Breaking Dawn Greenlit?

The Wrap (and industry insider and information website) is claiming that Breaking Dawn has been greenlit for 2010. It is their belief that the film will shoot starting winter 2010 for a late 2010 release with Vancouver remaining as the filming location.

Despite their claim, Summit gave the following comments when The Wrap went to verify the story:

“Summit Entertainment spokesman Paul Pflug declined to confirm or deny the report, saying only, “Summit has no comment on that rumor at this time.”


“But a Summit executive who declined to be identified said that there was no production schedule for “Breaking Dawn,” and no current plans to shoot in Vancouver. “

They also mention the rumor, that was the subject of an Internet war of words between Nikki Finke and a Summit executive, that Juan Antonio Bayora will be helming Eclipse. Summit has confirmed that he was being considered, but has not revealed who if anyone has landed the job.

Is it Greenlit or not? Your guess is as good as ours, no one is going to say for sure unless the ink is dry on all contracts.


  1. SophiePattinson says:

    Yaay! I cannot wait! xx

  2. AlbertaJenn says:

    Although I have the gretest respect for Summit, these rumours would not have a place to germinate if they were more prompt at releasing information. Even if it is only “we have nothing further to add at this time.”

    The problem, at least partly, is that the silence from Summit is leading fans to pick up on any rumour out there.

  3. “starting winter 2010 for a late 2010 release”

    I’m confused.. is that supposed to say 2011, or..?

    • same here i didnt get that part but im guessing they meant to say 2011…

      • Devon061381 says:

        1. 2010, early, for filming COULD be plausible, with a late 2010 release. Remember: New Moon is is coming out in November, and after they’re done filming New Moon, they have a few short months off and then it’s back to filming Eclipse, which I believe is due to be released next Spring, in 2010. So, technically, they could be filming BD in Jan/Feb whatever of 2010 and release it at the end of the year.

        2. That should answer someone one’s question about NM and EC being combined. I thought that that has already been nailed down to the nth degree…

        3. I truly believe that BD needs 2 films, just like they’re doing with Deathly Hallows; that is, if they actually do end up filming it.

  4. You guys should post about Jasper’s new hair in New Moon. I just saw it in my group from Twilight Fixation’s MySpace! It looks even better!

  5. Yay! cant wait. i wish they would film Esme’s island here in Florida. In the keys or something

  6. Breaking Dawn the movie? Ew. Not looking forward to it.

  7. Summit really needs to step up to the plate and share some information. They are being to reticent with what they know. I am all for surprises but this is just ridiculous, why are they trying to alienate the fanbase?

  8. twilightfan82 says:

    What I want to know is, what will the rating of Breaking Dawn be? The book is pretty close to rated R, so what are all the young fans going to do? Unless of course they don’t stick to the book.

    • BD is not a ‘young fan’ book. I would bet the vast majority of the fan base, especially for this book, are adults. That should be the target audience.

      I realize Stephenie required a PG-13 rating for Twilight, but BD is well past that. During the filming of Twilight, Stephenie requested the Bella/Edward bedroom scene to be toned down. This was in order to allow for some escalation for the later movies. A honeymoon on an island, especially for a couple who has abstained, a violent birth scene, the burning scene, and an extended time of passion in the cottage, these are not ‘young fan’ themes.

      Summit, recognize your audience. We buy the tickets and merchandise. Don’t blow this!

      • Devon061381 says:

        I can understand the rating hoopla…I agree that BD would be BETTER as “R” but I think they could do it as PG-13; the birth scene is really the most graphic thing that would have to be tamed down, and the execution of Irina. They don’t have to show graphic sex scenes either (although I’m sure much of the collective fandom’s hormones disagree with this, mine included haha).

        It really has nothing to do with Summit not giving us what we want – I am pretty sure that the rating stipulation was one that Stephenie required in granting the rights to Summit to do the movies. She has never seen an R-rated movie and so does not want the movies rated that way.

      • People need to stop blaming everything on Summit. Summit doesn’t control the rating of a movie, the MPAA does. When they see a preview of the movie they give it a rating, and from there it’s the director(and maybe more people) that has to decide what needs to go.

      • For Breaking Dawn it all depends on the screenplay. The screenplay writer is the one that decides what information they feel is relevant and what will help the movie flow.

  9. twilightfan82 says:

    Force me to watch?

    • twilightfan82, that comment was in response to Colleen’s post. She indicated she wasn’t looking forward to the movie. I don’t see a problem, she doesn’t have to watch it.

  10. Rachel A. says:

    I am not sure how Breaking Dawn would translate from book to movie. I definately do not think they would be able to keep everything as is (i.e. reneesme), I can’t imagine KS having a baby, or RP being a Dad in the movie. If they didn’t do BD I would be fine with that, if they do make the movie they will definately have to change some things.

  11. Well, I only want to say that in Vancouver, in 2010, will be held the Olympics (Winter Olympics)… I don’t know if that could influence filming but…

    • Devon061381 says:

      Yes, that could influence when they film…but if they stick to the same (well, for Twilight and now NM) filming schedule, they could get by the Winter Olympics by starting to film in March. The Olympics are usually the 2nd week or so of Feb. and last 2 weeks.

