New Moon gets a New Composer?

Several different sites are reporting that French composer Alexandre Desplat will be the composer for New Moon.  He has a working relationship with director Chris Weitz and has most recently composed the score for  The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. 

Please remember that we have no official word on this but as soon as we do we will let you know.


  1. He better be good. And what are they going to do for Bella’s Lullaby? Hopefully Carter will give them the rights to it….not sure on this one….:(

    • I seriously can’t imagine them not using Bella’s lullaby, because it is the theme of their love. I would bet they will not use it, but with the exception of the actual actors, are they changing just about everything else from twilight? What is the cullen house going to look like? What about Bella’s room? I am hoping that the New Moon movie will not just be images and hype, but feelings and depth, the way Twilight is. I also have a problem in that I like the deleted scenes so much and I am disappointed they left some of them out (ie. carlile and esmee, the your number was up scene, etc).

  2. Well that is a fantastic addition to the team. Lets hope that everything comes together and the score and the soundtrack turn out to be as great as possible.

  3. Wish Carter Burwell was still involved 🙁

  4. I loved the sound track for the first movie, if they get a composer I’m worried they’ll take out a lot of the really great rock and indie music and change the sound too much.

    • no worries re. the soundtrack, they had a composer for Twilight, too. the composer does the score, not the soundtrack. They will have a soundtrack that you will want to buy. I don’t think anyone would give up the opportunity to make money this way, let alone lose their audience by not using popular music…

  5. soozabooza54 says:

    No more stupid guitar wailing and dingles while vamps sparkle? Sounds like an awesome choice to me. I continue to be really impressed and excited about the direction the series is going! 🙂

  6. Nightswimming says:

    Carter made this announcement on his website as well (it’s been there for a couple weeks at least). He says he doesn’t know if they’ll use any of his themes from Twilight (including “Bella’s Lullaby”).

  7. Per Carter Burwells site in the Q&A section. This doesn’t make it official but it sounds like he knows who’s involved.

    Will you work on the sequels to Twilight?

    As I understand it, the director of New Moon, Chris Weitz, has hired Alexandre Desplat to composer the music for the film. Desplat composed the music for Weitz’ earlier film The Golden Compass. I don’t know if they’ll use any of my themes from Twilight, such as “Bella’s Lullaby”.

  8. AriLovesEdward says:

    I love The Curious Case of Benjamin Button!

  9. Excellent! I’m soo glad! I rather not feel like i’m on a acid trip while listening to those annoying guitars and “Whoosing” noises.

  10. B Cullen24 says:

    Haha some of the comments are funny. I wasn’t really a fan of the score that Carter Burwell did (does the sound of dying by the hands of three vampires really sound like electric guitars?), but from the projects Alexandre Desplat has done, he sounds like a good addition to the movie.

  11. I loved the scores Alexandre Desplant did for The Golden Compass and Benjamin Button. I would suggest to go and listen to some samples from each soundtrack,they’re very beautiful scores. I think he will bring all of the drama,lost love, and hope that were very strong themes in the book,to the score. I can’t wait to hear the score for New Moon.

  12. heatherh says:

    This is the news I’ve bee waiting for! I hope he scraps everything Carter did and makes an amazing, unforgetable score that doesn’t sound like a B-grade after-school special. 🙂 🙂 🙂 JOY!

  13. heatherh says:

    oh wait, i just read that this wasn’t confirmed… hmm, well, i hope it’s true. if it is, then chris weitz is my hero.

  14. I agree, I didn’t like the score from Twilight all that much, including Bella’s Lullabye. I didn’t think it was that bad, just didn’t feel right.

  15. Usually when they change composers in a series ie: Harry Potter. The new composer doesn’t stray away from the old themes. They usually find some way to intertwine the old themes with the new ones. I love the change, it’s not strange for a director to chose a composer they previously worked with. Even though I loved Carter’s score, I do prefer the more classical scoring. I feel it with give New Moon more integrity and emotion. I really don’t want them to do another band soundtrack – this is a movie, not an MTV music video.

  16. I would totally love it if Alexandre Desplat did the score! He is fantastic!!

  17. Angeliss says:

    I liked his music for The Painted Veil… I’m sure he’d be good for this- he has a good sense of mood music. My top composer, though, would be James Newton Howard, who would be practically impossible to get… I can dream, though, right?

  18. Thank God. I hope he gets the job. How about a new Bella’s Lullaby, hmm?

  19. I’m all for Desplat.

  20. Ooooh, awesome! He also did the music for Mr. whatever Wonder emporuium! the music on that was incredible!

  21. He is such a beautiful composer. I hope he joins the team 😀 New Moon is going to be amazing!

  22. He’s brillant, we should all be grateful he if he becomes part of the team! Serioulsy just youtube his music, he should be able to capture the tone of New Moon perfectly 🙂

  23. YAYY!!!!

    He’s AWESOME!!!!!

    Brilliant composer, I would be sooooo happy. His music is so hauntingly beautiful. I wish he had been the one to compose Bella’s lullaby….

  24. I’m glad there’s someone new, I didn’t really like the score for Twilight, I find that almost all the tracks sound the same. I’ve only heard The Golden Compass by Desplat, and don’t mind it.

  25. seriouslysirius says:

    Desplat is amazing composer. Compared to the other one. Many have been wondering about Bella´s lullaby. I think they could have done a better piece, if I have to be honest. I don´t think it showed their relationship very well. As to the other songs, I think it would be awesome to have muse again cause it was like Stephenie´s inspirational music so it would be awesome to have them back.

  26. i love alexandre desplat!!! dont worry he is an amazing composer. the music for girl with a pearl earring is amazing. go look it up!

  27. No Carter Burwell? WTH? No offense to Alexandre. Carter created a very unique and fitting score for Twilight. I was really looking forward to what he would compose this time. Whose decision was it to not keep Carter aboard? Bad move. I hope Alexandre does Carter some justice at least.

  28. I thought the score on New Moon was no where near as good as Twilight. The twilight score gave a great deal of mood and melody that fit the story very well. Desplat pretty much missed the whole boat. It was very choppy and unpolished. Some of the music sounded like what you’d here on FM radio. Sorry……thumbs down.


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