Robert Pattinson Officially takes “Remember Me” role

MTV is reporting that Rob has officially taken the lead role in “Remember Me.” 

Pattinson will play the lead role in “Remember Me,” a story of a young couple whose burgeoning relationship is complicated by a succession of family tragedies that test their bond, according to The makers of the film, which had previously been titled “Memoirs,” have not yet settled on which actress who will play Pattinson’s love interest.


  1. So excited!

  2. ME TOO!

  3. I am thrilled, I can’t wait.

  4. Twifanatic Amanda says

    Awesome. Now he’s starting to do different things again.

  5. oh wow, film roles coming left, right and centre for this guy.
    i’m excited 🙂

  6. excellent, looking forward to seeing him in different roles, off to see a showing of Little Ashes next week, excited..:)

  7. StinaCullen says

    I’ll play Robert’s love interest 🙂

  8. I would love to be his love interest..Cant wait to see this film along with the others he is working on. This is going to be a long year waiting for these films to be created so we can all get our fix…lol

  9. estephania says

    i think Freida Pinto should be his love interest.

  10. StinaCullen says

    Freida Pinto???? Psssh, no way, I vote for ME haha Fredia is gorgeous though

  11. Taylor Lautner was seen in Vancouver looking very cozy with Disney’s Selena Gomez. There are pictures here:

  12. Ishta~ no that isn’t the same project at 3:20. Rob had to quit that movie “parts per million” because he was committed to New Moon and Eclipse

  13. twilighter14 says

    jeez! he’s RLY busy!! like he’s got movies being thrown at him constantly!!

  14. omg! i am flooded with excitement! i hope he will be able to keep his natural accent and not have to put on an American one. and i wonder what kind of character he will play, therefore what will he wear and what will his hair be like? *daydreams*
    I think it is adorable that he still demands to audition for films rather than take offers. <3

  15. This movie will be good for his career. Having a good plot set already and possible pairing with a good and popular actress – this film will be a hit. Robert should continue on taking diverse roles in films.

  16. LOVE it! Can’t wait to see Rob in this role!

    …and please for the love of God, keep Nikki Reed FAR away from this.

  17. Summit hasn’t confirmed it yet, so don’t get tooooo excited. All their website says (from March 25 in News) is that Rob is in EARLY TALKS about the movie, not officially cast. And anyhow, Rob himself has been quoted as saying he doesn’t like just taking parts, he enjoys auditioning and being cast because then he knows that he’s right for the part.

  18. I’ll do it!! Let me play his love interest..hehehe


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