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ET LogoEntertainment Tonight’s continuing coverage of New Moon gives us a hint of how we will get more Edward in the movie as well as the possibility of Rob contributing to the sound track again.  See the full video here at ET’s main site.


  1. I’m really excited for the Edward parts! Whoo!
    The forum doesn’t work, 500 Server Error.

  2. Good Robert’s part is going to be nice and dark. I love it.

  3. huh
    im not quite sure how i feel about edward appearing as a ghosty-thing
    well maybe it’ll help to clear up confusion about whats happening for people who haven’t read the books

    • I think they realize that Twilight was very confusing for people that haven’t read the books, and so they’re trying to make New Moon better, and get more money, ultimately.

    the audio is better.
    i don’t know about this dream, ghostly thing…I’ll just have to wait and see…

  5. JACKIEEEEEE! says:

    well duh they’re platonic friends that was a given in most true media articles

  6. D: Oh noooooooo. Just when I needed to vent to fellow Twilighters. Lawl. Oh well…

  7. Dammit! I need the forums.
    I can’t function without it!

  8. Amy Darlene says:

    ok, lets bring on the hallucinations. so curious how they will handle this…

  9. I miss the forums…comments aren’t cutting it tonight lol

    I don’t know about this ghost thing, either…but I like that Rob really tries to drive the point that he wants this to be intense and emotional and frightening because that’s how it’s supposed to be for Bella.

    I’m excited. Can’t wait until November =)

  10. Twilight Nymph says:

    oooooohhhhhh, this just make it seem good. I can’t wait that long. I want more sneek peeks. LOL

  11. I dont mind Edward being “dark and scary” for most of it UNTIL the end when he’s supposed to be convincing Bella that he always loved her…THAT PART NEEDS TO BE ROMANTIC! It’s the saving grace of New Moon. I hope these people (Rob and Weitz) understand this. I’m really worried…

    • TeamSwitzerland4ever says:

      I hope that too! Even though I’m not against them making it more “horror” of it than in the book (but I guess the book would have had just as much horror if the first months after Edward left her were properly described) – but I really, really hope they still focus on the true story. Which ends with Bella and Edward being together again <3

    • TeamSwitzerland4ever says:

      I actually think that the New Moon movie would be better than the book – for me, at least. I couldn’t imagine the pack properly and I hope the action scenes will get better in the movie than in the book. Or at least the same. I also have high expectiations about Alice and Bella being in Italy. Because they add more horror and the action hopefully is good, I think I would appreciate the movie more than the book.

      Btw: Jacob being biker-boy is NOT a secret and everyone except the really creadoulus people knew that KS and RP weren’t dating – so conclusion: 2/4 secrets were really secrets… Except for that, this is one of the best ET exclusives I’ve seen in a while 😀

      • TeamSwitzerland4ever says:

        sorry, that wasn’t ment as a reply :s

        ps. why can’t twilightlexicon fix it so the comment thing goes back to just “comments” rather than “reply” after replying someone’s comment? If you understand what I mean..

  12. I’m excited for Eddie to be scary.

    Bella has nightmares with Eddie in it, and hes IS being scary… so scary that she wakes up screaming.

  13. I don’t know about Edward being “scary” and “disturbing” even if it’s just for the dreams and hallucinations. He wasn’t scary in the book at those times, just sounds concerned and angry even if it’s just her imagination. I don’t think they should make him too too dark. New Moon is my favorite of the series I want the movie to be really accurate to the book.

  14. Hmmmmm…I guess all secrets will be revealed in November. Until then we will all have to just wait and see (being hopeful).

  15. Possibly the only reason I like Parttinson is that he’s making Edward his own, Edward in the book annoys me a little, (even though I am Team Edward just not in love with him) I find him a bit flat and I like that Rob is giving him more of the feelings Edward feels towards himself in Midnight Sun, however, I think that New Moon is Jacob’s and Taylor lautner’s turn in the spotlight, ready for the love triangle in Eclipse,which imo is when the realy story starts ( twilight and new moon are intro’s imo) and putting more Edward in is a bit of a stunt for money.

    • Edward on screen and Edward in the book are different Characters to me but I appreciate them both. I agree that we can see the more “midnight sun” feel of Edward in the movie. Rob has said in interviews that Edward is only perfect because we see him through Bella’s eyes and I agree with that.

  16. Amy Darlene says:

    I agree that the love triangle is the story…one of my favorite scenes is in Eclipse, the night before the fight when Jabob and Edward are talking all night during their truce.

  17. Envy loves Wrath says:

    Am i the only one who really liked New Moon because Edward was gone? (Because i wanted as little Rob as possible in NM…)

    • Maybe. I know I sped read through it until Edward came back into the picture. It was just too long and drawn out.

      NM is my least fave book.

      It didn’t help that as I was reading it I came across comments online that referred to Bella as ‘Mrs. Cullen’ and ‘Bella – forever 18 stuff.’ Grrrrr! So I KNEW she was not going to end up with Jake. I saw no point in paying much attention to the middle of NM then. 🙁

      • The first time that I read NM, I thought that the middle section with Jacob and Bella, was boring. So I found myself skimming through it until I got to the end. Then I reread it with the intention of actually reading every word, which I did, and it just put me to sleep. They will have to shorten that section of the movie unless they want to put the audience to sleep.

