MTV: Emily Browning and Twilight Spoof

MTV has an interview with Emily Browning, who was once suggested as a possibility for the role of Bella. Like Henry Cavil, Emily talks about the part that never was.

“It’s really strange,” the actress laughed when we caught up with her Tuesday. “It’s bizarre…What actually happened is that I was asked to audition — not take the part, but to just audition — shortly after ‘The Uninvited’ had finished filming,” the actress said. “And I’m not the type of person who can just work back-to-back. So I was just exhausted, and I was like, ‘I’m sorry, but I just can’t sign on to a trilogy right now.”

MTV also has up a great Twilight parody featuring cheeseburgers. It’s the brainchild of LA’s UCB Theater.


  1. hmm. wonder if she regrets that decision now?

    that’s a shame, i think she would have played the part well.

  2. why didn’t anyone ask alexis bledel? i like kristen, i think emily browning is great, but i feel like alexis would’ve played a terrific bella… just me?

    • i agree that alexis bledel would have been great. when they were describing bella in the book, the first actress i thought of was alexis

  3. that sucks!!! i really wanted her to play Bella! i think she would have been awesome

  4. Oh yeah. Bet she does regret that decision now but, things happen for a reason. Good reason at that hehe
    Glad she wasn’t able to. Kristen fits the part much better imho. Well, they all do in fact. Their casting choices where spot on for me.

    • I agree! I am re-reading Twilight and how they describe Bella, with the fidgety-ness, the awkwardness, the stuttering… is totally Kristen. She is sort of like this in real life, quiet, self conscious, etc…

      I was not sold on her at first, but now, yeah. She IS Bella. This other one is not how I picture Bella…

  5. heatherh says:

    I really like her a lot but she looks even LESS how I pictured Bella than Kristen Stewart does. So yeah, maybe it’s for the best. 🙂

  6. This video made me laugh so hard I cried. That is good humor.

  7. yeah no thanks, Kristen Stewart is the exact Bella I saw while reading.

  8. Gee… anyone else hungry for a burger???

  9. that video was great!
    just like the DVD comentary…
    “Then ask me the most basic question. what do we eat?”- edward
    hahahhahaha love it :]

  10. I do like Emily,but I don’t think she could’ve portrayed Bella.I’m glad Kristen took the part.

  11. I think that KStew made a much better Bella than Emily would have. Kristen IS Bella.

    HAHA: I bet they got the inspiration from the movie commentary part about the cheeseburgers HAHAHA

  12. riddleinside says:

    I must admit it’s quite funny 🙂
    At least his sparkling is better than in the real Twilight movie. Sorry no offence intended but I always think “poor Rob” when I see him sparkling.

  13. twilighter14 says:

    im glad that kristen stewart is bella!

  14. twilighter14 says:

    kristen is so perfect for bella she like actualy acts like her in real life i luv her im so glad she’s bella

  15. shells4eddie says:

    was I the only one that noticed the sparkling of his skin was better than the sparkling in the movie?
    the movie’s just looked over done. but this…was subtle…like the book said able to be seen and strange but beautiful…not mutating roberts face.

  16. I liked Emily Browning in The Lemony Snicket film and she was great as Violet Baudelaire. I don’t know if Bella would have been the right part for her. I’ve seen KStew’s other films prior to Twilight and she fits the character. After seeing her played the jaded teenager in other films,it was all good preparation for Bella. I’m glad she’s our Bella and when I read the book,I can imagine her and Rob as Edward and how the characters would interact with eachother.

  17. Lunna-san says:

    Never really saw Emily Browning as Bella. I like KStew’s “girl next door” look better. Actually, from the so called “dream team’, the one who fits better in my head is Steven Strait.

  18. SHE IS SOOOOOO MUCH BETTER THAN KRISTEN. She’s my Bella, always will and always will be. I can’t believe she gave up the part (or the audition) she would have BEEN PERFECT. arggg . . .

  19. I can’t imagine anybody else but Kristen. I like Emily alright, but Kristen totally embodies everything Bella is in my opinion.

  20. I feel bad for all the people whow ere so close to getting the role but Kristen is good as Bella and fits the role well.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I always feel a little funny saying how Emily isn’t my interpretation of Bella because, if I remember correctly, she was Stephenie’s choice for the character. How do you tell the author of her own book that you have a different opinion? xD Honestly, I’m so incredibly happy with Kristen. She was the only cast member that fit my imagination PERFECTLY. Would never change her. 😀


  23. I would have hated if she got the job. No effense but she lookes like she is like twelve years old and that would have looked toatally weird with rob. It would have looked like his younger sister.

  24. It’s a shame she chose not to do it. And I’m happy that she was so honest with her answer. The fans and just the work schedule might have been too much for her. I don’t think she regrets it all.

