ET’s Latest New Moon Exclusive Clip

If you live on the East coast in less than 24 hrs you will be watching the Exclusive until then here is the latest clip from ET.  I don’t know about anyone else but I know where I’ll be tomorrow, glued to my TV!!!


  1. FilDeCuivre says:

    Oh my God! That was unbelievably amazing! I loved to see some JAcob/Bella stuff, even for two seconds!

  2. Zookie Monster says:

    That clip of Taylor talking to Kristen made me feel like turning into a Jacob/Bella person!! Cannot wait!

  3. clarissa says:

    i don’t know if it’s just me, but i live in san francisco and ET always shows their 7:30 pm show at 2:30 pm ahead of time, the same exact episode. i have no idea why. but they just showed all the clips and scenes… and it’s only 3:10pm here. i guess i can watch it again at 7 if i want to?

  4. jazmin(: says:

    scoree! because of this reminder, i programed it on my dvr and so now i won’t miss it!!
    cannot wait.
    ahh, it’s just like last year but completely different.

  5. as much as I love taylor to bits, wasn’t too sure if I would class that little bit of “you like me, right?” as high quality acting… but maybe im just overly critical…:-s

  6. I need to watch it! Will they post the video immediately? I just screamed and turned myself deaf when I heard Taylor say “I’m not gonna give up.”.Can the Lex put the video here? Please?

  7. Am I the only one who was frustrated / disapointed by this “special” tonight? Sure, there was some new footage – but it was mostly reused clips from Twilight and tiny peeks at new interviews. For all of the hype, they hardly showed anything new that was of substance.

    I’m sure that in a week or so when they’ve run it all in 2-minute segments, it’ll be great to watch as a whole online – but what they showed tonight gave me no reason to rush home again to see what they show tomorrow. I’ll hold out for the online version.

  8. I agree…it was disappointing. really random snippets of interviews..and all were pretty useless. and they like said tomorrow they are gonna talk about the rumours about a romance b/w Rob and Kristen! HOW OLD IS THAT RUMOUR? WE KNOW there’s nothing b/w them. COME ON! i thought they were gonna have at least 5 mins of actual interviewing..not..this!
    there was VERY LITTLE new footage! they just kept showing random images of Robert..

  9. So I am totally stokeddd! New Moon was my favorite book EVERRR.

    I was at walmart at seven and had a cow so I could get home in time to see it.

    I love Jacobbb 😀

  10. i luv jacob he is so darn sexy

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