  18. anonymous says:

    See, I hate the love triangle. It was my least favorite part of the series. And I disagree that it’s the main story. I think the main story is the compelling/strange love between Edward and Bella and all the obstacles they have to overcome in order to be together. The love triangle may make the main story more interesting, but it is not the meat of the story, IMO. If it were, the series would have began at NM and ended at Eclipse. There would have been no reason for SM to spend so much time on Bella and Edward as a couple. I hope the filmmakers will realize this too and not put so much effort into exploiting the Edward vs. Jacob angle. But the ET footage confirms that it’s already a done deal.

    • i agree 183% with you on this. it was NEVER a love triangle, because that implies one person in love with TWO people, not a couple who has to deal with a hanger-on. The stories are NOT about a love triangle, but temptation and obstacles. Why do so few people SEE that? ugg!

      • I tweeted up a storm about this XD

      • I thought in Eclipse they said Bella was in love with Jacob, but she just loved Edward more.

        • Yeah, and I hated that cave in. That kiss where she was struggling to get away and he thought she was submitting and beared down on her reallllly ticked me off! I felt so bad for Edward. She should have slapped him!

          Then she realizes she loves him too??? GAH!
          What a brat!

      • TeamSwitzerland4ever says:

        Even though its not a love triangle there is some tension between Jacob/Edward because Jacob won’t give up and Edward does actually want her to “choose” Jacob because he’s safer to her, but Bella didn’t realize that she loved Jacob until EC and she always loved Edward more anyway.

        Conclusion; I don’t think it’s a love triangle either, but I think it’s still OK to focus a bit on Jacob/Edward-“battle”. But Bella doesn’t fall in love with Jacob until EC so they should keep up with the story properly. Anyway, wasn’t it just in the end that Jacob finally admitted he’ll fight for Bella? If so, they shouldn’t make a big deal out of it in the movie.

      • I agree with you on this. Bella often tells Jacob that she isn’t in love with him. She sees him as a best friend. This is especially true in NM. Part of Jacobs frustration is that he is in love with her, but she doesn’t return the feelings.

    • I agree with you on this.

  19. SEE! Rob says they(Kristen and him) are JUST FRIENDS! XD platonic is good; because that means there is a chance for us (me!) to get in edge wise! Lol

    I like that they are making the film darker, that they will be demonizing Edward, making it so that he will be less perfect, because that was what I honestly felt while reading the book. I know the first film already kinda detracted from Edward’s “perfectness” in attempts to make him more believable, likeable, and to lower the CHEESE factor, so maybe this new “darker” Edward will be TOO dark for some fans…but I’m almost positive I will like it. It is basically just supposed to be Bella’s imagination going wild, so I think some creative license is in order. It is like what she did (in the books) with Victoria. She was envisioning her, each time, more terrifying than the last, making her hair more like fire, her eyes more cat-like, her face more snarling and monstrous. By the end of the book we envision some kind of rabid banshee, but in Eclipse, when we/Bella see her again, Bella is surprised by how seemingly normal and nonthreatening she looks. She had let her fears run away with her. I THINK that is what they will be trying to achieve here, in this film, in regards to Edward. Is it an “unnecessary diversion from the book”? No, I don’t think so.
    I love my men flawed. x

    • I disagree with you on that point. I hope that they don’t demonize Edward, because that, totally, changes the character of Edward. Edward was kind and romantic and desperately in love with Bella. That is why millions of women the world over have fallen in love with him. The demonization of Edward is completely going away from the great love story that is Twilight. If they demonize Edward then they ruin the series. I, for one, will not go see a movie in which Edward is totally demonized.

  20. Amy Darlene says:

    i wonder if the “scary” scene is the werewolf vampire dream. Bella has subconscience precognition and i really hope they keep that in the movie.
    she has the dream about Edward leaving…she dreams about werewolves….about angel face babies… I wonder if Nessie will inherit her guessing the future in dreams gift…as opposed to Alice, these are concrete truths.

  21. I kinda like how Edward is gonna appear…but I hope he’s not too dark b/c I don’t want people thinking he’s abusive or something…

  22. First of all, I was just happy to see and hear Chris, that was the biggest shocker for me. I really thought we wouldn’t hear a peep out of him until actual promos. Second, I’m happy they are making it a bit darker, which would actually help the director for Eclipse a lot.

  23. hey guys really dumb question ….dident bella dream of a scary edward in twilight and thats how she realized the next day what he really was? My twibook is gone and i cant remember, we need forums hear…

    • VamptasticalVampire says:

      yes she did… it was with mike and jacob and they told her to run. Also jacob turned into a wolf but she had no idea what that meant until new moon when she has the same dream again… But also in this dream i believe edward has fangs just because bella doesnt know what vampires are really like…

      • Thanks for the clarity! I was wondering the same thing… I remembered the dream being in Twilight. I have forgotten so much! I have got get off my arse and re-read the darn things!

