First look: The Wolf Pack

USA Today has a first look a the wolf pack (thanks very much). Among wolf pack job requirements: the ability to work half-naked no matter what the weather in the Vancouver, B.C., area, where the film has been shooting for several weeks.



From left to right Alex Meraz (Paul), Chaske Spencer (Sam), Bronson Pelletier (Jared), and Kiowa Gordon (Embry)

****USA Today also just posted this update including how the pack was selected.

“They had to have papers that proved their heritage,” says director Chris Weitz, who was the one who insisted on hiring within the community. “And they had to be in good physical shape.”



    This is going to be SUCH a great movie.

  2. HOOOOOLY CRAP , totally stoked for this movie ! Seriously . 😀

  3. Ciao Ciao says:

    ugh tattoos. what is with this whole unity thing, i would think that being similar in appearance is enough.

  4. TeamCullen says:

    I just can’t wait for the movie – if only they could make it longer instead of only 2 hrs !!

  5. Lisi Lobita says:

    *hyperventilating* Talk about hotties. I personally love the tattoo idea. I think guys with tattoos in their arms is freaking hot. As much as I love “My Jacob” Paul is looking so yummy. And some of them do need to work out a little bit more because they don’t compare to “My Jacob”. I’m so going to love every second of “New Moon” this November 20, 09.

  6. cakeladyt says:

    WOW! Hard not to love the wolves now! Though, I will always be a vampire girl! I’m native american…and they aren’t nearly THAT hot where I come from! Whew…it definitely just got HOT in here!

  7. Why no Jake/Taylor? Easy to answer:
    In the words of Edward Cullen,
    “Savoring the bouquet without drinking the wine”.

    – everyone knows you save the best for last,
    that’s why you eat dessert after the meal it’s to be savored and enjoyed not rushed.

    This is exactly how Summit should be promoting
    New Moon, give out bits and pieces a little at a time. Whet the fans appetite.
    Anyone else hungry?! 😉

  8. So thats it? They had to be hot and real-deal indian? Was there no acting requirement? Or do we not care about that anymore?

    And also… am I hallucinating, or do they all have the same tattoo???

    Hrm. I like it… its kind of… mafia. ^^

    • Sorry…I don’t want to sound pushy, but the correct term is Native Americans, the term “Indian” is people from India. The term “Indian” in America came to be bc Columbus thought he landed in India, so he called the natives “Indian”.

      • lirael cullen says:

        Thanks melrose for pointing that out. As a full blooded apache it bugs me when people refer to us as indians… we’re native american thank you very much..

        • Your welcome lirael cullen, I’m not even Native American, and it bothers the hell out of me. I can’t stand ignorance (no offense to me).

  9. Omg! Hot …hot…hot! And with Taylor in the mix Woow! 🙂 Lisi I say we add the wolf pack on our list of who to meet 🙂

  10. le orgasm

  11. Lisi Lobita says:

    So rewarding to know they sexy pack since i’m a “Wolf Girl” Im so excited!

  12. ScarletRubie says:

    The pack is so…pretty, LOL. I have always loved the pack but this is…left me without words. I must say if i had to pick the sexiest it would be Alex Meraz, and Kiowa Gordon is so cute! WOw the casting director is awesomeness, they are just fabulous. The tat is interesting.

    PS. I have a new wallpaper, LOL

  13. Rockin'It says:

    Ow ow!!! Can we say HOT?! My faves are Alex (of course!) and Kiowa!! My gosh, Embry is a cutey!!

  14. Lisi Lobita says:

    Oh my Gwen yes indeed lets put that in our list! I want to meet Alex..!!! Yes of course besides “My Baby Taylor”

  15. Christina Rae says:

    Hellloooo boys!

  16. I like the idea of the cullen crest, but i thought it looked pretty tacky. If it was well made and a bit smaller…. love the tatoos though
    I can’t wait to see seth!!! he’s my favorite.
    i love Embry though
    best name ever
    i guess i didnt get the memo that solomon timble isnt returning as sam? why is that???

    • Nobody knows. 🙁 Krys and him didn’t even get notified that Summit was considering replacing them until they’d already been replaced. It sucks and I’m really upset about it, but I like Chaske and Kiowa. I think they’ll do great. 😀

    • They never gave a reason. Solomon just said on his facebook that he wasn’t being asked back for New Moon.

    • I agree with the “tacky”. It reminds me of the early 90’s when tribal arm bands were cool. If the tattoo was somewhere else, like on their pex (chest) or upper middle back or just a small tat on their hand or behind the ear (newer trend) it would look less tacky. Or instead, a matching scar, like from first transformation or something, not to overt.

  17. I did slide a little out of my chair when I first show the pic. But DUDE!! Paul IS beyond fine..yum..hott whtevr
    Just look at those cut abs and huge pecks just…geezz give me a minute hmm

  18. Lindos (Portuguese for beautiful)!!!

  19. Holy cow, I think I just died. 😀

  20. mmmm mmmm yummy.

    so far so good, Mr. Weitz!

  21. *hyperventilates* aah where’s Taylor! XD

  22. Lisi Lobita says:

    Is it me or it looks like “New Moon” is going to be so much better than Twilight…?

  23. Loveatfirstbite29 says:

    Holy Crow! I’ve always been all for the vampires, but DANG! I might be switching over to Team Switzerland now!

  24. OMG HOTT!!! wow. i wasn’t all to happy that the wolf pack changed but i definitely dnt hav a problem now.

  25. i’m a vampire girl all the way, but i have to admit this is pretty spectacular.

    chris weitz, i love you!!! don’t let us down!

