David Slade To Direct Eclipse?

Nikki Finke, noted Hollywood insider who gets the story right far more often than wrong, has a source stating that David Slade of Hard Candy, 30 Days Of Night fame is being looked at to direct Eclipse. Nikki previously broke the news of Juan Antonio Bayora being in the running, which lead to a series of online verbal volleys between her and Summit executive Eric Feig.

According to Nikki:

I understand he’s met with author Stephenie Meyer and Summit prez of production Erik Feig. But let me be clear: there’s no deal yet.”


  1. what is this a new director for each film?

  2. I think it’s because when they start working on Eclipse, New Moon may still be in production and so Chris will still be busy!

  3. It’s like the HP series…they want to get stuff out so fast that the turnaround time is too much for one director. Although….I’d be happy if they asked Catherine again!



  6. From what I understand Nikki Finke is just a news site David Slade is the one who is rumored to be thought of for Eclipse director. But still he better have read the books.

  7. I hate rumors. I SERIOUSLY hope this isn’t true. I might cry if it is. I have been a vampire lover since I was a kid, and he did the WORST vampire movie of all time. Edward will probably vomit blood into Jacob’s face while screaming. Eclipse is my very favorite book. I will be so upset!!!!

    • I actually think this is a pretty good choice. His vamps were pretty animalist for sure, but if you look at the directing and the gritty look of the film- pretty good in my opinion. The vamps might not have been to your taste, but I encourage you to look at the style of the film.

  8. Well, he directed Muse music videos. So you know Stephanie will approve…

    I WOULD MUCH RATHER HAVE JUAN ANTONIO BAYORA direct Eclipse. PLEASE. Please Juan..fight for it..please.

  10. David Slade would definitely be an edgy choice. 30 Days of Night was a pretty good horror flick. The gritty style of the film would be an awesome lense to see the action-packed Eclipse through. I’d be stoked. 🙂

  11. StinaCullen says:

    I LOVE David Slade!!!! I would be completely happy with that choice!!! 30 Days of Night was an amazing movie!!! I wouldn’t mind for Catherine to come back tho…As long as it’s NOT Drew Barrymore….. Ugh!

  12. WOW!!!!!!This is great,,,We need some blood and guts for eclipse…..I enjoyed 30s day of night they made the vamps look scary i wanted 2 run from my seat..I think its about time to amp up the twilight series especially for eclipse.I cant wait for edward to actually look scary instead of handsome ROB P. is gonna have fun for this one…..

  13. We want to see Edward rip his enemies apart like Hugh Jackman in Wolverine!!!!!!
    HHHAAAA!!!! And Bust out of that Grey Peacoat with a mission!!!!! YEAH!!!!!

  14. The Cullen vamps aren’t suppose to be scary. That is the whole point of being vegetarians. Trying not to be monsters. They want to be as human as possible. These are not blood and guts stories. Except for a little twinge here or there, you aren’t suppose to be scared by these characters.

    I don’t know anything about this guy so I can’t comment. Except, if there is a God, please, please not Catherine Hardwicke again. I can’t decide which would be my worst nightmare, Catherine or Drew.

    Listen to Catherine’s commentary on Twilight. She focuses on the most ridiculous, inane things. Anyone else. Anyone else. Anyone else.

    • In this book they have to bring out the vampy smack down!!!!!! Live A little!!!! I do understand where you are coming from but it has to have a little juice to it. It is a vampire flick!!!

      • On the smack down are you talking about the battle with the newborns? Or when Edward rips the head off Victoria? Yeah, that could be blood and guts. But, I see both of those as defensive acts to protect Bella. So, though they are part of the story, they aren’t THE story.

        Star-crossed romance and never giving up on love is how I see it. I sort of thought that was how Stephenie saw it too. That’s why she didn’t write a bloody showdown at the end of Breaking Dawn.

        I guess we will find out.

    • I completely agree with you on Catherine Hardwick- but not about the Cullen’s not “supposed” to be scary.

      It’s a point that Meyer reinterates pretty often through her vampire characters- they blend through appearance, but they are very dangerous & SCARY due to what they are created to do/capable of doing. They just fight it. Just because they’re “trying not to”- doesn’t mean that they aren’t.

      • I see what you mean, they are still dangerous, I just remember hearing that from Edward more than anyone else. He was trying to warn Bella. I realize he almost lost control in the meadow, but he didn’t. I guess I was thinking they make such an effort, all of them, that compared to vampires that hunt people they don’t seem as dangerous. I just have a problem seeing Carlisle as dangerous. Of course we know that Jasper is borderline out of control all the time.

