Rumor Control: Stephenie Meyer Being Sued

OK, we are going to go out on a limb on this one even though it’s Sunday and getting an official comment is practically impossible.

On April 10th the oh so scholarly and reliable Max-Dan-Wiz site runs a story supposedly obtained from the AP claiming Stephenie Meyer stole the idea for Twilight from her former college roommate, said roommate is suing her, A BYU professor is backing the roommate, and production has halted on New Moon.

OK let’s take this out step by step:

  • Article appeared on April 10: filming has gone on since that date most notably Friday when Vancity Allie got pictures of the cast in Bella’s Birthday party attire.
  • The article claims an AP wire as their source. We can find no such record of this on the AP.
  • The article claims Dr. Peter Benton now head of the BYU English Department is backing the claim. There is no Dr. Peter Benton at BYU (but he was a character on ER or a few seasons).
  • Stephenie’s supposed former roommate must be living under the biggest rock ever if in Salt Lake City of all places she is only just now hearing that her former roommate’s success is based on a vampire novel.
  • Vampire short story in the BYU curriculum…yeah…I’m sure the BYU undergrads wrote lots of vampire tales 15 years ago right along with all those stories involving lots of swearing, drinking, and pre-marital sex.

So who fell for this nonsense?

The Insider who thought for whatever reason it was a good idea to let fans upload stories and have it appear as if it were an official The Insider story. The site is reporting the story as fact, and is also running the story with the fan made poster WITH A TURKEY in the corner as if it were real. On a quick glance other news outlets who don’t read the fine print to realize this is a fan uploaded story are linking to this story.

Others who fell for this include:

Backseat Cuddler
…the list goes on. Run the words “Dr. Peter Benton and BYU” and “Heidi Stanton and BYU” though a Google search and you get tons more links.

EDITED: Official comment from Summit Entertainment regarding the portion of the story as it specifically refers to filming is as follows: “This rumor is certainly NOT true. Please let your readers know.”

EDITED: Official comment from Stephenie Meyer’s publisher regarding the portion of the story that refers to the lawsuit:

“This story is false.”

*Note the story on the Max-Dan-Wiz site has now been removed.


  1. OnceBitten says:

    Woooowwwww….yea, I’m so sure. Stephanie Meyer actually DID get the inspiration from her roommate….Oh, and did I mention I’m also the Queen of England? And, oh! Look at that, I believe a pig just flew by my window. Funny how that happens sometimes…

    • you know that she stole the idea when she said she had LITTLE EXPERIENCE IN WRITING. a miracle cant just pop out like that when she suddenly becomes rich. you also know she copied her “friend” cuz her “friend” only gave her the very basic plot. thats also why she explained how hot edward was every 2 sentences.

  2. this isnt true at all?

  3. the_apathy says:

    Stephenie Meyer stole the lastnames “Cullen” and “Swan” from a Stephen King series called “The Stand” (1994) starring Rob Lowe… The character who’s mentally challenged who accompanies him during his trip has the lastname Cullen, and then one of the women they meet on their way (another main character), her lastname is “Swan”.

    Though I do like Stephenie Meyer’s books, I think it’s unprofessional the fact that she can’t even think of original names/lastnames for her characters… I mean, come on, it can’t be a coincidence, since the series is related to fantasy/horror.

  4. my friend was telling me bout this and i started yelling that’s not true… she got that idea from a dream AND who would start a roumer like that OMG!!!!!

    • Shes a FRAUD says:

      Someone who can spell rumor correctly and can tell a fraud when they see one.

    • i so totally dont believe some of u guys because stephine is so aweswomeand i dont think she stoll the idea from anyone so yeah just stop staying stuff when u dont know the truth.

  5. … she stole that crap from someone else?

    • Bella Cullen says:

      she din’t steal the story from someone..She had a dream about it

      • The Wolk says:

        Oh please, she can say that until she’s blue in the face but it’s not true. Honestly, it’s a pathetic excuse. Meyer’s “inspirations” are very clear in the series. Go read the Sookie Stackhouse series, the vampire Diaries, Vampire Kisses, and most of the other 90’s vampire books. The likenesses are as clear as day. Not small likenesses either. I’m surprised no body has called her out on these.

        She may have had a dream but she clearly drew her inspiration from other books.

        • Shes a FRAUD says:

          Omg i entirely agree the Twilight Saga is so much alike the Sookie Stackhouse books i mean make the characters younger move them north and change there names and you basicly have the same books….Her friend who feed her “vampire fascination” feed her a whole bunch of books she read…Next time someone decides to compile a bunch of really interesting, good books lets pick a more well spoken author please….she puts vampires to shame!

  6. The-Girl-With-CLAWS says:

    JAJAJA, of course it’s a rumor!
    only someone as retarded as Smeyer could come up with crap like that! XD
    I mean, vampires SPARKLING!
    And that stupid Mary-sue of a main character, Bella!

  7. Becky Todd says:

    Well doesn’t surprise me that she is apparantly being sued, as the Twilight series (no matter how much I love them) are basically a compilation of other books/films!!! And for all we know they might not just be rumours they could be true!

