Henry Cavil: The Part That Got Away

MTV caught up with Henry Cavil and talks to him about how he was once what Stephenie and others invisioned as Edward.


  1. I love Rob as Edward and wouldn’t have it any other way, but Henry is soooo great in the Tudors! I wish he was in Twilight in some other capacity!

    • Amie(vampwolf) says:


  2. bella_nella says:

    OMGGG!! he is my perfect edward!!! i love himm!! i wanted him to be edward! he is PERFECTT!! am in lovee!!

  3. sillygirl says:

    He is gorgeous, would have made a perfect Edward! But he is a little too old for the part, although, I think I could have seen past that.
    It’s alright, I still love Rob…

    • Amie(vampwolf) says:

      he’s always the perfect edward and he is only three years older than robert; plus robs disgusting compared to him, and henry’s acting is ten if not a hundred times better.

    • Amie(vampwolf) says:


      • The word disgusting cannot believably be used in the same sentence as “Robert Pattinson.”

        And Rob is far from ancient looking – especially in comparison to Henry.

  4. Gorgeous is an understatement – he has always been my Edward. But I do love RPattz as Edward so no complaints. Although I would love to see what Henry Cavill would do with the character – even if he is alittle to old. Very sexy.

  5. I agree a little old but I could have definitely seen past that also πŸ™‚

    • Amie(vampwolf) says:

      He is only three years and eight days older than robert pattinson. Henry is still better than rob any day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Pattsy may have the world’s panties in his pocket, but Henry here has a great voice. πŸ˜›

  7. Amy Darlene says:

    he’s Lovely!!!

  8. Coming from me it really says something, because I love RPattz, but yeah Henry could have been the perfect Edward *sigh* *drools*

  9. He’s beautiful. He would have made a wonderful, wonderful Edward.

  10. He is ADORABLE!!!!
    but Rob is hotter and better for the part.

  11. Robert is Edward…he was born for the part.

  12. Stephenie, call him!
    Summit, get a director that will cast him as Benjamin in Breaking Dawn. Thanks MTV for talking to Henry Cavil-the Edward for the earlier generation.

  13. I like that someone finally talked to him.
    It’s always better to hear what an actor has to say straight from them.
    I think he still looks pretty good.
    I agree with Dano, he should be in BD.
    How cool would that be?

  14. Henry has always been my “Edward”. Even though Rob did a great job in the movie, I always regret that Henry couldn’t be in it…

  15. o0o0o he’s dreamy! but I agree that he may look too old for the part. I don’t think he could pull off 17

  16. He would of made a really good Edward IF he were younger like he said however I think he would of made a really could Carlisle. Don’t get me wrong thou I do like Peter as him. But everyone has an opinion of who they would of wanted and really who it really matter the most to see the right people picked is Mrs. Meyer herself and if she is satisfied and happy with whom she picked then so am I!

  17. Rockin'It says:

    Wow, talk about taking a walk down memory lane! Who else remembers when Twilight was hardly even heard of? When you could say the word Twilight, and people would think you were talking about the time of day, when the idea of Twilight being a MOVIE was just a whistful fantasy, and Henry was the “face of Edward.”

    I kind of miss those day… It bothers me how much of a cash-in Twilight has become. They’ve lost that feeling of intimacy. These books were a secret world that the few of us that knew about it could slip away to. But now I feel like somebody smashed down the door to our special world, and let a whole bunch of posers and pop-culture twanabees in.

    Anybody else miss those days? Back when Twilight was so new?

    • That statment says exactly how I feel. It was amazing, secret world where you could escape to, something special. And now with all the tweens and everything it just makes it annoying.

      • Awwww… I just died a little… he’s been my Edward ever since, what was it, 2006, when Stephenie posted his picture on her website… still, when I read the books, the Edward of my imagination looks like him…

        Oh, I’m so happy right now that MTV talked to him! *drool*

        Rpattz, I love you, too! πŸ˜‰

        • and I agree, I miss the olden days when nobody had ever heard of Twilight, and when it was just the Lexicon and a few fans. That’s why I’m re-reading the books at the moment… to get back to the source, the origin of it all.