    • I agree. Catherine was terrible. She focused on ridiculous things, not important details like showing the love story. She wanted to focus on trivial things that no one cares about. Who cares what film is playing in the background in the hotel when Alice has a vision, or that she hung things on the wall? I personally would have liked to see Edward and Bella fall in love, not trying to look for armadillos put in the background because she is from Texas. She made me crazy!! I do feel like Chris Weitz is going to really pull through for us.
      Is it a definate that Paul Weitz is committed to another project?

  15. Oh yeah, let’s just make Eclipse a big old gore fest! Forget about the tent scene, the proposal, the back stories, when Jake kisses Bella and she punches him…..as long as it is gory at the end! 🙁 30 Days of Night was wretched. Actually, is was a pretty kick ass ZOMBIE movie….I like my vampires a little more dignified. His vamps were zombies.

  16. I would love the end to be scary! But, I think it would be best to get a director that can do both love and gore.

  17. I think New Moon will be the best. I have faith in Chris Weitz. Too bad he can’t do the others. I didn’t like what Catherine did with Twilight all that much. It did ruin it for me a little bit. As for David Slade – I hated Hard Candy. I saw 30 Days Of Night with my brother Robert, that was okay. Josh Hartnett made it better though! 😛

  18. Oh I am completely with you Cheryl all the way!

    I loved what Chris did with The Golden Compass, and I think he’s going to do a really great job on New Moon. I didn’t like Cahtrine’s work too much, which is a shame cause I liked her other movies, but this one, the tense moments were aaaaall wrong.

    I’m not familiar with Slade or Bayora but from what everyone is saying Slade would probably make the same mistakes Cathrine did.

  19. Ok I know im gonna get slammed but come on guys there is no way Catherine should in any way be involved with eclipse. To me she butchered twilight. Now throw in the action and special affects of the newborns? omfg. Forget about it. Keep her away from that movie!!

    • chris: I’m not slamming, I am yelling YES! You said what I meant to say.

      I am laying a sacrifice at the temple of Summit with this request: Keep Catherine busy with whatever inconsequential projects you aren’t interested in. Just keep her away from any of the Twilight movies.

  20. David Slade??? geeezzzz, as someone else said somewhere, “the guy couldn’t direct traffic”. If this is the quality of director Summit is looking as, especially after one the calibre of Weitz, then I’m going to Volterra and asking a favor of the Volturi….

  21. laughing my ****ing *** at Luthien, that was hilarious! And I totally agree. I’m hoping more then anything that the transformation for the wolves is reasonable and as realistic as it could be. In the movie Blood and Chocolate, that director made a good transformation for their shapeshifters as apposed to the werewolf in Harry Potter, which ever movie that was in. I just remember it was a hideous-looking half man half beast. I don’t want the sexy pack to turn out like THAT! And a hardcore-gory director is what they want for Eclipse thats far-fetched. Eclipse is about “choosing love”, directly quoted from Mrs. Stephenie herself, so no, it shouldnt be themed around scary vampires and blood and guts.

  22. Anyone but Hardwicke, she made it a big crap, twilight needs some blockbuster action in it, not just a typical indie movie, with all the dissing twilight seems to be getting at the moment it would be hella good to show people that Twilight can be a blockbuster, as long as they don’t cut out the main story for eclipse, as it is my favourite book of all time, not only the series. But yes, it would be good to get the newborn action, the training ( really looking forward to that) and the final showdown between victoria and Edward.

    But I’m still hoping they keep the love story, the scene where bella tries to get Edward to make love with her, the tent scene and Jacob and bella’s kiss.

    It would just be nice aswell to get some decent action, after the poor fight in the first, I am really looking forward to new moon, I love chris weitz work on the golden compass and about a boy!

  23. I can’t comment to much on this guy since i’ve only seen the last half of 30 days of night. and when i first saw it i thought it was zombies till they started attacking people.
    I realy don’t want them replacing directors every time.
    Untill New Moon comes out we will not know if chris needs to be replcaed or if someone else is the problem.

  24. I think Sophia Coppola would do a good job. Catherine should have taken better care of the scenes they cut out of the movie and not added things that were not even in the book. I’m sure she is a nice person,but the relationship between Edward and Bella in the movie seemed really rushed to me. If they hadn’t added extra things( field trip, bad vamps killing at the mill, the scene at the police station,Charlie’s friend being killed to name a few) they could have probably added the Blood typing in Biology, Edward leaving with Alice at lunch before he spent the day with Bella. Also, Bella arrived in January not March. I will stop venting now sorry, I really am looking forward to New Moon. ; )

  25. I’m really pleased with what Chris Weitz has done so far. I admire his direction in “About a Boy” and while “The Golden Compass” is not my kind of film, I cannot ignore the suberb vision, cinematography, and special effects he used by demonstrating his creativeness and ability to execute a movie well.

