New Video of Taylor from Access Hollywood!

Get a load of Taylor Lautner working out on the set of New Moon.ย  Compliments of Access Hollywood.


  1. who’s shooting? lol

  2. ahh i cant watch it im on my phone but am definitely going to see it when i get home! andcan somebody pleaseee put the et special tonight on youtube? i cant watch it ๐Ÿ™ thank you!

  3. Nice to see he’s keeping up with his body image. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good work out Taylor!

  4. woooooooooowwww . . . that was one minute waste of my life (I skipped most of it) somehow, he seemed pompous “oh yeahh, look at me. i am so damn strong and working out” . . . whatever.

    Isn’t today thursday, isn’t there supposed to be something from ET coming out??

    • kirra1990 says:

      i dont think he was trying to show off, he just has to stay in shape because he has to finish filming this movie AND the other ones lined up since breaking dawn has been green-lighted. plus all the wolf pack works out on set. it was in the press release with the official wolf pack pic.

  5. I’ve seen this before. On YouTube there was a like 2 minute video of Taylor working out with gunshot sound effects. It was funny cause he’s working out his “guns”. Clever.

  6. Twilitex57 says:


  7. it looks like someone was on the sly and hiding to get this! Leave the cast alone.

  8. He is pumping up before the shoot he is not doing a full workout. This routine is basically to get his muscles to pop more. This is the same thing body builders do behind the stage and shows.


  9. Noureen Shallwani says:

    Awwhh, Taylor is trying soo hard! But I think he’s perfect with or without the abs! lOL, but yes FINALLY ET does have something on New Moon TODAY! I cannot wait!!!!!

  10. Why did they post this? Its just a loong vid of someone working out- nothing interesting at all… it makes no sense. Duh Taylor is working out; I thought we’d been over that already??

  11. twilight4evr says:


  12. I’m glad Taylor is so dedicated. I also need to watch ET somewhere because I can’t see it on canadian tv.

  13. jellyhead says:

    hahahah shooting and working out his guns!

  14. Geez. I thought someone was shooting my house down.

  15. BloodSuckingLeech says:

    This was really bogus, Lex, not like you to waste our time. First of all, he had his jacket on. Big Whoop. Secondly it looks like it was shot without him knowing it, so how come that is okay? And we have to sit thru an annoying Old Navy commercial?? By the way, a warning about the sudden noise would have been nice instead of making us all jump 12 feet in the air.

  16. I believe it is that same exact youtube video! What is Access Hollywood doing? Scoping the net for news?? Can’t they get an invite to the set like ET?

  17. now if only rob would get on it *sigh*

  18. Newmoonlover says:

    I thought this was kinda creepy.
    People need to leave the cast alone.

  19. Um, no offense, but I saw this like 2 weeks ago and posted it on our website.

  20. i agree with newmoonlover, this is stalker-esque

    he may be embarrassed about working out in front of others or something, but he certainly didnt want to be working out in public. if he had, he wouldnt have been doing this RIGHT NEXT TO A (maybe his) TRAILER.

    and… is is just me, or does it look like this was filmed from a higher than usual view? like, maybe a tree?

  21. Dumb Old Navy commercial. >.<
    Thirty seconds of my life…wastedd.

  22. hah, i feel creepy watching this video. i feel like i’m lurking

  23. LMAO those gun shot noises were too much. it’s funny, but dear goodness, 10 seconds later it just gets old…
    suddenly i wish i’d have those playing in the background when i went to the gym.

  24. he works out every chance he gets wherever he can because he takes his role of jacob seriously. I’m sure they had no idea of the stalker.

  25. I think this is kind of an invasion of privacy.

  26. Could you please warn us about the sudden gunshot-sounding things? the first one scared the crap outta me, and I jumped backwords, hitting my hand really hard on the metal back of the chair. Now it’s all swollen and red and painful; I can’t move it.

    So, a warning would be nice to prevent further injuries.

  27. yummy.
    but i def. felt like a stalker watching that…

  28. Uh…I couldn’t bring myself to watch for more than 5 seconds…totally stalker video:(

  29. Fascinating.

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