Fans Flock to Filming Location

According to the Vancouver Sun a local radio station revealed the exact address and times of a New Moon movie shoot. It ended up causing a problem for the security since some of the fans who showed up weren’t content to stand behind established barriers.

They were especially concerned because the particular set is of a high-grade styrofoam and could easily be damaged by tresspassers.

“For security crews, it’s a cat-and-mouse game keeping zealous fans from storming ‘New Moon’ film sets. To the chagrin of protectors, someone blurted the movie-shoot address on The Beat radio station last week. When the Now visited the scene Wednesday evening, a small group of people – mostly teen girls and women – gawked at the two-storey “house” and chatted with two non-uniformed security personnel.

One woman drove from Burnaby to get a look.

“I don’t like going to the film sets when they’re shooting,” she said, “because there are too many crazies hiding in the trees and everywhere.””

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  1. lol. “crazies”

  2. For crying out loud people – leave them the heck alone…I can’t believe how crazy & rude people can be!

  3. This is truly over the line.

    No matter how much someone wants to see the set and the stars, or in this case many someones, disturbing and disrupting filming is never okay.

    Five minutes of gratification is not worth an adverse effect on filming. I want New Moon to be the best that it can be, and when a director is more preoccupied with keeping the set locations secret, keeping people off the set and protecting the integrity of the film location, that is less attention spent on the actual creation of the movie.

    Johnny Depp is currently in Puerto Rico, and there have been people stalking the film crew trying to get a glimpse of him, and its really been effecting filming to the point that they have given up filming at certain locations because of the large crowds.

    This is not what I want to happen with the New Moon production. Control your instant gratification urges!

  4. why would a radio station do that! People are so silly. Leave them alone! I would be embarrassed to be seen at a location. I wouldnt want to be deemed a crazie!! LOL

  5. i was at the site yesterday during the day when there wasn’t any filming. was talking to another mom and she was saying that Friday night, first night of filming, they ended up bringing in dogs to chase *fans* out of the bushes/park behind the set. There was actually people running through the bushes in full camo disturbing the filming.

  6. I said PEOPLE c`mon, i undrstand ur excitment but if we keep messing the filmng process we are gonna get stck with a incomplete movie cause they have a dateline and if we keep this up is gonna be a mess if they miss just one little piece just because of ur the let have fun but without messing the set and filming process. We want a hek of a good movie dont we?. So do ruin it 4 the 1s who are waiting 4 the movie to come out GIRLS!!!!! CRAZY PEOPLE……..

  7. that kind of makes me mad.
    people are stupid, they’re giving fans a bad name. we’re not all “crazies” Let them do their job! jesus.

  8. Gettingtired says

    New Moon, you’re turning my city in to a mad house. Please go back to Oregon, thank you. <3

  9. They should start ARRESTING people!! keep them in Jail for the day :)!!!! Let them WORK!!!!

  10. what is their problem???
    Cant they just let them work and get on wid their lives????

  11. Ugh! This is ridiculous! Everyone is excited, but it just postpones things when people act like idiots. I don’t think people want to see twits hiding in bushes when the movie is showing.

  12. Clearly the radio station wants fans to listen in for more details and I’ll bet it works.

    It’s so frustrating that fans like that end up making the rest of us labeled as fanatics, crazies, psycho, etc.

    The more difficult it is to film, the more likelihood of the November release date being moved!

  13. Nezzi Loves Lautner says

    I would nevr give up a chance to be near the set(AND TAYLOR!) but i dont think i would at like them; thats ridiculous!… unless there was a chance of me getting to meet him! i really think that would be the only reason for me to act like them! and i would bother the whole production process… just taylor! i wouldnt even go unless he was there.

  14. twilighter14 says

    this is WAAAY over the top. We all love the twilight saga and cant wait for new moon but still, if you want it to be a great movie and to not get postponed then stop being RUDE and giving the rest of us a bad name! I love twilight tho!!

  15. For crying out loud:


    Chris is getting one paycheck and that’s to be the director. He shouldn’t have to be worried about crazies bombarding his set.

  16. Selfish and obnoxious.

  17. CullenChik says

    Nuts I tell ya…just nuts.

    These people are giving the rest of us a bad name! The cast and crew deserve privacy, and most importantly, the unhindered ability to create a fabulous movie.

  18. The radio station was pretty irresponsible for giving out that address I hope there are consequences for them.

    For those people who showed up and caused a problem? Get a life! These people are doing a job and don’t need to be distracted by psycho fans. When filming is interrupted it costs money and wastes the time of the crew and actors. Actors who need to stay in character. I wish people would think of more than just themselves. I hope they that they don’t continue to have these problems though they probably will.

  19. I’m ashamed to call myself a Vancouver-ite right now.

    • No, don’t be! It’s only a few bad apples and a lot of them are coming from here, the U.S.!!!

      Not to forget how ill-behaved some are here as well… 🙁


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