  8. gogogregg says:

    i dont really like twilight so i dont care i just got told to click this link, my gf is obbessed with it, edward puts me to shame really, kinda sucks

    • The Wolk says:

      Just how poorly do you treat your girlfriend? Do you disable her car so she can’t leave her house? Do you go behind her back and make decisions for her when she clearly doesn’t want you do? Do you constantly belittle her? Do you offer to let her best friend sleep with her as long he preforms an abortion on her that she does not want? Do you play with your girl friends emotions like a yo-yo

      Because Edward does.

  9. errm I actually fell in for this and spent ages talking on the phone to my bezzie, saying just how unfair this was. I feel so stupid.

    • Shes a FRAUD says:

      You should feel stupid. believe she didn’t plagarize someone elses work sayed eerm and bezzie spent “ages” on the phone talking about this?!
      I bet you didn’t even read the books(illiterate); you probably just saw the first movie and pretend to act like you know everything about twilight.

  10. TwilightFan101 says:

    Hi! Thank you so much for reavealing the truth! It makes me feel so much better! You saved my life

  11. Can I just point something out? It has been proven that her college friend did write something similar to Twilight. The paper’s been seen – so there’s no denying that Steph’s college friend wrote it. Whether or not Steph stole the idea is for the crazy fangirls to argue about.

    My opinion…well, I won’t state it because I’ll be attacked, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she did steal it. The whole dream thing is so farfetched. Being a writer myself, I know that it’s farfetched.

    And for the whole mini Stephen King topic going on: I agree with him. Stephenie needs to attend a writer’s workshop, and girls need to stop obsessing over the books just because Edward is supposed to be hot. I mean, seriously. Wtf.

    And, if she didn’t take it from her college friend, she most certainly got some from the Vampire Diaries (L.J. Smith, written in 1990s; same basic plot). Just saying.

  12. Wow! “The Insider” should be more properly name “the Outsider”. Any article where Stephenie Meyer’s name is spelled wrong (with an ‘A’)is more than obviously a FALSE!!!!!

  13. Twilight is Trash says:

    Even if this story is a not true, Stephanie Meyer is a fraud. Ever heard of the graphic novel Elfquest from the late 1970s? The story-line of the wolves from Twilight is stolen right from that. I hope Wendy and Richard Pini sue her and expose her for the fraud that she is. Stephanie Meyer cannot write, her story is made for a bunch of dim-witted little girls who’s life ambitions are now to be swept off their feet by abusive, controlling, and immature men. Stephanie, please go crawl back to whatever shallow pool you came out of. You’re a joke and you know it. Seriously.

  14. If anyone is going to sue Meyer, It should be Anne Rice. The Twilight books are like a bad Anne Rice Fan fiction.

  15. Shes a FRAUD says:

    Okay the twilight books were awesome until i read the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris their storylines have key familiar parts with minor details copied…The only difference Charlaine Harris had hers copywrited in 2001 vs. Stephanie Meyers whose was copywrited in 2005. I don’t know about The Nocturne but I know Stephanie Meyer totally jacked her books. She deserves to be penalized.

  16. Honestly, these books have been out for several years and this whole Twilight MAINIA has been going on for a while. It’s funny too because i know when i was reading Twilight i wouldnt put it down. So if she has four children unless they’re all young she’s heard of it. Also she probably has freinds that have read it.
    “Hey watch reading?”
    “Oh the best book ever, it’s a love story between a vampire and and human.” DING DING! That lady is STUPID! I mean Jeesh! Twilights everywhere. It’s even been on the news!!

  17. Ha! She stole so many different things from other books read the book over people, she did believe it or not!

  18. Twilight is a big fat ripoff of underworld. Only diff is that twilight is the stupid preppy version

  19. I think it’s interesting that many people are saying that stephenie meyer has ripped off this person and this person and this person….if we’re going to go that route, then every artist has ripped off every other artist. look at all the other vampire series out there that are similar to one another! or fantasy books, or movies with similar characters or plots. whether or not the copying was intentional, there is something that sets twilight apart from the others that makes it so popular.

  20. nametroubles says:

    suing for the theft of bad ideas is just sad 🙁

  21. Twilight soiled everything that Vampires and Werewolves stood for. Those creatures shouldn’t even be called vampires and werewolves. First of all, Vampires DIE in the sun…. not sparkle like fairies. Second, Werewolves are only werewolves on the full moon. Third, Vampires drink people’s blood. Not animal blood. Fourth, Werewolves only become werewolves if they get bitten by a werewolf. Fifth, it is not, under any circumstances, romantic for a guy to sneak into your bedroom and watch you sleep. That’s stalkerish. And another thing, vampire’s eyes are RED. Not BLACK. Or GOLD. RED.And the way to kill a vampire is to stick it with a wooden cross. Not tear it’s head off. Werewolves can only die with silver bullets. Vampires aren’t capable of offspring so they suck humans’blood but don’t kill them and they become vampires. And one last thing….. Vampires. Turn. Into. BATS. End of story. Meyer ruined everything vampires and werewolves built in the past. Now when people think ‘Vampire’, they’ll think sparkly fairies named Edward Cullen. And when they think ‘Werewolves’, they’ll think of pre-pubesent boys like Jacob Black.


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