        • OME! I keep hitting the replay button just to hear his voice! I’m having serious butterflies in the stomach area… Henry, you are Edward. Always have been.

          I’m so in love right now.

          • eternitys_charm says:

            I agree with you completely on wanting to go back to how twilight use to be. Now EVERYONE “loves” twilight. its annoying. I liked it when I was the only one in my class to know twilight. *fumes*
            I was one of the first to come to the lex, pretty sure. only a couple hundred. πŸ˜›

    • i miss those days! I remember trying to make people read the books, and now i wish i hadnt. i’m starting to feel a little jealous when i see people with twilight. I don’t like sharing >_< i also remember when New Moon and Eclipse came out there was nooo midnight party. I went to B&N at 9 p.m the night New Moon came out to pick it up and only one book had been taken out of the pile. Hell, B&N even released new moon early where i lived. I was coming from the beach and a friend told me it was released a week early. I freaked out. Thought there be none left…

    • I do remember when no one else read this and hearing Henry’s voice makes my heart ache a bit that no one every hunted him down and made him play the part. He sounds absolutely beautiful. When midnight sun comes out they should use his voice on the audio books.

      • If Midnight Sun ever gets finished (hopefully soon), it should be made into a movie with Henry as Edward. That would be so awesome to see how Henry would have portrayed Edward. My friends and I would definitely see that movie 2 or 3 times more than the number of times we saw Twilight.

  18. Awww! This just breaks my little heart. I thought of Henry for the role before I ever read that Stephenie was thinking the same. My friend and I even had a running poll going two years ago, of young actors to play Edward and he was always on my list.
    I agree with Rockin’It. I miss the days when very few had heard of Twilight. A friend recommended it to me and I don’t regret listening to her. It has become such a huge cash cow, it’s almost losing it’s mystique it once held.

  19. Well said Rockin’It, I couldn’t agree more. The commercialization of all things Twilight feels so crass. I know it is inevitable when something becomes so popular and has such an ardent fan base, but it is still annoying. The Wal-Mart thing in particular kills me.

  20. Heis STILL SO DREAMY! I remember seeing his headshot on Stephs website and thinking OH YEAH BABY! Rob is wonderful though, and is still Edward to me. Sometimes, however, when I read “Twilight” Henry’s face jumpes out at me! Mmmmmm *sigh*

  21. foundmyjasper says:

    Gahhh. Will someone please youtube this for people outside of the US because MTV Canada doesn’t offer the same news?

  22. tom sturridge has been my edward at first, but henry’s pretty good too. love robert though!

  23. HowlingJuanjo says:

    He could’ve deff been Edward, but, yeah, he’s too mature for the role. Idk, I don’t think I can imagine any other actor, but Rob, to really play the part.

  24. For some reason he reminds me of jackson rathbone??

  25. oh these english guys!!!!
    they are G O R G E O U S… he might be right at the moment he would be too old for the role… oh well rob is doin a great job
    cant wait for new moon!

  26. MeyaRose says:

    He’s definitely who I thought would be best, but they’re right, he definitely doesn’t look 17 anymore… but I don’t feel too bad about it, because he has a hunky role in The Tudors…

  27. Rachel A. says:

    Henry (slightly younger version) will always be the face of Edward for me, just like Emily Browning will always be the face of Bella. Pretty much everyone that Stephenie chose (before the movie was in the works) was perfect.

    • I agree. Emily Browning is ALMOST exactly how I imagined Bella and Henry (sigh) is ALMOST exactly how I imagined Edward. He’s perfect, and he’s an amazing actor. He is and will always be *my* Edward. Don’t get me wrong, ROB IS AMAZING and he’s good as Edward and he’s gorgeous but Henry is the PERFECT one for me.

      And besides, if he was cast as Edward. He could have pulled off a younger face. make up does wonders, evening out his face and all. But oh well. It makes me said, hearing about this. He would have been great, and now him being interviewed about twilight. It’s soooooo sad. Almost tragic. BUT someone said it, and YES he would have made a PERFECT Carlisle too.

  28. My God, he is pretty. **SIGH** So diplomatic too. Very sweet.

    Still love my Robert, however.

