Jack’s Mannequin on Stephenie Meyer

Blast got an opportunity to talk at length with Jack’s Mannequin front man Andrew McMahon about the group’s new album, working with Stephenie Meyer, the Dear Jack Foundation and the future of Something Corporate.

BLAST: How involved was Stephenie in the process of filming the video?

AM: It wasn’t like she was behind the camera, you know, she’s an author. There was this guy named Nobel Jones who is a director and she was on set the whole time, she obviously wrote the treatment, and she and Nobel collaborated quite a bit as far as the execution of her vision and how she wanted it to look. She was definitely there and approving shots and giving her opinion of certain shots as we went along, so she was definitely a part of the production and the directing of the video, sure.”

Jack’s Mannequin "The Resolution"Watch the best video clips here

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  1. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    I love Jack’s Mannequin I’m seeing them next week in Tulsa…AHHHHHHH!

  2. You have no idea how happy this just made me!

  3. Shannon says:

    I actually got to meet Andrew just last week & he couldn’t have been nicer…YAY!!!

  4. TeamSwitzerland4Ever says:

    I love JM too – actually I discovered them on Stephenie’s soundtrack-lists! haha… They’re awesome and this song is the best they’ve ever made:D

    Although I love the work Stephenie have put in Twilight and all, I think her interpretation of this song wasn’t so great. It was all too diffused in the action (the lyrics were pretty concrete) for me. Especially when they sing “you hold me down” it does not say anything at all what’s holding him down (the water following him? :p). With so great lyrics that so many can relate to, I should be easier to make a better interpretation of it.

    But, critics aside, the video’s quality was very good. The idea itself is great – with the water following him, how he escapes from it, hearts in sand etc and how he eventually is captured by some love to a mermaid… But maybe too original & a bit too odd for such a great song… Long, long comment, but this is my opinion. I think they could have gotten a better interpretation of it than Stephenie’s, overall 🙂 But original, though


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