Kellan Lutz at the Nylon Party and The Volturi Arrive in Vancouver

MTV has an reports on Kellan Lutz and the girls from The Hills. It seems they were all partying it up at the  Nylon Young Hollywood Issue shindig.

OMG Celebrity News has the arrival of the Volturi in Vancouver. The article talks about Michael Sheen and Jamie Campbell Bowers arrival in Vanpcouver.  Be warned part of the story contains information on scenes that have been filming. So beware of spoilers!!


  1. Theresa says:

    Whoa! Michael Sheen looks great! That is definitely Aro right there. I’m so glad he modified his looks. ahh I’m so excited!

  2. Doesn’t he look creepy?! It’s awesome haha! ^^

  3. I would encourage you not to link to OMGCelebrityNews. They take graphics I have cropped/edited or created, as well as my exact verbiage/commenting on the stories with a word or two changed here or there, and use it copy-pasted as their own. I have repeatedly asked them to stop numerous times to no effect.

    Compare the one you linked to to what I posted previous to theirs on the original LaineyGossip story–

    They’ve taken sentences that I wrote, the exact same blockquote, with one extra line they wrote. They also used the exact graphic I cropped for my website’s width in Photoshop from two pictures on Lainey.

    thanks, Will

  4. whoa look at those BRIT men gotta love it…A suit and sneakers and black skiny jeans and crazy hair…LOVE j.bowers bag…….


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