    I think she would have made a great Bella, especially since she’s the one that Stephenie wanted.

  25. Seriously though says:

    I honestly don’t think casting really played that big of a part in Twilight’s success.

    The movie was a blockbuster not because of its cast, or director, screenplay, or whatever. It made so much money to reach blockbuster status because it tells a GOOD STORY that people can either relate to or fantasize about. It also had the benefit of having a very loyal fan base already in tact to create added buzz.

    • Twilight made a lot of money because of it’s fan base. Period. If the movie was a stand alone it would have NEVER grossed as much as it did.

      • Rachel A. says:

        Once again, I totally agree. Sometimes I wonder if the movie would have ever even made it to the theaters…

  26. im so glad she didnt audition kristen is sooo good at bella and i dnt think that emily and rob wouldve had that good of chemistry but as we all can tell kristen and rob have great chemistry and that jst made the movie 100 times better:)

  27. I never really had a specific actress in my head of who I pictured as Bella because I created the face in my head.

    Kirsten is amazing as Bella and does a spot on performance of Bella.

    I do have to say though twilight the movie and twilight the book were different but the same. They told the story as is and put the similar feeling s in the movie but at times the movie put a different feeling than how I imagined. Don’t get me wrong I love the movie and watch it constantly.

    I can’t really imagine any other actress as Bella because truly the is no actress that can embody MY Bella. But in real life Kirsten is the one for me.

  28. Still you need great actors to make the story be brought to life, and I think Kristen did that. I loved her in Speak and Into The Wild, so I was so excited when I found out she would be Bella. It just made it that much more exciting for me since she was one of my favorite actresses before hand.

  29. Rachel A. says:

    I was hoping for Emily Browning ever since I saw her picture on Stephenie’s website. Her looks are perfect (pretty, feminine) and she has acting skills. I agree that her and RP would have been odd, but I was hoping for a younger Henry Cavill to be Edward.

    There is no one in the current movie cast that I think is totally perfect, but I do like who they cast for Alice, Jasper, and Emmett. I definately would not cry if they switched out the lead roles (I might cry for joy…).

    • I read a lot of reviews of Twilight and Ashley Greene as Alice is the one person that very few people, if any, had complaints about. i believe she was the one person cast perfectly.

  30. Kristen is perfect as Bella. Like Meryl Streep Kristen can play beautiful or average women. Bella is supposed to be an average girl who is beautiful to Edward when seen through his loving eyes. Average girl is a concept Hollywood rarely gets right but when they do the audience turns out and the money flows.

  31. OMG that parody was hilarious! XD
    I loved James and Carlisle best HAHAHA

  32. I would’ve love for her to play Bella, Kristen is good, but not great. I don’t like her acting so much, but there’s nothing i can do now… and that video?!! So not funny!

  33. I imagined Emily as Bella from the start. Kristen doesn’t even have Bella’s features. Emily browning does though, She has the nose, eyes, shape of face, and shape of lips, and the hair, and body shape. she’s basically bella all over. I wish she was Bella in the movie. but oh well. if henry cavill was younger, he would of been a perfect edward. or even gaspard ulliel.

  34. Julie M. says:

    Emily is pretty, but is not Bella. I’m so glad Kristen is Bella. I can’t imagine anyone else but her for the part. Kristen plays Bella perfectly!!!

  35. rebecca says:

    IS ANYBODY GONNA TALK ABOUT THE VIDEO AND NOT THE WHOLE KRISTEN/EMILY THING???!! people c’mon!i thought that was halarious i immeadiatley thought this is gonna be soooo stupid but it was halarious! their laurent is so funny the way he said that line! and the very end part sooo halarious and their carlaisle was great! im glad they can poke fun at twilight in a good way. it was shot fantastic too with the lighting and it looked so prefessional and the ballet studio really looked like the movie. and 4 the record i think kristens great as bella and i only read the books after the movie so i cant even imagine what my bella would of looked like but i probably wud of hated kristen and thought she was so bad 4 it but i love her now. i dont know how the fans b4 the book could ajust to having what they thought changed like that it wud of been wierd. wow long comment… sorry .. nobodys guna read this cos its like a million pages long .. lol

  36. I LOVE kristen as bella. I always imagined her when I read the books. Long before I knew that Kristen was cast as Bella I wanted her to do it. I think she is a brilliant actress. She may be very awkward in the movie, but that is EXACTLY how Bella is described in the book. When reading the Midnight Sun when Edward is describing Bella, it is Kristen Stewart all the way!

    Oh, and the video is hilarious! I love watching spoofs!!

  37. That is the funniest video I’ve seen in a long time. And I think that Emily would have been a better Bella than Kristen

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