ET’s Latest New Moon Exclusive Clip

If you live on the East coast in less than 24 hrs you will be watching the Exclusive until then here is the latest clip from ET.  I don’t know about anyone else but I know where I’ll be tomorrow, glued to my TV!!!


  1. omgomgomg. i can NOT wait.

  2. haha! i’m sooooo excited! :o)! My hubby and I were out grocery shopping around 6:30, and I freaked out, told him we needed to be home by 7.

    Then he reminded me that it’s only Wednesday! haha! (I’ve got my DVR set, but I wanted to watch it “live.”)

    Blonde moment!

  3. AHHHHHHHH! I am so pumped!

  4. i can’t believe we’re in new moon already!! weren’t we all just freaking out about twilight last week or something? surreal.
    anyway, ooooooomg THIS LOOKS SO GOOD!!! I CAN’T WAIT O.O

  5. IM GOING TO GO SCREAM FOR TEN MINUTES! Then watch it again!

  6. OMg i just screamed so loud everyone near jumped.
    “Tell me something.You like me right… I’m not going to give up”
    Taylor I love you. I have excactly 24hrs left central time.

  7. raybanlover says:

    ohmyword. this freaked me out! i thought it was tonight! i thought i missed it!

  8. raybanlover says:

    ACK. i cant wait.

  9. hyperventilating over here!!!!! ahhh im so excited for new moon!

  10. Can’t wait to see it 🙂

  11. taylor may be awesome enough to make me love jacob

  12. When it says starting tomorrow does that mean there is gonna be more than one?????

  13. Wow, some major chillaxing needs to happen.

  14. PLEASE!! PLEASE!! Have it up on Friday so that I can see it!!!! I have to work and dont have dvr… I’m going to cry if you guys dont put up to view… the whole thing!!!

  15. what channel is this on dishnetwork

  16. OMG Taylor just melted my heart!!! “I’m not gonna give up”…OMFreakinG!!!! I was like *fan girl scream*!!!!! I got goosebumps lol!!!!

  17. AHHHHHHHH!!!!! I am soooo pumped. That seriouly puts me on an adrenaline!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It seems like just a few weeks ago we were watching ET Twilight footage just like this

    Rob looks sooo sexyy!!!

  18. switzgal says:

    I know right!!! That part where he says “I’m not gonna give up.” OMJB, it’s so heart breaking!! He’s sooooooo JACOB!!! Taylor is gonna be great. He’s read the books and he’s so into Jacob’s character, even when he’s just being interviewed!!


  19. Is it just me, or is Taylor’s “I am not going to give up” looked like bad acting. blegghhhhh . . . they should have replaced the kid when they had the chance. On a more positive note, Rob and Kristen both look amazing.

  20. They’re going to kill me with this clips. My first thought is “Is it thursday yet?”; My second: “Is it November yet?!”

  21. ahaha taylor looks sooo good i knew he could do it

  22. SethisMINE says:

    I CAN’T WAIT!!! YAY!!! I’m recording it!!! 😀
    I love Taylor!!! 😀
    *screams and runs around like crazy*

  23. misslelie says:

    It actually is incredibly scary how excited i am!!!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!<3 I get to watch it at 5:20 cuz I have Vancouver times on my tv!!!!!!!!Yayayayayayaayay!!!!! Soooooo excited!!!*********************************************************Screams at top of lungs**********************************************************

  24. It keeps pausing when they show Edward’s eyes at the beginning!

  25. I wish it was November already…I have never been so eager for a movie in my life…. I love to love these guys(Robert and Taylor)

  26. So I have a ton of stuff to do this year with going back to school ect so is it wrong every time I see a clip I wish to god it was November already and my mind completly forgets about all the work on my house and college, work ect and i just get tunnel vision????? and ya I never cared for Jacob but Taylor might encourage me to give him some sympathy.

  27. I definitely already have my DVR set for tomorrow. I’m so excited because i never get to watch these things live! I totally teared up when Jacob says his line “Well, i’m not going to give up.” I can not believe they are going to put that in! I really feared that they were going to screw up the Jacob and Bella relationship, but my mind is put to rest. I also love when Kristen says, “She’s not holding out for the better option, but the best,” or something like it.

    I can’t wait. And are they really having clips all throughout the weekend?

  28. ~TwilightGIRL~ says:

    WHYYYYYY!!!! We JUST got freaking cable and don’t have ET! When I asked my mom and she said no I practicaly screamed NO!!!!!!!!!!!! Will someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post it on like youtube or something PLEASE?!?!?!?!?! I’m DESPRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REply to this comment if you will!!!!!!!! HELP PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!
    ~twilight GIRL~
    p.s PLEAE HELP!

