Win the Shirt off Rob Pattinson’s back!

Teen Vogue has a great contest going on for the IFC Premiere of How to Be.

How to Be premieres on-demand on IFC Festival Direct beginning this Wednesday, but you can enter to win your own piece of the film right now — we’re giving away an autographed How to Be poster, plus an actual t-shirt and pair of sneakers worn by Robert in the film!


  1. NuttyNetty says

    i am soooooooooooo entering heheheheh

  2. I’m curious to know what size shoe he wears now…because I entered and if he’s near/the same size, I’d totally wear the shoes since I LOVE wearing chucks.

  3. in a interview he said size 10..dont ask why i remember that..oh can i have a stinky t-shirt lol

  4. Considering the first question asked on Teen Vogue is age, I’m outta the running.

  5. *channeling Cleveland* That’s naasty.

  6. I seriously almost started hyperventilating right in the middle of the office when I read this. And by the way, I’m 26 and they let me enter.

  7. Oh wow, his shirt?! That’s getting creepy…

  8. Ok, I think hes cute and all, but clothes and shoes the man wears!!!?? Kinda gross/creepy wanting someone elses used clothes and shoes..

    Some peeps need help!

  9. i entered. if i win i’m putting them on ebay.

  10. So I watched “How to Be” last night. LOVED the movie. Laughed all the way through the dang thing.
    His character is so tragically pathetic, lol you just want to hug him.

    I recommend watching How to Be and then Twilight back to back lol. Now there is a stretch.

  11. Hmpf.

    My Cable company has IFC and is on the list to show it according to the HTB website, but it is NOT anywhere on their daily listings!

    Great. Just great! >:(

    • Look under “movies and events” and then “show all titles”. That’s where I found it. It wasn’t under the IFC section like I thought it would be. I actually like this movie better than Twilight. Too funny.

      • Hey LIsa thank you 4 the info !!!I have cable and looked under ifc. and could not find it..I went on movies on demand than hit new releases and it was on p.7..If you cant get it i know that netflix will be getting how to be, i had a copy saved just in case.Now if “the haunted airman” was that easy to get!!!Well maybe they will release it in the states.

  12. RP and TL are in this year’s PEOPLE 100 most beautiful people… KS should’ve been included (IMO)

  13. So I am guessing that if you don’t have cable you don’t have access to this movie??? I have Direct TV

    • I don’t know about direct tv. I only have cable and I know that “How to Be” was released simultaneously on IFC cable and theatre. I sent a txt to my nephew to see if it’s on there, they have Direct tv. He should be getting back to me soon, and I’ll let you know if someone hasn’t already answered that question. The movie is hilarious!!

    • Ok, so according to my nephew, “How to Be” is NOT on Direct TV. (We are in Sacramento CA) But check anyway. Different tv systems have different set-ups.
      But it IS on Cable. If you are into Indie films, this one is a must see! Way too funny.

      • Well that really SUCKS!!! Thanks so much for researching it for me. I am sure it is the same for here (South Carolina) and Cali. Again thank you!!

      • So I think Rob is completely adorable, BUT I sure don’t need one of his shirts. Especially a pair of his shoes, I sort of have the fearish thing against feet and shoes belonging to other people. I think it is completely disgusting. But hey just my opinion.

  14. Hello, I’m from Sweden and we in Sweden wants to see the movie “Little Ashes” SO badly. So I’ve started a petitionspot where you can sign your name and it would made me so happy if you could help us and sign your name so we can see little ashes here in Sweden.
    If you could send this website to your friends or put it on your blog/myspace/website/what-so-ever, it would made me SO happy! Make people sign this petition, PLEASE? Thank you SO much!

    • I can’t understand the language on the website.

    • Shirts and shoes?….I think this is going a little overboard.Rob is already kind of freaked out by the Twilight world,what would he think if girls were fighting to get to wear his clothes and shoes? Whoever who want them can surely try to get them,but I’m not in.

  15. I have Dish Network and we don’t get it. I want to see it so bad, but not sure where to go. I don’t have netflix anymore.

  16. Im sure you can buy the dvd.Check the Just saw the movie couldnt wait till later GREAT !!!”life is a stage in which we all play”.just GREAT i guess we should remember “we can all use a little help”.Have a great day twifriends.

  17. Alright knowing the shoes would be a 10…that’s the size for Chucks that I wear so that would be pretty cool. I love wearing Chucks and I honestly like them more after they’ve been broken in…so that would be cool.

  18. To All Twilight Fans,
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    • I read The Black Parade and enjoyed it a lot. There is some hidden messages in it that same may catch on to and others may not. Great read.

  19. Ummm, disturbing…


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