Entertainment Press Vancouver Bound

Several Entertainment sites have now released the information that they are heading to Vancouver to visit the New Moon set. They are asking for fan input for questions.

First up Rotten Tomatoes:

“I’m delighted to share the news that Rotten Tomatoes is heading north this week… to the Vancouver set of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, to observe filming and interview cast members! While we won’t be at liberty to divulge too much of our visit this week, chime in and tell us what you want to know most from the set of New Moon and we’ll do our best to oblige.”

Next Up Hit Fix:

“you can follow my journey to some extent over the next few days on Twitter.  Or, why not participate?  This writer has purposely avoided reading any of the novels to come at the series from a strictly cinematic perspective (a decision that has worked well for the “Harry Potter” franchise).  However, I’d love to know what you, the fans, would like to find out about the movie. What are you most curious about?  What would you ask Chris Weitz if you could?  Dakota Fanning? Or, a member of the Wolfpack?”


  1. Where is MTV? I feel like Larry Carrol has gotten the biggest shaft by Summit this year!

    • I know!!! I was totally thinking the same thing. I want MTV up there so we can get our Twilight Tuesdays back! I need those!

  2. In the books, the vampires, regardless of intentions not to eat one hahahah, seemed a bit wrong and instilled fear when they, for example, smiled a “little too big” hahahah…Even the good guys. I missed that feel of fear. The reason why I would not want to run into them in my “back yard, while hanging the wash”…especially if I smelled real good hahahahaha…

    Will Chris Weitz be giving us a little of this? A little special effect maybe to enhance the fear factor?

    Thanks for giving us a bit of a voice during your adventure to the New Moon set.

    Kindest regards.

    Thank you,

  3. mschicklet says:

    “Dear Chris Weitz:

    I would like to know when you’re going to stop taking questions from the press and start working on making New Moon the best movie ever!!

    A Concerned Twilight fan who doesn’t want this film to be a piece of crap”

    J/K…Sort of.

  4. Nezzi Loves Lautner says:

    I’d like the Wolf Pack to get as much time in the movie as they did in the book.. which if you read them, is MORE THAN EDWARD!! Edward is going to win in the end so just give the wolf pack (and my boy Taylor! <3) as much screen time as possible, please and thank you.

    Taylor’s Biggest Fan!

  5. Noureen Shallwani says:

    For Chris:
    How much are they sticking to the book, I mean like I know about the “edward” being there! (Which I have to say is SOOOOOO COOOL! AND IT’S LIKE SCREAMING EDWARD ALL OVER AGAIN!) Which is such a great idea, but how much are they really going to stay with the book, like maybe dialogue in the break up scene thing?

    For Dakota:
    How is it playing such a powerful yet some might say, negative role? And you’re supposed to be very young but have a wise look so how are you prepping for that?

    For the Wolf Pack:
    What’s the fun-nest part of being a wolf? (since not all of us have that amazing body) And then how do you feel about Bella and Taylor’s relationship, like would it be wierd to you?

  6. Robert says:

    Chris- are you gonna use the same people who did the CGI in The golden compass? and is New Moon gonna blow the Twilight Movie Out of the water?

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