  29. Well Henry is the cat’s meow!!!! But so is Rob!!!! I will be available if anyone wants to take me out to dinner! I like fish’n’ chips!!! Those men are worth the plane ticket alone YUM!!!!!

  30. Are we all Jacob fans here or what??? Am I the only one who thinks Rob is better looking? I like Rob’s voice better too.

    However, there is a strong resemblance between him and Rob when Henry is talking and looking animated. If Steph did not get her #1, Rob was the next perfect option. I wonder what Steph thinks now though…

    • No, at least I am not (Edward like there is no tomorrow. Taylor whatshisface can pump up all he wants) . Rob is perfect in his own way, it’s true he is. But Henry Cavill is incomparable, he is Edward to me. Sure, him and Rob are both gorgeous equally but it really depends AT LEAST for me who looks like Edward the most, and for the longest time Henry was what I saw in my head, and still do when I thought of “twilight movie Edward” or just Edward. and HE is still Edward to me, except now I think of Rob when I think of “twilight movie Edward’ or “edward”. haha, hope that made sense.

      • Maybe it was power of suggestion by Steph put that face in everyone’s head by putting pic’s on her site? Just… maybe???

        I myself never saw the pictures on Steph’s site. I started reading and then saw the movie promo pic’s and was like, that’s my Edward!!! So to me, there is no other Edward than Rob!

        If Henry got the part we would never know about Rob like we do! I shudder at that…

        • well, stephenie had several choices but Henry was supposedly her favourite. I looked at some of his pictures, and I noticed he’s identical to the edward in my head and I really liked him.

          The whole thing just makes sad, just hearing from Henry now is nostalgic and I want him to have all the attention he deserves. Robert, It would make me sad too to not see him as Edward because he deserves all the attention and love he’s gotten and he does Edward pretty good, too. I love both Rob and Henry, Henry just happens to fit exactly right. Rob does too, just in his own way. I love him for that.

          But if Henry were to play Edward . . then the whole cast would be different (as in kristen and taylor) and that just makes me happy to think about. I do regret that he never got to play Edward, but Rob plays him now and well that’s fine too. It doesn’t make a difference on me either way.

          ROB IS AMAZING SO DON’T WORRY!!!! no one wants him replaced or anything. at least I don’t, but it is said when you think of what could have been

          • I do wonder what a diff Bella would be like, but I watched it again the other night and am pretty used to Kristen… BUT, a diff Jacob would have been nice…

            Maybe he wasn’t in the ‘hot abs’ pic because those guys would dwarf him, er, except for that puny one on the right?

          • I really do like Kristen as a person. She seems really nice, however I do not think she was right for the part of Bella. She seems to be a good actress but in twilight she was really really bad.

            Taylor . . . hahaha, you got that right. He looks like boy which he is, if he were to be in the same picture as them. Man are they all hot or what . . . hmm, you mean the guy that plays Embry? he seems fine to me, but yes you’re right he’s not as bulked as the rest and that’s simply fine with me.

          • Yes, Twilight was painful in some parts (hospital scene to mention one) but it gets less so the more I watch it! I guess I sort of brace myself? lol

            I have such high hopes for NM. I really want to see if the acting improves.

            As for the pack, I am in the vamp camp here. They do nothing for me, but are better than Taylor.

  31. Stephenie was right. Henry Cavill is the perfect Edward. He’s just mesmerizing. Rob did a good job as Edward, but whenever he tries to be scary in the movie, it’s so awkward, it makes me giggle.

  32. Devon061381 says:

    Oh man…I love Rob…

    But Henry Cavil is effing fantastically gorgeous. Wow if he was just a teensy bit younger….

    I wasn’t aware he played in the Tudors.


  33. Wow, he’s gorgeous. I especially love his voice–it’s how I imagined Edward’s.

    I bet he’d make a good Jared or Ian in The Host, the movie.

    • There ya go!!! But which one…

      I hope they make it into a movie! Is there any buzz on that?

      • YES! he would make a PERFECT Ian. Since Ian is lovable, handsome, loving, caring . . . Jared, he would make a good Jared. but I’d say Ian.

