David Slade to Direct Eclipse





Los Angeles, CA April 22, 2009 – Summit Entertainment announced today that David Slade has been hired to direct THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE from a screenplay written by Melissa Rosenberg. THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE, the third film in the studio’s TWILIGHT film franchise based on the Stephenie Meyer’s blockbuster book series, will be released theatrically in North America on Wednesday, June 30, 2010. The announcement was made by Erik Feig, Summit’s President of Production.

Meyer stated, “I am thrilled that David Slade will be directing ECLIPSE. He’s a visionary filmmaker who has so much to offer this franchise. From the beginning, we’ve been blessed with wonderful directorial talent for the Twilight Saga, and I’m so happy that ECLIPSE will be carrying on with that tradition.”

Feig said, “Stephenie Meyer’s ECLIPSE is a muscular, rich, vivid book and we at Summit looked long and hard for a director who could do it justice. We believe we have found that talent in David Slade, a director who has been able to create complex, visually arresting worlds. We cannot wait to see the ECLIPSE he brings to life and brings to the fans eagerly awaiting its arrival in summer of 2010.”

Filmmaker Slade came to prominence as a director for his work on 2006’s engrossing film HARD CANDY starring Academy Award® Nominated actress Ellen Page as well as directing 2007’s genre hit 30 DAYS OF NIGHT which opened to number one at the box office its first weekend of release.

In ECLIPSE, Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger as Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob — knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella is confronted with the most important decision of her life.


Slade is represented by William Morris Agency.


  1. Wow.
    I’m glad all the rumors are settled.
    I’ll have to wait and see what he’ll do with Eclipse before I jump to conclusions on him.

  2. Ok… so is he gonna be working closely w/ Weitz while Weitz is in post-pro of New Moon? I just want all movies to look uniform…

  3. Hmm.. We’ll have to see what he does with it I guess!

  4. Gulp. All we can do now is pull our hair out while we wait. I hope Stephenie has retained enough muscle to keep it on track.

    • How crazy is this announcement?!?!?! I know we were discussing this earlier today, but I was expecting it to take a few weeks.

      I say, watch 30 Days of Night again, but for the gritty look, screne shots, flow… all the stuff a director does. Hard Candy was good directoraly (if that’s a word :-s), but the story-line was a bit much for me.

      I’M AMAZED. This turn of events with such talented directors… So hopeful! 🙂

  5. Whoa.

    I just hope New Moon and Eclipse aren’t completely different.
    Never seen his movies so can’t say.

  6. Eclipse is coming out so soon after New Moon! Hell to the yes!! <3

  7. Well I’ll be adding Hard Candy to my queue on Netflix. It has my two favorite people in it Ellen Page and Patrick Wilson. I’ll be watching his other movies as well.

  8. cool i like his work, im excited to see what he brings..

  9. Twifanatic Amanda says

    Ummm. 30 Days of Night sucked big time and I’m ashamed to say I saw it in theatres. Hope he does Eclipse justice 🙂

  10. xI-MustBeDreamingx says

    I’ve heard of 30 Days Of Night, but haven’t seen it. Now I’m gonna have to check it out.
    I’m not sure about David Slade yet, but I am glad that Summit had enough sense not to choose Drew Barrymore, lol.

  11. has anyone seen anything he’s done?

  12. I’ve seen Hard Candy. Based on just that, I know that Eclipse will look visually a lot like Twilight (unless his “vision” for Eclipse is different). I dunno… I just hope he can do Eclipse justice. It’s my favorite book because of all the romantic moments between Edward and Bella. It’s NOT just a suspense/action/thriller. I hope this guy realizes that the basis of Eclipse is their romance.

  13. i saw Hard Candy. I loved it personally. I think it was well done directorial wise. I’m glad it’s him over drew barrymore.

  14. So, is this good, or bad??
    I like 30 Days of Night, and ive never seen Hard Candy.

  15. Oh crap. And Eclipse is my favorite book too. Well, I guess I’m heading to Volterra…..

  16. OK I’m a bit nervous about this. I haven’t seen any of his movies but I hope he can make Eclipse come to life and stay close to the book because I LOVE THAT BOOK!! All the emotions and equal parts Jacob and Edward and the rivalry between them. He has to make Eclipse tear our hearts out! Especially in the end when Jacob and Bella are saying goodbye.
    I hope he’s a good director.

    • Well…to be honest I’m VERY NERVOUS about this…I love Eclipse..it is my favorite book of the saga. I don’t know about this guy…He better start reading and re-reading the entire saga to catch the romance and the intensity of the relationships in the book.
      Please David…don’t do a bloody mess…please! 😐

  17. Ugh. I don’t know about this!

  18. I hope he does well too. this is my favorite book of the four books. I think that he’ll be good though. I love Hard Candy. IT’s a bit of a different movie than the Twilight series though.

