Rob Pattinson in People’s 100 Most Beautiful People

Robert Pattinson is in PEOPLE’S 100 Most Beautiful issue (for the VERY FIRST TIME), which hits newsstands this Friday!  Joining Rob in PEOPLE’s 100 Most Beautiful issue this year are other newcomers such as: Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Dakota Fanning and some other folks worth checking out the new issue of PEOPLE for!

You can get a sneak peek of some of PEOPLE’s Most Beautiful online here (along with Rob’s photo).









  1. Come on? Are we surprised? LOL

  2. kellan fan says:

    i am :p why doesnt kellan ever win?

    • Rachel A. says:

      I agree…he is waay better looking than Rob (in my opinion). I think KS, TL, RP, and Dakota are decently attractive…but definately NOT top 100 most beautiful material. Once again…my opinion.

  3. Love that he’s on it, but hate that picture!! There are so many others that are way better.

  4. they made us go through all those pictures just to get a look at him…UUUUHHH..i think rob should have been the first 1..Hes a very talented actor and very handsome.Its great that he dosent let this stuff go 2 his head.

  5. I think he definitely should be on this list. He has really pretty eyes and a great smile. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this picture, but it is a different one then in the actual magazine.

  6. CullenChik says:

    Definitely not a fan of that picture – it does not do him justice!!

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