Taylor Lautner Makes Abs Cut

Access Hollywood has voted Taylor’s 8-pack among the best abs in Hollywood.

While we are on the subject of Taylor, Robert Rodriguez, who directed Taylor back in day when he was Sharkboy, told MTV that Taylor’s success is no surprise to him. He knew back then that Taylor was “the complete package”.


  1. AH! Tay, I love you.

  2. He totally deserved it. Swoon.

  3. He put on some helafied muscles over the short break I am trying to get ahold of his workout schedule lol WTH training is he doin’ it’s insane!
    Well deserved He is rockin the abs for sure 😀

  4. *giggles* a totally drool worthy sight.. <3

  5. Hot.

  6. Woooo… rather hot in here all the sudden. Taylor is GORGEOUS!

  7. I think I’m crying. He’s perfect. He actually has a cute personality, beautiful smile, AMAZING body..obviously..and he’s my age. So this is working for me hahaha 🙂

  8. I feel pretty weird ogling that photo. I’m not going to say anymore. It might not be legal.

  9. twilighter14 says

    so hott!!! he my age too!!! (sigh)

  10. Hel-lo.

  11. Perfection. <3

  12. haha i’m watching My wife and kids when taylor randomly walked on the screen playing a boy @ the park (i started screaming) 🙂

    • oh that is one of my favotie shows. i’ve seen that episode where taylor is playing a bully at the park.
      He is so cute and he was kinda buff there for a kid.

  13. He deserved it completely. Way to go Taylor!

  14. Shannon says

    Ohhhh my god… glad I watched this AFTER my boyfriend left the room

  15. switzgal says

    OMJB!!! Taylor is #1 FAB-ulous men!!! Go Taylor!!!

  16. I like Usher better, sorry Taylor fans.

  17. Twi~dancer72 says

    hhhhhhhh…. *drool drool swoon swoon* he is sooooooooooo sexy!

  18. Holy abs! *swoons*

  19. R Cullen (for edward only) says

    i cant breath……he he he he he he
    he is sooooo my age…..i sooooooo hope he comes to New Zealand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i still cant breath
    man he’s hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    no1 can come close……he is mine…
    *evil laugh*-hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahah
    now i wil faint……….

  20. heavenlysamuraigirl says

    Hell Ya. Lautner is # 1! Take that Efron!
    Although I was suprised that they chose him over people like Usher and Will Smith. Not to say Taylor isn’t impressive he is.

    8 Pack hehe

  21. omg taylor – my mouth literally dropped!! amazing 😀 now THAT I call dedication!

    I love ALL those men they chose.
    Will Smith and LL Cool J forever
    but DAMN!!!
    He deserves that.
    I defiantly would fly across the county just to touch his body

  23. haha my friend loves Zac Efron so i should her this video!! Taylor is soo HOT! Him over Zac any day.

  24. Book: Edward > Jacob
    Movie: Edward < Jacob

    Sorry, Rob, but Taylor’s got you beat.

  25. I’m not a huge fan of Taylor’s but, I have to say that eight pack is extremely impressive. He wanted that job, and was certainly willing to work for it. good for him.

  26. Wow, I actually counted EIGHT packs O.O!!!

  27. Melanie Cullen says

    ow ow owwwwww! eight oack!?! my my is it getting hot in here?

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