  34. eternitys_charm says:

    I always get chills when I see Henry. He’s so gorgeous, he would have made the PERFECT edward, who cares about the age the man has it all! :]]
    love you henry cavill!!!

    (sorry robert, i’ve been obsessed with henry since his first movie!!)

  35. He’s hot, but does he look like a 17 year-old? I think Rob is perfect as Edward and at least he can pass for a high school student.

  36. Brittney says:

    He is still my perfect Edward!

  37. I’m unable to watch the damn video! It says that it’s not accessible to viewers in my region.I hate Canada.

    I had always pictured Henry Cavill for Edward’s role.I always start screaming whenever I hear his name.To be honest,I think Henry would’ve been better than Rob(I don’t mean to offend any Rob-obsessed).Love him.

  38. Drool, I could listen to him talk all day long.

  39. Cavill is very handsome. That being said….ROBERT PATTINSON IS THE PERFECT EDWARD. That part was made for him and would not be the same without him. LOVE YOU ROBERT πŸ™‚

    • You’re sooo right! Henry is gorgeous and his voice is very sexy – but still Robert is way better in all departments… matter of taste I suppose.

      However, I think I am going to have track down some Tudors (not sure if it is possible here is South Africa)

  40. Robert Pattinson is still my favorite and always will be! I think he is perfect for the part and nobody else would have made it as good as him! Plus i think hes really cute! So I’m very happy he got the part! πŸ™‚

  41. Julie M. says:

    I Can’t imagine anyone but Rob playing Edward. When I watched this, I was thinking that I could see a resemblance between these two. Interesting. Rob all the way for me though.

  42. JACKIEEEEEE! says:

    robert is still the perfect edward
    henry has the face of someone like james
    he looks WAYYY too old to be playing the part of a 17 year old.
    his voice is really dreamy though

    and for those who still don’t like rob.
    get over it. the movie’s been made he’s signed on for the next two there’s nothing you can do about it.

  43. Stephenie said she loves Robert as Edward! When she was asked about him playing Edward she said in her mine that is how she pictured Edward. She is pleased with Robert! More then one person can play a role! Robert is Edward and Stephenie is pleased.

    • Amen to that!!! She may have had Henry in mind first, but when she saw Rob as Edward she was sold.

      I just see no point in articles like this. It is over and done. Are we going to keep hearing about the ones that ‘got away?’

      Sorry Henry, really, but get over it!

      • Bridget Katherine says:

        I really don’t think there’s any “getting over it” on this one…he’s obviously not upset and he’s got pretty good jobs, I’d say.

        • Yeah, I don’t think so. No way would any guy NOT regret being picked for Edward.

          • Regret? That’s funny! I must remember not to do any replies first thing in the morning.

            II’m sorry. I meant I have a hard time believing Henry doesn’t wish he got the part.

          • God. I have got to get off of this thread…

            But before I do, Isa, Rob’s 23…

          • Er, I mean, Isa, Rob is 23…

  44. OMG this guy is HOT!!! Yum!!! Too bad, I wish he was part of the Volturi at least!!! I like Rob too though.

  45. I ADORE Henry Cavill. I mean, sure, I Rob’s adorable and pretty and whatever, but Cavill is just…a man’s man. I love him, and he’s such an extraordinary actor, I simply adore him. He’s so much better in The Tudors, anyways…and he’s doing really good, interesting movies, instead of being permanently attached to a teenage phenomenon, the way Rob is.

    And people telling Henry to get over it? Really? There’s OBVIOUSLY no love lost. Learn how to interpret sarcasm.

    • I’m sorry but I’m tired of hearing about him. Do not even try to say he doesn’t regret being Edward. Rob is huge because of this movie!

      • And believe me Rachel, I am an expert at sarcasm.

        I also like a bit of humbleness, and this guy thinks when he was younger he would have been perfect? Rob still has trouble with playing the perfect man role.

  46. personally, my edward is Gaspard ulliel, Im not a huge fan of rob, but this guy is good.

  47. WOW! he has suc a great voice! πŸ™‚

  48. oops sorry! – i meant he has uch a great voice!

  49. anyone have a youtube link? mtv.com should open it up for the canadians…argh!
    and I think his last name has two L’s. it’s cavill

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