Twilight Dollars Taking a Slight Dip

Starting summer 2008 largely fueled by the Breaking Dawn release and the Twilight filming, licensed merchandise drove in record sales even in this slumping economy for Hot Topic, Borders, and others. This week the Blu-ray went into wide release including the delux collectors edition.

Given that the Twilight movie came out in November, it had to happen sometime. Sales look like they are finally falling off on the Twilight merchandising craze that started just a little more than a year ago.

According to Forbes:

Hot Topic has escaped much of the sales turmoil other retailers have faced amid the consumer spending drop-off. But analysts have speculated that much of the retailer’s sales outperformance is temporary due to the apparel license for the “Twilight” movie.

In a recorded sales call, the company said “Twilight” merchandise had less prominence in Hot Topic stores and thus fell “considerably” as a percentage of the total business.”

Hot Topic isn’t alone.  Warner music, who put out the soundtrack,  is also feeling the pinch.

“The world’s third largest music company posted a net loss of $68 million, or 45 cents a share in its fiscal second quarter ended March 31 compared with a year-earlier loss of $37 million, or 25 cents a share.”

Could it be that the Twilight merchandising has finally met its saturation point, or are people just taking a breather until New Moon hits?

Anyway for a bit of shameless commercialism on our part, check out the Lexicon shop (a few featured designs in this post).  It’s a little too later for Mother’s Day merchandise on time arrival, but gift certificates are always an option. If you have a Twi-Guy start thinking ahead for Father’s Day.


  1. Hannah says:

    1st comment.. maybe?

    I want tobuy something form the shop!

  2. Amanda in Oklahoma says:

    I’m still buying stuff but I am waiting for the New Moon release. Everytime one of my thirty-something BFF’s reads the whole series I get them the forever bracelet from Hot Topic. It rocks and none of the old fogies can tell its from Twilight unless they know 😉


  3. safina says:

    I think people are waiting until New Moon hits.

  4. Im waiting for the NM stuff, as it’s my favourite book.

  5. Tricia says:

    Twilight soundtrack has been in the top 5 in Itunes Top Albums for months so I doubt Warner is losing any money. In the march issue of Rolling Stone it’s num# 4 on the top 40 albums. I recently just got into the books & some of them were quite difficult to find.

  6. Twilight Nymph says:

    I say taking a breather till New Moon hits.

  7. Twilight9009 says:

    I am waiting for New Moon merchandise. They kept coming out with more Twilight merchandise but then they stopped. There is nothing left for obsessed fans to buy!

  8. creamy says:

    I can’t believe this is considered bad news. There has been an absolute tsunami of merchandise in every conceivable form since the movie came out. Then the DVD sales themselves, and oh yeah, the BOOKS are still selling all over the world.

    We are receiving daily snippets of news about New Moon the movie, and just today the announcement of a New Moon movie guide five months before it is for sale. This is a calculated move to have the devoted panting in anticipation for whatever is available connected to this movie. I have no doubt an equal amount of future-garage-sale-fodder will be on sale for New Moon by the time it hit’s the theatres.

    Did any retail analysts believe the buying of Twilight “stuff” would never end?

    Wake up.

  9. Twiligher14 says:

    waiting for NM !

  10. Chela85 says:

    I for one am waiting for New Moon. I’m guessing lots of other people are waiting as well. I’m gonna be ready to buy the new soundtrack and new posters and other tokens when the NM themed stuff comes out!! =)

  11. I think Twilight itself has reached its saturation point. People are eager to move on to New Moon now. The same thing will eventually happen with New Moon and people will be eager to move on to Eclipse. And then Breaking Dawn. And then what are we all going to do????? I shudder to think about when all the movies are completed and I have nothing more to look forward to. Single tear. :'( Maybe Stephenie will come out with something else awesome that they can make into a movie. 🙂

  12. Rachel M. says:

    Sales are going to shoot right back up when New Moon comes out, no doubt. I’m totally going to be buying a ton of NM merchandise and stuff when November rolls around.

  13. I agree that lots of people are waiting for New Moon. I am!

  14. Totally saving my money for New Moon! Unless Stephine is going to release Midnight Sun any time soon. That I will buy.

  15. Everyone is just waiting. So you can chill big cooperate companies you can have our money in a matter of months.
    I know I will be shelling out on New Moon to cover my other wall. Maybe I can have all four walls dedicated to each book. Right now it’s all to Horses, Twilight, and Fallout boys. 🙂

  16. I really think that everyone is taking a breather for NM. Watch-come August, everything will be back up again-trust me.

  17. I’ve only bought the books, but of course I was even surprised when I heard about Twilight. I’m a huge movie buff and never even heard about Twilight coming to theatres. I saw it when it came out on DVD, fell in love with the movie, rushed to get the first book (Twilight)….and so you know how the story goes. I want to get some other stuff, but of course, as a 25 year old there are only certain things I want, and wouldn’t look insane to have lol. I think it’s more finding the time to get the stuff, and not driving my Fiance insane continuing to tell him about my obsession of wanting stuff, that’s really what matters, not what others think. I am just super excited about New Moon coming out, it’s not coming fast enough! Getting to the mall or Hot Topic more specific isn’t either, guess I might be ordering online!

  18. kehacakes says:

    Okay, so it’s time to release the official guide now!Come on already! lol

  19. I’ve been buying everything and anything that is twilight related, but sadly I haven’t gone to hot topic in a month mostly because I am saving up my money right now. I am saving for a new car radio and laptop, and the convention this summer, so every paycheck I get goes right into my savings account…’s killing me not buying any new shirts..I have 27 so far and I wanted to get to at least 30.

  20. Kelrose says:

    I’m waiting for New Moon 🙂

  21. Deaana says:

    Probably because people have everything?

  22. lucky_angel0309 says:

    I stopped buying Twilight stuff cause i’m saving my money for the New Moon stuff! Hopefully something comes out soon!!

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