  19. Yeah, yeah, don’t judge the book by its cover and all that, but this guy looks … angry. And deranged.

    Sorry I needed a moment there.GRRRR..What happend to Juan Antonio Bayora???????
    30 days of night is one movie I never even ended up watching the whole thing and i hardly EVER do that.
    WHY WHY WHY??? I seriously think I’m gona cry.
    Eclipse is my favorite one too. He better be PHENOMINAL!!!! I am hard to impress. At least Rob and Kristen will be in it for sure so no matter what it will turn out GOOD! I just KNOW Antonio would have made it better than David Slade. Oh Well at least it’s being made into a movie and the story line is just to good for it to not be good. I’m gona take tonight to mourn then hope for the best,what else can i do?

  21. Kate, I think what you WANTED to say is that he looks like a registered sex offender…. Oh well, let’s all try to be optimistic. Maybe he’ll surprise us (in a good way).

  22. Summit seems to want to churn these films out like so much fast food. And that’s the quality they’ll get in the end too. Seems like their philosophy is,’let’s take advantage of all the rabid TwiFans while we can still cash in on them’ with no respect for the books, Meyers (no matter what she publicly has said), the actors, nor in reality the fans. I only wish another company were behind these films. They could be great, in the right hands, rather than just teen fodder. What a waste! (ok, end of rant….but there’s a lot more venom where that came from!)

    • I’m right there with you.

      • Yeah, and the icing on the cake is that they are keeping the same scriptwriter. A director that can’t direct traffic and a scriptwriter that can’t write graffiti. Lovely. I think the execs at Summit must be suffering from some sort of terminal mental disorder. Why else would they be making such rash and ridiculous decisions, especially when it’s a GIVEN that these films will make money….whether they are good or bad. It’s just that if they are (in our wildest dreams)good, then we will be inclined to see them more than once. I’m still sending in the Volturi. It’s cleanup time.

        • Not that it will make a bit of difference, but I plan to write a letter, via snail mail, to Summit. I did this when the push was on to possibly recast Jacob. I’m firmly in the Taylor camp. There were several fansites that promoted this idea. In other words, make yourselves known. Man do I plan to do that.

          I recommend that all fans of this series do the same. We may not sway them one tiny bit, but they will know how we feel about questionable directors, schlock screenwriters, and taking liberties with characters and storylines that are now crucial to our very existence. After all, they are a business, and we are the consumers. In other words, MONEY TALKS!!

          I plan to write several letters actually, starting today. I am so incensed I might be asked to join the Volturi!

    • I bet he listens to Korn.Ew.

      • NerdBucket says

        Korn?! He must worship the devil and eat puppies! Wow, didn’t anyone ever tell you not to judge a book by it’s cover?

        • I’m not implying that Korn is evil or anything,,just that that type of mysic SUCKS and that he looks like he would listen to it.

        • I agree with Lola..this guy looks like he would put Korn,Evanscence or however its spell i dont care all into the soundtrack of Eclipse Barf.and i HATE it when people say Don’t judgs a book by it’s cover cause judgning a book by it’s cover has actually saved my life several times.

          • I totally agree with you. Korn & Evanescense or however the hell it’s spelled SUCK. Sorry, that’s just my opinion.

        • Oh and I am not judging a book by it’s cover cause I saw 30 days of night and was excited to see it cause i LOVE vampire movies and I got SO bored wth it and still to thiss day have never seen it all the way through.SO i HAVE seen some of his work.
          BUT on the bright side..Eclipse has a WAY better story line so it has hope and will end up being goo i think NO matter who the director is.

        • You think I”M judging a book by it’s cover? Have you read comment #24 Josie? Go harrass over there.

        • UGH…WHY,WHY WHY???

    • Why? So they can stretch the movies out to four years? The cast isn’t getting any younger. And I’m pretty sure there are other projects the cast members want to do besides Twilight.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself!!

  23. pity they aren’t changing writers instead/too. i think melissa rosenberg is the main problem.

  24. WOOOO!! Awesome! “30 Days of Night” was a crazy and great “vampire” movie. I’m happy. 😀

    • Really you like it? Hm..i tried to wathc it and started it but turned it off cause i got bored. Now Dracula with Gary Oldman and Winona Rydeer was a good vampire movie!

  25. I just hope that this isn’t one of those “OMG you did a vampire movie so come here and do another one” things from Summit’s perspective when they hired Slade. Twilight isn’t about vampires necessarily. The basis of the stories are romance, not bloodsucking and whathaveyou. I think I need to step away from the computer for awhile. I’m way too scared for my own good of how Eclipse will turn out. I’m sure it won’t be complete crap — unless Slade doesn’t showcase the ROMANCE moreso than the action. But it’s still nervewracking.

  26. Alright i heard the rumors of a new director but i haven’t even gotten my taste of new moon.
    What if chris wietz is better than daivd slade when it comes to eclipse?

    i’ve only seen hafe of 30 days of night so my opinion of him isn’t full concluded yet.

    I won’t dwell to much on Daivid untill new moon is over and out.

