Carter Burwell To Receive Award

According to Billboard, Carter Burwell, composer of the Twilight soundtrack, will be receiving the Henry Mancini  Award for Career Achievement from the American Society of Authors, Composers,and Publishers (ASCAP).

“Carter’s unusual and unique music has been integrated into an astonishing variety of films over the past twenty-five years, from risk-taking independent films to summer blockbusters, earning him much recognition around the world,” ASCAP president and chairman Paul Williams said in a statement.

“We are very proud to celebrate his achievements by honoring him with ASCAP’s Henry Mancini Award,” which is awarded to composers in recognition of their outstanding achievements and contributions to the world of film and television music.”

Check it all out on Billboard.


  1. creamy says:

    How appropriate, I am listening to the score as I read today’s news. Congratulations.

  2. He has such an amazing talent. He well deserves this award. I am a fan of his now and look forward to hearing more from his work.

  3. Colleen says:

    Good for him, he has amazing abilities to create an atmosphere with his music. I’ve heard some of his other work and its all amazing. Congrats!

  4. leahluli says:

    I’m so glad to hear this. I’ve been a huge fan of his music for years. The Fargo score was especially spectacular. Kudos, Carter.

  5. heatherh says:

    Please, don’t encourage him. Ick.

  6. Julie M. says:

    Congrats! I love the Score for Twilight. I hope they continue to use his Bella’s Lullaby throughout the rest of the movies. I thought his score was very emtional and fit well with the movie!

  7. Luthien says:

    Way to go, Carter, wherever you are! I love your music! I wish they would have hired you for New Moon.

  8. CaliMum says:

    Congratulations to him!

  9. It is always good to see a composer win awards, HOWEVER, as a huge collector of scores, I can’t say that Twilight’s was anything special. In fact, I found it to be one of the worse scores I’ve heard in a long time… well other than some of Hans Zimmer’s latest works. In short, the Twilight score was a let down. I was hoping for something along the lines of Danny Elfman’s Edward Scissorhands, of which is simple, haunting, and beautiful, and yet Twilight came out like a really bad spegetti western score, without the western or style. The score was disjointed, with only a few themes that never seemed to go anywhere. I didn’t expect grandois, but I had at least hoped to have some memorable tunes to hum, but alas that never happened. If you want to listen to something truly dangerous, romantic, tragic, and yet beautiful, try Ennio Mericonne’s title theme to, “Orca”. Another major issue I had was “Bella’s Theme”. Sorry… it was bad. Nothing at all as to how I would have imagined it. I REALLY would have loved to hear Rob’s actual theme, because, frankly, Carter’s sucked. Sorry guys, that’s my verdict on the Twilight Score… I give it 1 1/2 Stars out of 5.

    • Luthien says:

      Gee, you’ve just Brightened our day.

    • Twifanatic Amanda says:

      I agree with you, if you’d like to listen to Carter Burwell’s best scre you should listen to the In Bruges soundtrack. The movie is great and the score even better.

  10. Congrats to Carter Burwell! I LOVE the Twilight score & think he did a really good job on it. I love putting it on anytime I am reading one of the Twilight books. I am kind of sad that he wasn’t hired for NM as well.

  11. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    Loved the In Bruges soundtrack. The best he’s done by far.

  12. Noureen Shallwani says:

    Yaya! Go Carter! I loved the Twilight Score, and the lullaby was perfection, though I did like Yiruma’s a lot too, but Carter did a phenomenal and it’s good to know he’s getting his recognition for it! <3

  13. I love it when people claim to know so much about movie scores because they collect them. That’s like saying I know lots about literature because I have books on my bookshelf. Noah, you have an opinion and it’s valid, but you really didn’t need to name drop all of those composers. I, for one, am glad they didn’t get someone as formulaic as Elfman to compose for Twilight. I’m getting pretty tired of his cookie cutter compositions. Carter’s score was unique, ethereal, and tragically beautiful. And you may hate Bella’s Lullaby, but I thought it was perfect in it’s simplicity. That’s just my opinion. Oh, and where did you want the score to go? It was a movie score intertwined with a soundtrack. It really can’t go anywhere. And, before this gets even longer, I believe Rob Pattinson said he didn’t want to provide the tune for Bella’s Lullaby. I could be wrong, though.


    Enough said…

    As far as scores with films that have a commercial album go, that doesn’t matter. A prime example is the score to the 1998 lackluster film, Godzilla. Even though the Big G touted some heavy weight, albiet unneeded, rockers, David Arnold created a brilliant score, of which just recently became available to purchase, and yes I already own it. The score is what drives the heart of the movie. It gives the silent moments voice and helps say things that the actors can’t. My father was an accomplished musician, so I know a LOT about music. I am friends with several composers both indie and professional, such as Jane Antonia Cornish. I’m not saying that Carter’s Twilight score was horrible beyond imagination, I just don’t think there was enough time spent in development…

  15. Awesome! I love the score & listen to it all the time. Carter Burwell is a very talented musician. Love all the work he’s done with the Farrelly Bros. as well.

  16. Jessie says:

    I liked most of the score and I did like bella’s lullaby in some waysbut I felt like it should have been just on the piano… since Edward plays it on the piano- obviously he doens’t have an orchestra to accompany him!

    • However, we are talking about Edward… who knows what other “Vampire” powers he might have. With all that Cullen money, he could have flown in a full orchestra to accompany him. 😛


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