Novel Novice Celebrates 1,000,000 Visitors

It was not even a year ago that middle school teacher Tiffany Truitt got kids who had been labeled “difficult to teach” and who were falling below educational standards to get passionate about reading. How did she do it? Twilight!

What started out as a simple middle school project and a basic blogger site bloomed into a greater revolution encouraging kids to read. They also branched out from there to encourage kids to think about civic service, voting, conflict resolution, and more. read there first couple entries it’s pretty amazing.

So stop by Novel Novice, hands down one of our favorite sites on the web, and wish them well for their next million visitors!


  1. Thanks, Lex … your support has been crucial to our success & we can’t thank you enough!

  2. From one teacher to another, “hats off” to you for getting those kids to read. That’s awesome!!

  3. Veronica says:

    I have a 10-year-old neice who has always had a hard time reading and was completely uninterested in the whole activity. After I read the series myself, I suggested that she at least try to read the first book. Reluctantly, she borrowed my copy and began reading. She called me the other day and she was over-the-moon because she just finished the first 100 pages! It was a very special moment. I deeply respect any endeaver that brings kids closer to a lifelong love of reading. There is no greater gift.

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  6. Thats amazing that Twilight can get kids to learn. I wish i could give it to my students. I had all my little sisters read it and they went crazy about them as well(just not as crazy as me, sadly).
    Twilight is a good book to get freinds who read a snail pase to fly threw. Trust me,I have a few.

  7. Nezzi Loves Lautner says:

    Thast’s amazing!! Beware the powers of Twilight!!

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