  12. ya if they do twilight new moon and eclipse they have to do BD but seriously i rather them not do BD i jst think if they tried it would suck. wat abt nessie? how r they gonna do her? a robot? and the birth of her? idk

  13. Man, I really hope they decide to film Breaking Dawn. I don’t see the point in doing the Twilight, New Moon & Eclipse if they aren’t going to finish the story. I really loved BD and I think it would make such a good movie, and Juan Antonio Bayona is beyond perfect for the director.

  14. I’m not too sure I like the idea of BD being a film. Don’t attack me for it, but personally, the film would have to be split up as it’s too long and to squish it up would be a crime but where would you cut it off? Where she has the kid? That’d hardly be the most thrilling movie ever. Only the twilighters would go, the rest would be ostrisized.

    • With you one that one Jo, I would prefer two parts, then one shorten movie. I was totally thinking that when I was reading BD. When I saw Twilight the first time, I was so disappointed that they left a lot of parts out. They didn’t even play up the whole meadow scene.
      Before wedding (guardian), pre-wedding fiasco, wedding (can’t wait), honeymoon, Jacob’s explanation of imprinting, pregnancy (appetite, abortion,rapid growth, blood drinking, bone breaking ), Edwards inner struggle, Rosalie’s involvement, Jacob’s loyalty (Jacob vs pack), “unborn child”, the change (exciting), thirst, hunt, human encounters, their cottage, “immortal child”,change in Jacob’s relationship with Bella, imprint, gathering vamps and witnesses, Bella learns to control her ability, Renesmee’s growth, Renesmee’s power, Alice and Jasper’s departure,Irina , Bella’s escape plan, Volturi confrontation (speeches), Bella vs Alec & Jane, Alice & Jasper + special guest… happy ending.
      That’s just what I can remember from reading it months and months ago. It would be heartbreaking if they made BD A movie, instead of 2 parts.

  15. I thought…it was official that BD would be a movie, since they got the rights..didn’t they? or..did I imagine that..whoa.

    I’m still pretty confident that they’ll film BD..I mean isn’t it a little… film the first 3…and just tag a wedding at the end or something..when that just changes the story.

    And I still don’t see what all the commotion over Breaking Dawn was/is….people..we always have to find something to whine about.

  16. There are a lot of repetitive parts in BD that could be easily cut down to make the movie fit in a 2-3 hour time frame. I mean, we only need to see Bella in pain and talking about how much she loves the baby a time or two, not for the whole first half. A lot of the book is descriptive, and when translated to film would take place in only a matter of seconds. Like the birth scene, her ‘burning,’ and her first hunt. These could take place very accurately and quickly at the same time.

    • leahluli says:

      It’s true. Do we really need to watch Bella stroke her bruised belly and Rosalie defend her like crazy for an hour?


  18. I have a theory. Maybe they’re combining NM and Eclipse into one movie. First half is NM and second half Edward comes back to begin second half of movie(Eclipse). This is also how they could get more of Edward in the film while still staying true to the books. Then the 3rd movie that was being referred to as “Eclipse” is actually going to be BD (and the final film). They can make BD it’s own 2(+) hour movie. The actors have said they’ve signed on to do NM and one more and knew nothing beyond that. That would also explain the need for SM to consult on some rewriting and directors for a third movie being discuss but not a third…like I said, just a theory…

  19. If Breaking Dawn is going to be adapted,it should be made into two movies because it’s way too long to fit in one.

    I’m also a little worried about the rating.I want the movie to stick to the book,but it’s rated 18+ or something,I won’t be allowed to watch it.I’ve just turned 15.Ugh.

  20. leahluli says:

    I agree that the book is both too long to be smashed into one movie, but it also doesn’t have a very good breaking point. Besides, the CG world had better make some DRASTIC improvements if they want to make a Renesmee that is believable. She’s probably the only thing making that movie close to impossible at this point.

  21. Breaking Dawn needs to be split into two movies! End of story. There is too much information in the book and plots to be made into one movie. The wedding, honeymoon, finding out she’s pregnant, returning home and Jacob finding her, Jacob slpitting from the pack and protecting the Cullens, Seth and Leah joining him, Bella’s pregnancy and the pain it is causing everyone, Bella giving birth and Jacob imprinting and Bella becoming a vampire, then meeting her daughter and Charlie’s visit and Alice’s vision and her leaving, then everyone coming to the Cullens, Bella’s power, then the final showdown.

    To me this is the core of the story and it is very important stuff. I honestly don’t know how they could fit this all in one movie even if they make it 3 hours long which we all know they wouldn’t. Some people might not agree that this book is fast paced, but it is and i know alot of us won’t want a movie going bam bam bam with too much information to take in.

    If Breaking Dawn is not made into two movie’s i’ll be extremely angry. The seventh Harry Potter is being split into two movies, and that book was a little bit shorter if not as long as Breaking Dawn and too be honest the seventh book didn’t have as much going on as Breaking Dawn.

