First look: The Wolf Pack

USA Today has a first look a the wolf pack (thanks very much). Among wolf pack job requirements: the ability to work half-naked no matter what the weather in the Vancouver, B.C., area, where the film has been shooting for several weeks.



From left to right Alex Meraz (Paul), Chaske Spencer (Sam), Bronson Pelletier (Jared), and Kiowa Gordon (Embry)

****USA Today also just posted this update including how the pack was selected.

“They had to have papers that proved their heritage,” says director Chris Weitz, who was the one who insisted on hiring within the community. “And they had to be in good physical shape.”


  1. someone should probably help me pick my chin up off the floor, lol.

    • NezziLautner says:

      OMTL!!!!!! fainting…..drooling…..DYING!!!!!!( to get a poster! lol)
      but taylor would make that poster ALOT better!! but then he would make a ANY poster alot better!!

  2. OMG!!!!!!!


  3. First to comment! Oh my lord. When I saw this pic I was drinking tea and almost spit it out. They’re some smokin’ hot guys!

  4. I think I may enjoy this movie more than the book!! Oh my!! Is it hot in here?

    • i was thinking the same thing…i mean of course i lovve the books..but come on…LOOK AT THAT!!!…AHHHHH!!!!!!


  5. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!
    Oh my lord, if I didn’t think I could be more excited for this movie this has changed my mind. (:
    I love the pack tatoos, very cool. (:

  6. ohhh my goodness!!! this is sooo exciting! im about to have a spazz attack.

  7. *jaw drops*

  8. Holy crap!!! hey where is Jacob?

    • i think that this is just the beggining of the pack…you know the 4 guys that bella sees jumping off the cliffs…thats why the others arnt included…..

  9. allieimmortal says:

    -chants- “I am Team Vampire, I am Team Vampire…”
    Ah, forget it.
    They are soooo hot!!!
    Why do I know no guys like that?

  10. Twilight_News says:

    One thing I noticed they all have tattoos on their right upper arms. Very interesting wonder if that has been added in as a wolfy thing like the Cullen Crest was for the vamps.

    • Yeah that’s what I was thinking! I like the idea, now both supernatural families have some kind of a ‘symbol’ of their ancient story. Very clever =)

    • i think this is the wolf’s answer to the Cullen crest.

    • gosh I love that you pointed that out! i just checked out the ET clip again and Jacob’s got it too so I believe you’re spot on about the tatoo! I like it 🙂

      • Cindy218 says:

        Yeah….I’ve been noticing that in the clips and now in the pictures….I hope someone is able to explain their meaning…..these boys look hot why can’t november come any sooner..:)

      • As soon as I saw this picture, I focused on the tattoos too! I do agree with most of you on this post (the fact that is is the answer to the Cullen Crest). Man, the wolves are smokin hot. I may have to switch to Team Switzerland for awhile…….

      • i noticed that too! At first I was like oo one guy has a tattoo but then I noticed they all had it. I think it is cool how they have thier own “crest” and I also like how they all have the same tattoo in the same place, because not that they are united more than the cullen family but they have that one mind thing and it makes sence that thiers would be exactly the same while the cullen’s all have something slightly different. And another cool way to think about it is, the wolves are perminent, they have to be a wolf and the tattoo is perminent, but they cullen’s coulld take thier crest off and they also could leave the family and start eating humans.

      • will they have long hair in the movie??

  11. So in love with Paul right now! <3
    Loving the tattoos! Pretty cool thing to add!

  12. Um wow…. I never pictured them with matching tattoos, but I love them! (although I really dislike the whole Cullen crest thing)

  13. weird shorts

  14. They are HOT! ….but I have to say..the guy on the very right needs to work out more 🙂 lol and where the heck is my taylor/jacob!???!

  15. wow…just wow…

  16. allieimmortal says:

    If the tattoos are a pack thing…that would explain the tattoo we saw on Jacob’s arm during the ET (I think?) video clip.

  17. save-the-wetlands says:

    Nice….. They have a good run with the Cullens.

  18. All i can say is WOW! They all look fantastic and i love the addition of the tattoos. I hope we get a scoop very soon on why they decided to add the tattoos to the wolf pack and what they mean. I’m very interested in that.

  19. Sugary Giggles says:

    Website says thats Paul, Sam, Jared, and Embry… no Quil? Can you really have Embry and not Quil, lol? Other than that, I think those are the main wolves until Seth and Leah later on, right? (Obviously excluding Jacob)

    • Sugary Giggles says:

      Oh, and this will help contrast the vampires nicely. If they’re really that tan in the movie, it’ll make the vampires seem even more pale.

    • In the book u don’t “see” Quil as a werewolf. It’s the next 1.

    • I’m SO looking forward to who they cast as Leah and Seth later on. the promo posters with the complete wolf pack is going to be badass

  20. Ah holy crap i just posted this on my twitter. SOOOO HOT. and with the wolves that can be taken literally 😉 lovin the tats too…hmmm

  21. This just made a werewolf fangirl VERY happy! They are HOT!

  22. oh and quil doesnt actually join the pack till eclipse. come on now.

    • Sugary Giggles says:

      Hm, I suppose so. But I’m sure Quil’s got to be in the movie somewhere. I guess he wouldn’t be in this promo picture, though, you’re right.

  23. Holy Crow, they are so Hot, Yummo!!! Okay I must have been under a rock, but what Cullen Crest is everyone talking about. I have watched the movie a bunch of times, but I think I must have missed something?

  24. allisonlovesedward says:

    sexified mountain men.

  25. Wow. Rob better be hitting the gym hard core! He’s got to hold his own against Tyler- at least!

  26. team wolf anyone? Oh yeah

    • shortstuff says:

      hell, yes!