  27. Hmm.. Hard Candy and 30 Days Of Night… Creepy. I hope he doesn’t make Eclipse horror.
    Well, he’s worked with vampires at least.

  28. HELL YA! 😀 their choices in directors just keeps getting better ! woo ! eclipse is going to be sooo good, especially since he already did a vampire movie. The fighting scenes at the end of eclipse are going to be sick, i know it. yay … 🙂

  29. Wouldn’t it just be easier for everyone if they kept the director the same instead of changing it for every movie?
    Hopefully New Moon and Eclipse will turn out well 🙂

    • I’m sorry, I have to reply. No it would not be easier. If Catherine came back this ship would sink so fast. Chris, maybe yes, but I would rather have Syvester Stallone as the director than have Catherine again.

  30. 30 Days of Night sucked…*gulp*

  31. Sounds good to me. =)

  32. Eclipse is my second fave book in the series. I hopehopehopehope he’ll do justice to it and not screw it up.

    One good thing from this news though: at least it’s NOT drew barrymore! thank gawd for that.

  33. Well since most people here (not specifically this section) think that an actor is good for a part in Twilight based on looks, and not actual acting ability, I’m not surprised that people are judging the new director (not all of you) based on his looks and not his directing ability. Why don’t some of you actual rent some of the movies he’s directed, produced, or written before you start stating ranting about him being a bad choice?

  34. Heh, I’ve never seen his work I’m not really interested in checking it out either. My only problem is how fast their putting out the movies, things never turn out the way you want them too when they’re rushed. If the quality is crap I’ll be very disappointed.

  35. Okay…so…Hard Candy is a great film, not in the same stylings as TTS, but I’m sure he will do amazing…how bad can someone screw something up if the script is well written, seriously you people are worried…Its not on the director how the film comes out it’s about a well written script….Props to Rosenberg

  36. I can’t believe Stephenie approved this choice. Eclipse is first and foremost a love story, not some vampire slasher flick. I want someone who really understands Twilight and its devoted fans to make Eclipse, which is probably the most important book in the series. God, can you imagine him directing Rob and Kristen in a tender love scene???

    • Thank you Caitlin. My thoughts exactly. It’s going to be a long year and 2 months til Eclipse comes out…

  37. Twifanatic Amanda says

    apparently my comment is awaiting mederation because I said s-u-c-k-e-d, let’s see if that works

  38. I kinda feel bad for the actors. I wonder if that’s hard to get used to another new director. I guess it’s just part of the job.

    • yeah I’m sure they’re okay because big movie machines (like this one and Harry Potter) always have huge changes and the actors just have to go with the flow. as long as the directors aren’t complete jerks i think they’ll survive. besides our actors (well I know they aren’t really ‘ours’ lol) are tough!! XP

  39. Medya [MSquared] says

    Hmm, I loved Hard Candy. Haven’t seen 30 Days of Night.
    I’m torn really.
    I’m not sure what to think.
    Hopefully David Slade can follow through, make a great movie, and prove us all wrong.
    Because Eclipse is my favorite of the saga.

  40. Twilight9009 says

    I wasnt happy when I heard this news. Eclipse is not a horror story. However, I felt the same way about Chris Weitz because he directed The Golden Compass. I think he might be good for Eclipse. We should give this guy a chance.

    p.s. Lola, look at Stephenie Meyer’s playlists for the four novels. There is at least one Korn song on there, so obviously she doesnt think they are, as you put it “ew”

  41. I really like 30 days of night, it creeped the heck out of me. Although Eclipse is still very much a love story…you can’t deny the horror aspect of it. From Jasper’s and Rose’s stories, to the epic battle in the forest. It has some good spooky elements to it. I sure as hell wouldn’t mind it if they upped the scare factor in this one.

    • Sue, right you are with your observation of Eclipse. I think many are too wrapped up in the love story part and forget how action there is in Eclipse. Let us not forget the newborn vampires!!!

      • Yes, but the newborns are talked about and have a battle planned around them. Except for Riley and Bree we never even see them, much less see a battle. Only when Edward and Seth rip Riley apart is there any fighting with the newborns. I hope this doesn’t mean a big shift in the story. Again.

  42. OMG!!! he’s great! if anyone hasn’t seen his movie, “Hard Candy” get it NOW!!@! it is one of the best films i’ve seen in a while. no lie.

  43. I agree with you Sue! this will be interesting, 30 days of Night was one of the creepiest scary movies ive seen in a long time. The first one in a long time to actually keep me on my toes after I left the theater…I am interested to see what he does. I really like their choices so far!

  44. Twifanatic Amanda says

    Ok so I like this guy now. He’s done four Muse music videos AND he’s British. 30 Days of Night is still rubish. hehe now I feel British.

  45. well…well..
    i hope u’l direct it nys…
    not lyk catherine H.,,,,

    i’ve never seen any of films…

    looking forward…
    congrats, ahead..

  46. excited to watch the movie!!!

    newmoon and eclipse!!!


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