  22. I really think the Renesmee doesn’t have to be CGI. I doubt they’ll be showing the baby version for very long. But if they do make a CGI Nessie i don’t think it would be pure CGI. Like face shots, maybe they’ll do it in the walking and stuff, but i see no point. The older Renesmee can just be an ordinary child. But instead of making Nessie look 2 at the showdown, maybe they’ll bring in a five year old. A lot of child actors are very smart.

  23. I would absolutely LOVE to see BD on the big screen! The only thing I would be worried about would be 1)how they do Renesmee and making her adorable & life like and 2)it would need to be 2 movies! there’s no way they could fit all that in 1 movie. I hope that they don’t just stop w/Eclipse. (The end is Edward & Bella engaged and then Jacob leaving, what a crappy way to end the series in my opinion.) I just hope that if they do it they do it right. I will be excited to see it & can wait as long as need to for a great movie.

  24. I’m with all those who don’t think that it should be made into a movie. Except for all the sexy stuff that happens in the beginning…it’s kind of boring. I would rather they ellude to future happenings during Eclipse. Maybe some weird dream sequence thing or something…I don’t know. I just don’t think it would make a very good movie. Just my opinion…

  25. Julie T. says:

    I hated Breaking Dawn and I really don’t want to see it in the movies but I know I will at midnight when it comes out but I won’t be happy. The only part that I am looking forward to is Jacob’s part because I love him <3 His part was the best part in the book ๐Ÿ™‚


  27. Julie M. says:

    That can’t make the three books into movies and then not the last one. That doesn’t make sense. BD wraps everything up and is a great story! I don’t care if it’s made into one or two movies, I just want it made.

    I’m surprised at some of the people who don’t want it made into a movie. You really think that? ๐Ÿ™

  28. Summit just acuired the rights to all four books,shortly after the first film came out. My best guess would be that they would start pre-production on Breaking Dawn in early 2010. The first Bella pov is only seven chapters and some of the Jacob section could be condensed from what it is in the novel. So they could either split the movie into two parts or make it three and half hours(which I’m more in favor of). It worked for the third Lord of the Rings movie and if they did split it in two,I’m not sure if the first part ending at Jacob imprinting on Renesmee would be a good cliffhanger or not.

    The other issue is the rating of course. Even if it gets an R rating,seeing as the fourth book dealt with more mature subject matters,I don’t think they’d go too far with the birthing scene. I hope we’ll get the good news after the New Moon returns come in that they will start working on BD after they complete filming on Eclipse.

  29. I really do hope that they make a BD movie. It just doesn’t make sense to make Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse and not Breaking Dawn.
    However, I can’t see it being made into two movies – one long movie like Marion said yes. They can easily condense some of it down. You gotta remember that BD I think out of ALL the books is the most descriptive because she’s become a vampire and analyzes everything.
    As for Renesemee I honestly think they could do her. I mean take a look at The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, while I’ve not seen it personally I’ve heard many people say that it made leaps and bounds in movie making. I’m sure they would figure out a way to make Nessie.
    While things may not be said and done I certainly hope that it will be soon. There will be many dissapointed fans if BD doesn’t come out as a movie.

  30. I am still for two movies, but I wouldn’t mind having most of Leah Clearwater’s dialogue cut. For me she is a pain. I skip over her part anyway.

    I want to see the time when Bella is pregnant and almost dies. I want to see Edward getting through that. I want to see her as a vampire. This book has so much intense story telling. After Alice left, Bella really believed (along with the entire Cullen family) they would all die. She had to make preparations for her daughter to grow up without her parents. That is a really tough storyline. It deserves to be shown as written. With passion.

    I can’t believe that Stephenie would expect this to be a PG-13 film. For crying out loud, she wrote the book. She more than anyone knows how adult it is.
    This is way, way past the point where Twilight was. Edward has been staying with Bella all night for the last year and a half. Sex? No. But, alot more than conversation.

    Make the movie according to the book. Let the parents of the “young fans” worry about whether they see it or not. Let the adult fans have the movie they want.

  31. I believe they will make Breaking Dawn! As far as the ratings make the movie as close to the book as possible. I had to wait to see movies when I was younger, so other people can wait too. This is going to be a great movie and I donโ€™t want it watered down. I donโ€™t know if there is a PG17 or PG16 that would be a good rating, or they can just go with R. Let the parents go with the younger fans, or they can wait.

  32. For all the people who didn’t like the book, who cares, don’t go to the movie. No one is holding a gun to your head and saying you have to go, stay home.

  33. Clearly, if we don’t want to go watch the movie we wont. However, we were just putting in our two cents whether or not it would make a good movie…and I stick by my decision that it wouldn’t. This is just a difference of opinion…nothing more.

  34. I don’t think breaking dawn is movie material. I agree with stephenie; Renesmee won’t come out right. Also the face off with the volturi strikes me as being anti-climactic for film. Im not sure a mental battle of wits will lend its self to film.

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