Gossip Girl Meets Twilight

Twilight got a mention on last night’s Gossip Girl episode. Look for it at the 3:05 mark or so. TY to multiple people who emailed in and TY to Leah for tracking down the footage.


  1. Haha. For a second there I thought Chuck was going to have a sarcastic response about the Edward/Jacob/Bella love triangle to Nate. Even worse would be if Jenny tried talking to Blair about Twilight.

    I never could get into the GG books.

  2. This is excatly what my friends had to stand when I read twilight first… They’re glad I were on vacation so they didn’t get the full dose^^

  3. Twilight was also referenced in Jeopardy last night. Who is Taylor Lautner was the question. =oD

  4. Hahahaha, I love Jenny XD

  5. Guys don’t get me wrong,really, but is very depressing to see & hear this… btw,I’ve never could see any sense in this sitcom… just only a bunch of teens trying to act like adults…

  6. LOL of course jenny would be into twilight.

  7. SophiePattinson says

    Omg! I like that with my mum .. She really do not want to know .. ๐Ÿ™‚ Haha!

  8. teamjake says

    lol, i saw this episode last night. and i totally caught that ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Samantha says

    How did I miss that last night? Jenny, darling, you talk too fast. This is Gossip Girl, not Gilmore girls.

  10. CourtneyMc says

    She was talking so fast b/c she was trying to keep Lilly from looking at the table Rufus was setting up. I thought it was hilarious! I couldn’t believe GG gave Twilight a shout out…my two favorite things.

  11. TeamSwitzerland4Ever says

    Haha! Exactly like me with my mom… Only in the beginning she was politely interested, and now she’s like Lilly when I talk about it… xD

    I’ve read both Gossipgirl and twilight series (of course) but the show GG is disappionting; in the books there were actually a couple of them who wheren’t perfect in looks (Jenny, Rufus, Vanessa) but now they all are… omg. That does not make the already poor action on screen better!

  12. Haha, I saw that last night, too. Silly stuff.

  13. The doorman that they used at the Russian Tea Room is the actual afternoon/evening doorman! (At least I am pretty sure that is him). I recognize him from the clip. I go there all the time and I am glad that they used the real person instead of an extra! Those are also the winter outfits that they wear (the long red coat and the black top hat). Tres chic.

  14. i think pretty much everyone of us had that moment with someone who could care less!!

  15. misslelie says

    lol!!! I have had that moment so many times that was like deja vu!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, i tried to explain all 4 books to my mom one day…but she had work in like 5min so it was that quick…lol. I was reading The It Girl(Jennys version of GG) and it says that Jenny has brown hair and DD books…..pretty much the opposite of Taylor Momsen…but w.e. Still luv it.

  16. the one eppisode i miss. great. funny though! lolz

  17. Gah!! The one night that I wasn’t home! Thnx 4 posting this, guys.

  18. This is random, but, I don’t know who the dark haired guy is in the clip, but he looks (frighteningly) close to the Edward I had pictured in my head before Rob came to invade ๐Ÿ˜›

    Except his nose and hair. Those two aspects are a little off….

  19. I saw the episode too, and as soon as I heard the word vampire I tought to our favourite series, and than when I heard the word Edward… Bingo!
    That made me laugh, I’m glad people quote Twilight even teasing!

  20. Mary Alice Cullen says

    I totally love GG!! Its the best show totally better then any old The Hills and 90210 ๐Ÿ˜›

  21. I love this show. Too bad I never have time to watch it much anymore. Still, that was pretty funny. Didn’t know Jenny was a Twihard. Haha.

  22. HAHA! That was amazing. She had that, “stop already!” look!

  23. Twiligher14 says

    haha thats great

  24. I was SO EXCITED to see this. Gossip girl is my fav show. My Mom says that Chuck reminds her of Edward. I love Chuck bass, but not as much as Edward!

  25. Noureen Shallwani says

    Haha, Jenny talks fast, and that’s cool(:

  26. This is one of my favorite shows, thoguh I can never find time to watch it. Darn Monday night practice. I love it that they referneced Twilight in there that made me laugh.

  27. Medya [MSquared] says

    Gossip Girl + Twilight = 2 of my favorite things. xD

  28. lol yes! Love both Twilight and Gossip Girl! xDD

  29. Switzerlander94 says

    that was gold. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. I love the reference to Twilight! And that was totally me trying to explain the story to my mom. haha

  31. Jennifer L. says

    aww. i didn’t see it. the video was already taken down.

  32. Jennifer L. says

    hahah. i searched it. Little J uses Edward and Bella’s story to distract, huh? well, it would seem crazy for Lily. it’s complicated.

  33. i couldn’t see!
    video no longer available…
    does someone knows the episode ,please?


  34. HAHA sooo….funny … i was JUST watching this episode…UGH—why’d they take it down??!!!

  35. i love this show and my day is not complete if i have not watched Gossip Girl. Blake Lively is certainly the most beautiful actress on Gossip Girl.

  36. Gossip Girl is the best TV Series for me. every teenage girl love this TV Series.

  37. Gossip Girl is probably one of the sexiest TV Show. you have the very beautiful Blake Lively and of course Leighton Meester

  38. I love Blake Lively of Gossip Girl she is so damn pretty.:;;

  39. i really like michelle trachtenberg on gossip gilr, she is nice and pretty :,`

  40. Gossip Girl have very pretty cast, i like Blake and Michelle coz they are really gorgeous;,~

  41. the prettiest girl on Gossip Girl is none other than blake lively, oh i just love her *~`

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