters.

  12. my imortal -evenesence
    who ever suggested that is so right

  13. NEED is completely perfect!!! Hana is amazing, and I can’t imagine another song for Bella.

  14. NEED by Hana Pestle I agree is perfect. The first time I heard it I thought it should be in New Moon.

  15. I actually voted for “Unwell” from Matchbox Twenty. I felt it painted the mental picture of her metal state of being simpler, but with a subtle power that forced me to remember the blackest of her times through the book. -shrugs- But, that’s just me.

  16. Omg, that was a hard decision,at first i was sure it was easily
    Need by: Hana Pestle, but the others were good to, but i still chose Need.

  17. I pretty much have two playlists of Twilight Saga related songs. When I first heard Hana Pestle’s Need, I loved it. I thought it was perfect. You should also put on Nikki Lorenzo’s Wake Me. Both those songs should be on the New Moon soundtrack. It’s ridiculous how they fit, especially Wake Me.

  18. TwilightLove says:

    I have a comment… Why is My Immortal by Evanescence not on here?! Not just certain lines relate, every WORD precicely fits. That is DEFINATELY the Bella song of New moon.

  19. jenniepie88 says:

    I still say the song by Jann Arden, “I would die for you” is the absolute perfect song, not to mention she is Canadian…..


  21. I think “Haunted” would fit when Edward leaves Bella and I think “Rest in pieces” would fit when Bella jumps off the clif.. ” Need ” should be when they are going through all the months she is numb and they could show her in bed crying,or at school walking like nobody else is around, and have ” Need ” in the background playing…

  22. Julia C says:

    Oh shoot, I wish I would’ve known you were taking recommendations. Oh well, they all sound good :). Just incase someone wants to listen to another one, I think What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts (or Cascada’s candlelight version) fits Bella really well during her time in New Moon. Just a recommendation.

  23. The was really tough. I voted for -Who am I to Say- by Hope because it really captures THE main thing Bella questions while Edward is gone.

    My other favs were -Storm- & -Need-. SO GOOD.

  24. This was fun by the way! Thanks for putting up the poll and doing all the leg work for it- so to speak.

  25. although the lyrics to kelly’s song fit perfectly with new moon, i dont think that the music fits. it a little too upbeat, and i dont think it would fit with the movie. i feel like the song used for new moon should be less upbeat, with little music, and a focus on the lyrics. i dont thats just me, because i think back to the four chapters that steph labels with the months, that silently pass by. anyway i think the song should just be soft, but heartbreaking. lolz so ok these are my picks:

    1st – Hana
    2nd – Tears of an Angel
    3rd – Lifehouse
    4th – Who am I to say
    5th – Sia

  26. hey i was just reading the comments and was now thinking that they could just have the movie silent for a portion so that it could portray the emptiness that Bella feels. it worked in the movie Autumn in New York. or they could have really soft music playing in the background, like a really sad score.

  27. I love Tears of Angel though the link above is not the best one to represent its song.

    Try watching this video you will love this:

    Its amazing vote for it though all the other songs up there are pretty good this one is just… amazing!!

  28. Love the song “Need.” Can you buy it yet?

  29. How did Blackout by Muse not get on that list….that’s like the PERFECT song for Bella and her emotional state in New Moon…come on people?!

  30. My Immortal – every word is Bella’s story in New Moon. It’s perfect.

  31. BloodSuckingLeech says:

    What happened to “My Immortal” by Evanessence????

  32. NEED is the perfect song ! =)

  33. we should vote on a jacob song.

  34. Sabrina says:

    Need by Hanna is amazing. Saw her play live and the song is so perfect for New Moon. beautiful, and the lyrics are awesome too! I don’t think a popular band would go over as well. Bella needs something original

  35. I think that Never Alone by barlow girls wouold be a great song for it.

  36. I agree with the above, what happened to “My Immortal”? I voted for Near to you otherwise.

  37. Heather says:

    Well, I’m a Secondhand Serenade fan, so, of course, I picked “Like a Knife”, although I’d never heard the song before. It fits, though, I think. At least, the “Stay with me.” and “I’m not living this life.” parts. [I DID listen to every song though. Well, except the Kelly Clarkson song. I don’t particularly care for her…] But, I just wanted to say that–Man!–Bella songs depress me. LOL! I get that, since this is New Moon, her songs need to be sad, but still… I’m officially bummed, now… The only thing that cheered me up was the Secondhand song, since I adore his voice… I did like a lot of the other songs, though…