  29. Does anyone know the title of the song used in this? The one with the haunting vocals? It was also used in one of the twilight trailers and I’ve been dying to get my hands on it.
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  30. Lol! 🙂 They make it so dramatic…it makes me laugh.

  31. lulu quevedo says:

    I have a pretty BIG problem, I dont live in teh States. I’m from south america, so we dont get ET coverage. If you can PLEASE PLEASE (Im reeally begging you) post his on the lexicon?? that will be the only way I get to watch it and be happy.
    I love twilight saga the movie and the books, and I totally love this site, is acurate is awsome is really the best!!

  32. Does anyone know what time it will be on??
    Denver Time??

  33. Wow… 🙂

  34. shortstuff says:

    OMG, im so freaking EXCITED, its not even funny!

    i am ECSTATIC they’re keeping that scene in the movie… its one of my all time favorite scenes!! “i’m not gunna give up..” i played that part over and over.. i’m rediculous!

    the only sucky thing is I HAVE WORK TOMORROW! :'(
    i have to wait till i get home and pray that its online…

  35. Oh My Lord , I’ve Been Waiting For Soo Long To Catch Some Actual Coverage ! Taylor Is Definitely The Right Guy For This , I Love It ! 😀

  36. HowlingJuanjo says:

    Can’t freakin wait!

  37. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!! i just ran to my DVR adnd made sure it was going to record cuzi have water polo practice till 7 so it being recorded. i thought i ws going to die.

  38. DVR is set. Prayer to the DVR gods made, can’t wait for tomorrow night.

  39. k so is e news the show ET? im totally confused cus i dont normally watch ET so im tryin to figure out what time its on and everything. i mean, obviously its on the tv channel E!, im just tryin to figure out what time…

  40. OMJB! That little fraction of a scene made my heart skip =) Taylor is adorable and his voice…okay I’m getting ahead of myself here lol.

    But I won’t be around to watch it!! Noo. If anybody can have this put up on youtube tomorrow I swear you’ll be my bestfriend for absolutely ever and ever!

  41. Lisi Lobita says:

    Im so not going to my night class so i can watch it. Who needs education when you have “TAYLOR” hahaha

  42. Someone had better post it on youtube…
    Or I will be sad 🙁

  43. please, please, PLEASE can someone upload this for those not in the US? UK twilighters only get the stuff thats put online!

  44. “I’m ignoring the better option, and holding out for the best.” [Enter giant fan girl SQUEE here]. I knew I always liked Kristen!(Team Edward all the way, holla!) <–I can’t believe I actually just used the word “holla” but moving on… I cannot WAIT to watch this tonight, and I cannot WAIT for the movie to come out! November, seriously, you need to get here faster.

  45. Hey do you guys know if ET is available on free-to-air tv? I’m new to the U.S. and have NO idea how to find the program on the 70 channels I have!! Back in Australia, we only have about 6 free channels!! I don’t wanna miss it 🙁

    • Lisi Lobita says:

      go to and then to tv listing and enter your zip code and the list should come up an just look for entertainment tonight show. =)


  47. I’m just praying that someone will get this on youtube…its soo unfair for all of us that live overseas to see this kind of stuff and not being able to see it on TV!! =[

    Please someone think of us and upload it !!!
    *bats pretty eyelashes*

    AC (France)

  48. ET is not a channel, its a tv show (seems some are confusing it with E!TV thats a cable dedicated channel to all things entertainment).
    ET airs on NBC, so you need to find that station on your cable box, or however you watch tv. For me (i’m in New Orleans) its cox cable channel 7. IDK about Dish Network. If your’re not familiar with NBC, it airs shows like Days of Our Lives, The Office and Saturday Night Live.
    Now for the time, its 6:30 CST where I live. If you’re on the east coast, thats 1 hr ahead (7:30)
    If you’re on the west coast, I believe thats 2 hrs behind me, making it 4:30. Though it may air at a different time, different markets have different air times, so its best to check YOUR local listing to find the correct time.
    As for me, I have the timer set to switch if I’m watching something else. Good thing DS has karate tonight and I can watch the show in peace (er gawk and salivate) w/out the hubster.

  49. I must say my inner fangirl is feeling just a tad bit excited. I also need to comment on how much better Taylor’s long hair looks! I’m so glad that crappy wig they used in Twilight is not making a return.


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