  26. HHHHHHHHHHooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwllllllllllll

  27. WOWZAH!!! And I thought that the hot vampires were enough..DAYUM!! And I agree..Paul is sooooo FINE!!! *rawr*

  28. Well I think New Moon will definitely be better than Twilight . im Team Jacob ( & friends lol ) all the way ! Kiowa is C U T E <3

  29. Sam looks one air brush away from looking like a Playboy spread… but besides that….YAY! glad to see they got the wardrobe right.

  30. the diabolical lamb says:

    i think the matching tattoo is a really cool touch. its nice that the movies have little touches that aren’t in the book like the Cullen crest and now the pack’s tattoos.

  31. I like my men cold, dead, and sparkling, but these boys certainly are not hard on the eyes. There are a lot of Native descended people in my area (including my sister-in-law), but none of the boys look like THIS. Total shame.

    They ALL have that same tattoo on their right upper arm/bicep. Is that something they added to the movie, a pack thing? Like they added with the Cullen Crest? I think it just might be. I smell HT Merchandising.

  32. omg i think the movie will be really good. like i just have that feeling
    omg….so hot
    i love that tattoos

  33. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, would you look at that!!!

    LOL!! They are saving Taylor for the big reveal in November… bummer!!!

  34. I forgot to add… for a bunch of wolves, NONE of them have a hairy chest.. but that’s OK I don’t like hairy chests!!

  35. LittleClarestar says:
  36. It’s an amazing picture.

    So far I saw that Jacob [Taylor Lautner] DOES have the tat also.

    I’m not so sure about it, it SEEMS cool..but ehh.

    I mean, it’s not part of the book. but hey, it’s a movie.

  37. SparklesorSpaceheater says:


  38. Although I never approve of changing actors in a series, I think it’s awesome that Chris required his wolf pack to be native american.

    • Thanks for using the correct terminology “Native Americans”, it really bugs me when people use the term “Indian”.

      I totally respect the guy for paying homage to Native Americans. Not many movies do that. I wonder who decided to cast Native Americans only for wolf pack?

  39. Bubbles14* says:

    one word… HOTTIES!!!:))) Team Jacob all the way!:) Can’t wait till November 20th!

  40. Medya [MSquared] says:

    -faints at picture-
    I’m sensing some Team Paul or Team Alex shirts in the making.

  41. yes they are in good shape 😛
    embry+tattoo= OOOOHHH DAAUMMM

    weres quil???

  42. Awesome 🙂
    Seems like they sorta have a Cullen crest like thing with the tattoos

  43. Can i just say THANK YOU STEPHENIE MEYER!!!!!!!

  44. Devon061381 says:


    *picking jaw up off my keyboard tray*

    *crickets chirping*



    ………….they broke the molds after these guys.

  45. Smart marketing move for Summit. Put the attractive unknowns on the first released promo shots and leave the “main attractions” for later. (A.K.A. the much anticipated Taylor uncovering, Kristen’s new maniac-depressive state, Rob’s fateful Italy sun ordeal, Ashely’s more prominent presence, Rachelle’s threat). Look how much we have to look forward to. By the way, the new wolf pack certainly LOOKS fitting, but I have no clue yet as to their acting abilities. I appreciate the addition of the pack tattoo. Someone has their creative thinking cap on! Actually seeing the pack “live action” is truly bizarre. They’ve only existed in my imagination up til now! Chris Weitz is one smart cookie by releasing this eye candy for the predominately female demographic. I, however, suspend my judgment and eagerly await more substantial news!

  46. Ehhhhh, I’m disappointed. I was hoping to see Taylor with no shirt on. I mean, come on, pleaseeeee!?!

  47. Hey, does anyone else remember when the first promo shots were released for Twilight of the Cullens? It created SUCH a stir. Everyone griped about Jackson, Nikki, Peter, and Ashley’s hair…millions of comments within hours…ah, the good old days…when not everyone and their mother exploited Twilight. When it was by no means this popular, money-making machine with millions of screaming fangirls attached. I miss that so much. Reading/discussing Twilight in peace, when no one else knew what you were talking about. *Moment of reminiscing over*

  48. Can’t…talk…mouth…watering…

    Oh. My. God. I can’t even…no words. Incoherency, taking, over…no, nothing. My God…my mouth literally dropped open, and stayed in that position, for approximately one minute when I saw that picture. Man, I knew New Moon was my favorite, but hell…this film is going to be a trip through eye-candy land. Delectable.
    Come on, Jacob pics!

  49. Amie(vampwolf) says:

    why don’t they just put quil in already. he joins eventually.

    • not until eclipse.

    • After looking at this picture for several hours (joking about half hour) I’ve come up with a list out of the wolves so far, on who is the hottest and who is the cutest below

      Hottest body Handsome face
      Paul Paul
      Sam Jared
      Jared Embry
      Embry Sam

      I know its kinda stupid but i just thought it would be fun to put my opinion out there.

  50. In all honesty I’m a tad disappointed. Out of all four of them Alex’s body was the only one that really stood out to me. I think the others need to work on getting more definition into those stomach muscles.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they worked hard to get their bodies this far, but I think they could take it a bit farther. And yes, I am well aware how hard it is to achieve that kind of body and maintain it. It’s ok though, they’ll have some time to make more progress for Eclipse. 🙂

    • Yep, besides Jacob, you would at least think the pack leader would be in better shape. Alex is awesome.

    • it’s all in the angel and lighting. Alex’s body is slightly turned that’s why he’s muscles looks more defined while the others face the camera full on the light kinda washes out their muscles making them look a bit less muscular.

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