  38. Hana Pestle’s “Need.” Without a doubt. If you haven’t heard this song already, you NEED to.

  39. Ok so this my opinion for some songs that fit the Edward/Bella story…first some songs about the way Edward may feel…Dear God-Avenged Sevenfold, Almost Easy- Avenged Sevenfold, Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow- Bullet for my Valentine…and for Bella..Surfacing- Slipknot, Left Behind- Slipknot, Numb- Linkin Park (as we all know Stephenie loves Linkin Park!), Happy?-Mudvayne, Second Chance-Shinedown, Break Stuff- Limp Bizkit, I Miss You- Blink 182…And I will throw in a few for Jacob..Waking the Demon- Bullet for my Valentine, No Control-Bullet for my Valentine, Scream- Avenged Sevenfold

  40. Well mine didnt get picked so I voted for Haunted. I do think some of the songs could go in different places. Who knows what they will pick for the movie and for all the places some great songs could be put. 🙂 I guess we just have to wait and see.

  41. My favorite is “My Immortal” by Evanescence. After that I would choose “Near To You” by A Fine Frenzy or “Need” by Hana Pestle. All 3 of those songs are perfect in my opinion.

  42. I think that the song for bella in the cliff shOuld be “Swim in Silence” by ParamOre, its only an old demo song but if they get the song it really looks that talk about the whole situation and fits perfectly although they should make a more dramatic version of it.
    And as far the forest scene after Edward left her it should be “My inmortal” all the other songs are to theathricals and it supposed to be something extreemly painful either that “Haunted” by Kelly Clarkson (im not really sure if would fit with the level of pain that Bella must feel in that very moment)
    anyway will always love the movie..
    by the way the combination between the classic music and the rock its perfect because it shows a mix of the music that bella actually is used to hear and the classic composed music that edward listens to. It worked for Twilight-!
    But thats just me!
    Hugs and Kisses from Argentina!

  43. Mrs.Cullen :D says:

    do u think that kelly clarkson has so many votes is cuz shes so popular right now? i think we should go with one of the songs on the new moon playlist on stephenie’s website…

    • Considering she had her own playlist, for every book, that she listened to while developing the story, that wouldn’t be a bad idea. Though, the Twilight soundtrack had a few songs from Stephenies playlist on it. Still, if you were going for music that was easily recognized, that’d be a safe way to go. I’m with the person that commented a few comments ago – mix the familiar with classical. I learned I liked a completely different genre of music that I thought I hated before. Rejuvinated my need to find new things to listen to.

  44. Ashley Elizabeth says:

    I just sat and listened to all the choices. And there are three I really liked. Its music I won’t have heard any other way. I don’t know which one to pick 🙂

  45. My choices came down to “Need”, “Storm”, & “Rest In Pieces”. They all fit Bella perfectly and especially the feel and mood of the songs. I found the others to be way off base in the tone of the songs. My final decision came down to voting “Need” but the other two are great also. I see a lot of people saying that it should be “My Immortal” and they want to know why it isn’t a choice…well I figure that is because it was the hit song on the “Daredevil” soundtrack. Don’t get me wrong I do love that song but its already had its movie. I hope one of my 3 choices wins!!!

  46. I love Haunted, but Near to You sounds better for a movie. If only Yiruma’s song could have been Bella’s Lullaby….I did not like the one in Twilight.

  47. Bart, A Guy Who Likes Twilight says:

    okay…. I’m excited because one of the choices is Breathe Me by Sia, which is the song I recommended… even if the Title lacks the “Me” on the polling chart… but its obvious which Sia song it is….AND it IS the perfect song!!!!!!!!! HAVE YOU PEOPLE HEARD THE LYRICS?! IT’s SO DEPRESSING AND SAD AND ITS BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE YOU CAN TELL HOW POWERFUL THE LOVE SIA IS TALKING ABOUT IN THE SONG IS!!!!

  48. why the hell have u forgotten “my immortal”? of all the songs?

    • Twilight_News says:

      It wasn’t forgotten. If you read the whole post you would have seen the explanation as to why it isn’t listed.

  49. Need by hana pestle is amazing!

  50. I’ll add my two cents – Muse: blackout


    don’t kid yourself
    and don’t fool yourself
    this love’s too good to last
    and i’m too old to dream

    don’t grow up too fast
    and don’t embrace the past
    this life’s too good to last
    and i’m too young to care

    don’t kid yourself
    and don’t fool yourself
    this life could be the last
    and we’re too young to see

    Heres the video:

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