    • shortstuff says:

      sweet baby jesus… *takes deep breaths*

      its almost a good thing taylor is not in this picture, or i might be having a heart attack right now… there is only so much hotness one person can take!

      my question is.. where is quil? maybe he’s still too skinny, lol. and i had reservations about kiowa gordon at first, but now i approve!

    • Team Wolf, and Team Jacob, baby!!! And my God, it’s payin’ off! 😀

  27. What is the deal with the tattoos? Does that mean that Jacob will have to get one too? He is not even 18 in the book… isn’t Sam the only one who is over 18 in the book? (Please correct me if I’m wrong)

    I’m not sure I like the tattoo idea…

    • It really depends on the age limit. Some shops won’t take anyone until they’re eighteen; others, you can be sixteen as long as you have parental consent. It’s not far off to say, though, that these boys got their tats done “illegally”. *shrugs*

      • YUMMO!!! Add some Taylor and the wording and make me a poster stat!!! As far as the tattoo, love the idea and i don’t think it would be a huge issue for Jacob to get Billy’s consent… unless Billy did them himself 😉

      • Of course the tattoos are not real! Come on! Who would get tattooed for just one movie? I bet these are just henna or makeup, but I really have no idea. But they’re not real, that’s for sure!

        • .Crystal says:

          From what I’ve heard, they use a template (carbon copy) or freehand with “sharpie” permanent marker, and dust it off with powder after wards to get rid the shine.
          *Pretty lames, but I sported it several times in my teenage years…looks real.

      • Also, they could theoretically have had them done on the res. by someone who traditionally does them. It could be a big ceremonial thing when becoming a werewolf.

        Which would also mean that it’s not illegal, as La Push is a sovereign nation belonging to the Quileute tribe.

        • .Crystal says:

          Totally agree with you Thlenkling, I don’t thing it would be a tattoo you bring a copy of to the tattoo parlor.

    • wells jacob was driving a car and riding a who is to say he can’t have a tattoo!??! .haha i love it tho…it’s great!

  28. it’s getting HAWT in here!! whoo….i think i might just have to change to Team LA PUSH!!

  29. OHHH YEAAH!! I have to wipe the drool off of my chin! lmao!! That’s some serious eye candy! And the great thing about it is…it’s actually pretty much how I imagined it in my head!! EEEEKKK!! XD

  30. I think the book will always be better but hey this doesn’t hurt BUT WEREN’T THEY HOT IN THE BOOKS ALSO ?

  31. littleyellowporsche says:

    Im totally liking the pack tattoos! thats pretty cool. There are going to be a lot of good looking men in this movie. As much as I LOVE the Cullens, it will be easier to have them missing for most of the movie if we can just look at Jake and the pack the whole time ;]

  32. I will forever be Team Edward, but these guys are HOT!! Can’t wait to see them in the movie.

  33. This is why I’m Team Jacob 🙂

  34. Maybe Solomon wasn’t cut out for the role after all.

  35. um, YUM.

    at least if the movie is as bad as i think it’s going to be it will have some eye candy.

  36. Hubba freaking hubba.

  37. they dont have to be 18 to get a tattoo. just some elder from the tribe could do it..anyway it’s not in the book just another thing they’ve added to the movie. like the the cullen crest


  39. SethisMINE says:

    Sweet… Those guys are HOT!!! 😀
    They better have Seth in the other movies… And please make him as gorgeous as these other wolves! 😀

  40. No Way....REALLY??? says:

    Very nice…just leave me Edward.

  41. Awesome!!!! I am kind of bummed that Jacob isn’t in this picture though, but holy crap, they are perfect!!!!

    • I think their saving Jacob for last,the element of surprise in the movie. I rather wait to see him in the movie…the WOW FACTOR!!!! Because you know he’ll gonna look way better than this guys. I don’t really find these guys attractive…Team Edward!

  42. Christina says:

    hell-o! 😛
    my jaw just about hit the floor.

  43. being a fan of werewolves is paying of 😛
    ….if they look this good i wonder how amazing taylor looks. oh em gee.

  44. Just imagin them as a whole gang with Jacob included. WOO HOO! man i am so Syked!!!!!!!

  45. Must resist…urges…to…lick…screen.

    I am team Edward/Rob all the way. BUT I LOVE THE PACK, and I am so glad they didn’t put Taylor on there. Without him, the poster is a 100% non-puke inducing.

    • Lisi Lobita says:

      Im sorry but do you know the same “Taylor”? Because i don’t know if you need glasses or something but taylor is extra yummy! And way better looking than the rest of the pack…He’s the sexiest…

    • You don’t like Taylor?

    • i’m with isabell on this one. taylor isn’t all that attractive. he has a nice body, but other than that he’s not the best. he’s no robert pattinson that’s for sure!

      • Lisi Lobita says:

        I’m sorry but Taylor not only has a smoking body but a beautiful smile. He is always taking picturess and being friendly with his fans. Hes a sweetheart. The only think i like about Rob is his accent. Other than that Taylor all the way! You rarely see Rob being super friendly with fans like Jacob.

  46. I’ve been a pack girl since day one. 😀 This? Not necessarily the reason why, but it doesn’t hurt.

    I AM SO FLIPPIN’ EXCITED! I can’t believe it’s coming together so quickly!

  47. tanner nicole says:

    alex meraz…oh my


  48. Oh. Oh, wow. Wow, wow. I think I just found my new desktop background. Haha.

    I’m kinda digging the tattoos. I never pictured them with anything like that, but it’s sort of growing on me.

  49. god, i love the twilight series!

    it’s just getting better and better


  50. Ummm – wowser. I haven’t really been a fan of the wolf pack – but ummmm yeah…..*sigh*

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