        I do wonder why she had scary Edward dreams in NM though, as she wasn’t afraid of him. Was she trying to let go and turn to Jake – or what? Bear with me… My books are not in my house. I borrowed them out!

        • I don’t remember any scary dreams in NM. Does anyone else? I was confused when Rob said Bella has a scary dream sequence where Edward appears very scary to him. Am I forgetting something?

          • Me too… I’m confused! I thought perhaps it was in the parts I sped read through!

          • andrea leigh says:

            I think the dreams are like..when she is first trying to think of what Jacob “is”, and then Edward is scary because he’s about to fight Jacob’s werewolf form…and that’s when she realizes what Jacob is. Well, that’s what I think, haha I’m not sure.

          • TeamSwitzerland4ever says:

            Afte Edward leaves in NM Bella has nightmares every single night, remember? But I don’t think they were about Edward in the kind of “demon” way though, but maybe they just like to make him less perfect and also make it more like a horror movie – which is good as long as they keep focus on the real story. 🙂

          • Guys i totally see what you are saying now…In NEW MOON she had dreams and they were of edward.In new moon she was scared b/c she kept trying 2 run after ed and call to him but she could never get 2 him..I hope this is making sense thats the only dream i can think of besides the wolf dream with jacob..I dont know, i remember the fang dream w/ed as well.Good points thanx 4 all the help..

          • The dreams were not of Edward. There was just nothing. She was in the woods and it was a nightmare for her because it was like her life was nothing and would always stay like that. She even says it wouldn’t be a scary dream to anyone else, but because, for her, it was that her life would always be empty it freaked her out.

          • SECRETS? Okay, so out of the 4 secrets there was really only 2 and both of those were the same thing. 1 and 3 which both had to do with a scary visual ghost of Edward rather than just his voice. 2, we already know they ride bikes because it’s IN THE BOOK and 4 how is it a secret if they are NOT doing something, not to mention the fact that every fan already know they are not dating. It’s like, ooh I got a secret! I’m NOT going to the store. haha. The whole staff of ET need to just read the abridged version or something so they can stop talking out of their butts and know what is actually going on. NOW, about the actual secret we did learn, Why is Edward the villain?

          • sorry, that last comment was general, it wasn’t supposed to be a reply

  24. So now I’m interested about this dark dream thing. I really can’t remember if anything like that is in the book, I guess I’ll have to reread it. But I find it funny that Rob is excited for it b/c it’s dark (but that’s so like Rob to me.)

    I’m assuming it means that when Bella’s doing her dangerous stunts to hear his voice they’re not going to just do voiceovers? (like I assumed they would.)It’ll be interesting to see & now I’m curious.

    As for Jacob/Taylor riding motorcycles that’s no secret! And it’s no secret that Rob & Kristen are just friends either! (stupid tabloids.) This sneak peek was definitely better than thursdays & now I’m really curious!

  25. Rachel M. says:

    See, I don’t really know what to make of this. They’re telling us of the scary dream sequence, Edward’s “sort-of-appearance” in the middle, and all the crap about the non-existent love triangle. I have my doubts…but I’m sure I’ll still love the movie anyways.

    And actually, I could care less about all of that. I’m Team Jasper. I want to see a good birthday scene, and the part with the Porsche.

    On a happier note, I love how Taylor responds to the interview questions. “I ride and she crashes.” 🙂 I can’t wait to see his acting in this.

  26. FilDeCuivre says:

    Can’t wait to see the darker side of Edward! The movie sounds awesome even now that we haven’t seen nothing but a clip that lasts a couple of seconds in an interview! I’m happy that they aren’t going to show the movie bit by bit like what they did with Twilight. I mean, that I really liked seeing the stuff but it felt like I’d already seen the movie when I finally saw it.

  27. was anyone else watching the video on the ET link and then that travel florida or whatever thing popped up? interuppted the video?

  28. wow, from my point of view there really kinda staying true to the book. in new moon bella has a dream of edward kinda being a monster?right? and when i read new moon i always pictured edward kinda appearing as an apparation rather than a voice.
    cant wait:)

    • I’m so scared that they will ike distory th emovie version. i luv the book series, so i hop ethey stay pretty close to it. i flipped out when they said that they were going to make him “darker” and that it was sposed to be “disturbing” they better not mess this up!

    • Bella did see his face. If remember it correctly, at some point she could see his face as well as hear his voice and it was a source of comfort for her. This is why she kept doing riskier things

  29. Edward isn’t exactly “dark” at the beginning of New Moon.He was just upset with what had happened at his house on Bella’s birthday.So I hope Rob isn’t going to be “too” scary.

    I’m excited to see what Taylor is going to do with the bikes,and how Kristen crashes.


  31. Timberlynn Twilighter Cullen says:


  32. So, this new dream sequence sounds pretty awesome…and I totally loved Taylor’s line…”I’ve got mad skills.” It’s so Jacob! 🙂


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