    Catherine was not my favorite for Twilight. I respect her feminine touch, devotion to the series, and bright enthusiasm, but ultimately it was her ability as a director which lacked in the areas, that unfortunately, were integral to a good Twilight film. She set the franchise up to succeed, however, and for that I am grateful. She also provided the public with very talented, fresh actors who will continue to pursue their gifts in a heightened fashion largely in part to their association with the success Twilight. I’m relieved to see someone take on New Moon though, as Twilight was nowhere near what it could have been.

    As for Eclipse and beyond…Juan Antonio Bayona still is top candidate in my book. If Summit is smart, they’ll secure someone with a firm and impressive body of work like Bayona, and not take any more gambles on lesser-known, indie, or usually low budget directors.

  26. Also, I think that New Moon will be much better than Twilight was, largely due to Chris Weitz’s experience, budget, loyalty, integrity, and conceptual talent. If all goes well, I’m sure we’ll soon be mourning the fact that he won’t be helming Eclipse and beyond.

    But heck, Summit! Fans are more than willing to wait for a GOOD rendition of their beloved Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. As “fickle” as fans may seem, -Twilight- fans are quite different and everyone has yet to realize that. Summit is on a financial high right now, trying to ride the hype and popularity of Twilight as long as possible, which means throwing out the sequels as fast as possible before the current craze dies down. Newsflash, Summit. Twilight’s game isn’t going away. Slow down. Take a breath. The fans want to see sequels which are all equally well done, with THOUGHT and CONTINUITY. Thought is acquired through time. Continuity though leaders with the same vision, or at least similar visions.

    I discount Catherine in the contuinuity department, because I believe that New Moon should be as different from the approach of Twilight as possible, and Chris Weitz should in a sense, “start over”. Catherine’s Twilight should not be considered the model or prototype for the rest of the sequels. STEPHENIE’S BOOKS SHOULD. And what better way to do that then to involve the author herself as much as possible?

    Starting from New Moon, the movies should all follow the same vein.

  27. Ah, sorry if this turning into a rant! But I’m a little irked that while Summit it preoccupied with finding new directors for the sequel, WHY the hell aren’t they even considering switching screenwriters? Even Marlon Brando couldn’t make Melissa Rosenberg’s script believable. So much of what Twilight is about, the feeling, the passion, the tenderness, the playful banter between Bella and Edward, the essence of it was critically lost in her screenplay (which I have read).

    I don’t think she was necessarily a fan of the Twilight books, but it was a job and she kind of fell into it. The most famous quotes did not make the movie at all, and the most imortant scene in all of Twilight — the medown scene — the one that started it all…the one that everyone anticipated the most…it wasn’t even there! Oh, excuse me. I retract that. I blinked and missed it, because there was NO DIALOGUE and it lasted all of 30 seconds. Instead we get two whole scenes of forest tension and made up lines that Edward and Bella would never, ever say:

    “Say it. Out loud. Say it.”

    “Oh, I thought you hated me when we met.”
    “I did. For making me want you so badly.”

    Ah!!! With all of the talented script writers out there…it goes to reason that Summit can now select someone for better than that! Stephenie’s beautiful words deserve to be kept intact and modified tastefully. The sequels should be decidely sophisticated and for audiences of all ages and genders, not just teenager flicks with “omigosh”s and choppy transitions. Melissa Rosenberg has already written Eclipse, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Summit has to use it! New screenwriter for Eclipse! Anyone with me…?

    • “The sequels should be decidely sophisticated and for audiences of all ages and genders, not just teenager flicks with “omigosh”s and choppy transitions. Melissa Rosenberg has already written Eclipse, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Summit has to use it! New screenwriter for Eclipse! Anyone with me…?”

      I think you hit it right on, Leah B., when you said this. Summit is obviously aiming the movies at a teenage audience, which, I admit, is probably the majority of the fanbase right now. HOWEVER, in their own narrow-minded and short-sighted fashion, they are not considering the HUGE number of adult fans that both the books and the Twilight movie have, and were they to have a more sophisticated and complex script (uh, somewhat like the books, get it?), they would only increase the size of their audience worldwide. If you only aim at teens, that’s what you will get: teen fans. This is a serious disservice, imho, to Stephenie Meyer as well as all the actors who are probably a lot better than the material they’ve been given. Okay. End of rant. (Luthien goes away mumbling, “Stupid, dull script writers!”)

    • Leah, I am with you front and center. As I type, we now know David Slade will get his shot with Eclipse. Sigh. I will try to be positive. With MR in the writing seat, it is very, very difficult. Maybe Luthien and I can sit together on the way to Italy.

