Henry Cavil: The Part That Got Away

MTV caught up with Henry Cavil and talks to him about how he was once what Stephenie and others invisioned as Edward.


  1. oh, he seems so nice! <3

  2. Jennifer L. says:

    Henry Cavill was perfect back then. but i think RPatts is more suitable now. Henry did great in The Tudors and so did Rob in Twilight. but still, Henry’s hot. BITE ME too. pleaaassse.

  3. I’m still hitting the reply button. My heart just stopped. I feel like Bella when she sees Edward. Oh my, Henry is the Edward for us mid-20 gals, eh.

    • And I’m hitting the wrong reply button. What a moron.

      Isa, Rob is 23. At least to me that is middle 20’s…

      • well yeah, but he looks like 17 in that movie… adn Henry looks more like a man man. Sorry (I love ROB, but Henry is the Edward that pops up in my head when I read the books).

    • Isa I completely agree with you Henry is totally Edward for us girls in there mid 20’s!

      For me I think Henry would have been a PERFECT Edward!! sorry to all you Rob Fans its just my opinion! Just as it is yours that you think Rob is perfect.

      Wish I had a time Machine and go back and make Catherine cast Henry as Edward. He just needs to shave and some make-up and he could totally pull off Edward!!

  4. I had never heard of Henry Cavill before this. Even though I agree he looks too old for a 17 year old, Rob doesn’t look 17 either.

    That said, I have looked at many photos of Cavill and I just can’t see him in the role. I’m sure he is a talented fellow, but Edward just wasn’t to be. I definitely think the right choice was made. For me, Rob has just the right mix of sexy, sinister and vulnerability. I thought his acting was fine and I think this will be more evident in New Moon because there will be a REAL director at the helm.
    Cavill does have a very nice voice though. And, he seems to be a gentleman, and that is always a plus.

    Others have mentioned Emily Browning as Bella. I will refrain from expressing my opinion of her other than I think no one else could have fit the role of Bella better than Kristen. Physically, and talent-wise. Listen to Stephenie talk about how glad she was that Kristen was at the center of the cast. Stephenie voices approval of Rob too.

    • Finally!

      I just can’t understand how so many people regret Rob playing Edward and think this guy could play him better. (I too never had heard of him and he is okay, but not a God by any means.)

      The gushing Henry comments on here just bewilder me… Especially after seeing how beautiful Rob plays Edward.

      I’m lucky I have the perfect movie Edward for me. How sad to not be satisifed with him.

      (And NO, Henry should not play Edward in Midnight Sun. That would be wrong on so many levels.)

      • If we are lucky enough for Stephenie to finish Midnight Sun, I can’t believe it would make it to the theatre. Not that I wouldn’t enjoy another shot at having Twilight being remade with a new director and new script (gasp!), but I just can’t see Summit doing this. It’s the same story. On the other hand, another chance at dropping $300 plus million into the coffers might make it a viable option.

        But, if they did consider it and did not cast Rob as Edward, I think WWIII would break out at their address. I wouldn’t mind doing my part in making that happen either.

    • I totally agree with you creamy. Especially about Kristen! She is the perfecrt Bella!!

  5. I agree, no way would it be made… but stranger things HAVE happened. Like, Star Wars prequels!

    If there is demand… and they see it as a cash cow, maybe, but I don’t see it. I’ll just be happy to read it!

    I was replying to an earlier comment that said Henry should play it. Blasphemy!

  6. I prefer Robert Pattinson anyday!He is a million times hotter!I guess I am the only TRUE ROBERT PATTINSON FAN because I would not change him for anyone!Henry Cavil is not MY perfect Edward Cullen!ROBERT PATTINSON IS!

  7. Who the hell is Henry Cavil?!Never heard of him!!!!!!ROBERT YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=]

    • He was stephenie’s first choice based on his role in the Count of Monti Cristo. He is also an actor in the Tudors. He’s the first person I saw visually as an Edward and has been the perfect Edward to me ever since.

  8. Ugh, I can’t see it coz I’m outside of the US – can you guys post a transcript please?!

  9. I saw the movie before I read the book so I didn’t really care about Edward’s casting. But when I read the book (which is 1,000 times better than the movie), I had a hard time putting a real face or person to the character.

    I always wondered who the other 4 Edward contenders who auditioned with Kristen were. Never found out. When I came across Stephenie’s suggestion of Henry Cavill, I googled the guy, and once I saw his photos, it was OMG, this guy IS Edward! Chiseled face, perfect nose, and full lips. Plus this guy has a great build…can really see Bella marveling over his muscular chest and abs.

    Too bad the film had development delays. Would have been great to see Henry in action. Then maybe I would love the movie almost as much as I loved the book.

  10. Everyone has their own look of sexy whatever let him be Eleazar he is more important the Edward and Carlisle he actually tells bella about her powers and that connection to bella will be just like if he was Edwrad he will make everyone happy that loves him enoughs aid I do feel bad for him however cause I mean yea Rob was ok but yea people are way to over board for him so yea…………..

    • NO ONE is more important than Edward, least of all Eleazar!

      That being said, Rob is Edward and thank God for that!

    • Henry as Eleazar? You cannot be serious. Have you seen this guy’s work? He’s got mad skills as an actor. More dramatic range than Rob, but that’s my opinion. Giving him the part of Eleazar is a joke. He’s leading man material. It’s a shame he couldn’t be Edward.

  11. Just let them do a complete tv series………. that will work fine or make him Jared or possibly Ian in a The Host movie…………..

    Jared is pretty much the true love Edward type of person in The Host so yea and plus The Host is so much better/ written than The Twilight Saga

  12. Some 17 year olds pass off as a lot older with triming and make up hazah Edward Cullen so that excuse is pretty lame they could have come up with something better………. this guy could probablly go places and he does some classy work let’s leave it at that.!!!!!!!!!!

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