  28. Oops, I called it the “medown scene”! I think we all know what I meant 🙂

  29. ok.. I read a few comments, not all. I think it’s ridiculous how some don’t want this guy to direct because his version of vampires are monsters and too violent.I loved 30 days of night! not all vampires are like the cullens. Besides, people have their own interpretation of vampires. Not all live in Pennsylvania, wear gothic clothing, and drink blood out of a goblet.

    It’s also puzzling how many twilight fans think catherine butchered Twilight. I know a lot of people who never heard of twilight before went out to see it and loved it. They’ve all went out to read all four books because their love for Twilight started with the movie.

  30. papermoon says:

    no. crap. i loathed 30 days of night. visually, it wasn’t bad, i guess, except the ending. David Slade is not a bad music video director, but i don’t know if he can pull off eclipse. he’s better than drew, though.

    i’d still much rather have Bayora. of all the rumored directors, he’s the only one that i was really excited about.

  31. Maddie Cullen says:

    i thought 30 days of night kinda… of… umm… well… sucked for lack of a better word haha im sorry but i guess he might be… o.k.?

  32. HI this is for creamy,angel,lucy,tracey Love all the comments that you all made.LUCY-I agree w/your vampire comment good job.CREAMY i just meant that ed should go all vampy out when he has to protect bella from victoria and riley.Also if they decide to show the cullens fighting w/the newborns than they should let their vampy side out.After all in the book they do shred all the newborns apart w/the help of the wolves..ANGEL-_you are right david would protray the animalistic side of the cullens well.I thougt twilight movie was good it was just a diff.take on it.Honestly when bella was confronted w/ the nomads and poor rob made that scary face to protect her it wasnt scary im sorry it made me laugh.(i thimk rob is a very talented actor)I just dont think he has a scary bone in his body but we love him any way.I think david would do eclipse justice at least w/the fight scene and he might help the actors reach more of there animalistic side. Tracey-i dont want the whole movie to be all bloody,the story is about love frienship revenge and bravery and i would not want to change that.They just cant downplay the fight scene.

    • I agree when they are fighting they need to be bad vampires. I have thought several times about Carlisle in the newborn battle. I am sure Stephenie would have had him fighting, it’s just hard to picture. He is such a pacifist. If you remember when Edward faced Victoria, he also ripped off Riley’s arm. And after throwing that at Victoria, he chased her down and ripped her head off with his teeth! All this with no injuries to himself or without tearing his clothes! Quite an accomplishment. I think beheading a creature, even a bad vampire is serious stuff. I think if that was shown the way it was written, that would be scary enough. How cool to be so powerful you can do all that and stay clean.

      As for the snarl at the bad nomads in the baseball scene, you are right, not scary. No one on either side of that confrontation carried that off. I know Catherine went on and on about Nikki and Rachelle really getting into it, but it wasn’t convincing.

      However, I did think Rob nailed the scary vampire look when he got out of the car in Port Angeles. He was snarling at those guys. He really, really looked like a bad vampire there. Sorry, one more example: in the forest with Bella, at the scene where she says the word vampire, as he is slowly walking up behind her. OMG! It is so slow, beautiful, and to me, he looks as if he is stalking his prey. Definitely sinister. And gorgeous.

  33. I know that all vampires are not like the Cullens, but I have never seen vamps like the ones in 30 Days of Night. The best vampire stories are the ones where the vampires have SOME control and beauty. I do believe that they should be scary. I just don’t believe they need to be something else all together. This whole thing is stupid. I shouldn’t get upset about him. It is not like he will make the Cullens like the 30 Days vamps, it is just that I think his resume stinks for this project.

  34. ljcaro – Oh, I totally agree about the fight scene! I think it needs to be really violent!! I am just worried about the other stuff. Gah! It is just that Eclipse if my favorite, and I wish they would slow down so CW could do it.

  35. huh
    he might not be used to working with vamps like this

  36. cristy_702 says:

    hmm….I think he’ll make Eclipse to dark cuz 30 Days of night was wayyy different from twilight….idk..

  37. switzgal says:

    Oh God, I hope they don’t hire this guy if he’s all blood and gore! Eclipse is my favorite book and they better not ruin it!!!

  38. Eclipse is not a horror film.And I don’t want it to be ruined.I’m not sure what he’s capable of.

  39. Tracey and Creamy love all your points and its been fun chattin w/both of you!!Still cant wait to see these movies!!!I absolutely just love the books and cant wait 2 see how the movies and upgrades are going 2 be…At least potter is coming out next cant wait, have a great night!!!!!!!!love the wolf pack GROWLLLL!!!!

  40. Leah and creamy, can I just say OMG I love you two. Seriously you said everything that I have said and thought. I can’t add to anything that you have already said, just had to let yall know. I was about to stop reading all the comments and then creamy I got to yours and I just had to read more. Then Leah you jumped in and yeah, you two rock.


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