First Look at New Moon “Where’s Rob-do” Commercial

(huff)  (puff)  Did I make it in time?  Is it not midnight yet?

When the Lexicon took me under their wing (theoretically speaking) they told me to make sure I got my video uploaded before midnight of Sunday.  They did not, however, clarify which time zone I needed to get it in by.  And then they leaned closer (with a twinkly twinkle in their eye) and said:

“If you don’t have your video up by then, you’ll be TURNED TO STONE!”  (see example below)

Brace yourselves for some scary kafuffin, guys.

NOOOOOO.  I need them!  All of them!  How can I be a writer if (as the pirates say) Stone Men Tell No Tales?

So because of these subtle hints/threats, I have spent the greater part of this Sunday trying to find Twilight stories that were Controversial or Scandalous.  And I ended up talking about Yes Man, and leaving the house and nearly getting killed at the gym (for reals…it was a dreadful embarassment).

Comments much appreciaterized.  BlogTV on Friday at!  Lots of Oreos will be eaten and dedicated.

Jaden Nation runs a weekly satire piece, but the views and opinions expressed are those of Jaden Nation, not persay the Twilight Lexicon.


  1. I don’t really like these videos… maybe I just have no sense of humor, but am I the only one who doesn’t quite understand the point of these?

  2. LOL, Hyper he was! He’s so funny. I don’t know if its because I have friends like that so I am used to it, or because he’s just a tiny bit more humorous then them. Everytime I hear ZOMG I think of him. He says it so much,lol. I think i’m a little hyper too. Had a little to much sugary treats today.

  3. i love his videos!! they are always so random!
    random is cool!!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I have never listened to him before but I thought he was entertaining and funny. Sounded great! 🙂

  5. shortstuff says:

    its 10:45pm on sunday where i am (toronto) so i think youre good!

    also, you can always try cuz she always has the latest on filming in vancouver.

    love your vids, keep it up.

  6. I think these are the worse posts on this website. I skip over them. Let’s stick to the photo updates and star sitings. 🙂

  7. NuttyNetty says:

    I’m not a big fan of his vids either… not my kind of humor… =\

  8. Jaden, I think you mean ‘per se’? xD

    I would like to point out to those who don’t like these posts — And that’s your opinion. I am TOTALLY okay with that. — that you can ACTUALLY just skip over them. 😡 I’m not saying you don’t have a right to comment about your dislike for Jaden’s humor, but I’ve been getting the impression over the weeks that the constant “I don’t like this!” posts means that people are actually prompting the Lex to actually discontinue Jaden’s series. That might not have been your intention, but that’s just what I was thinking. I’M NOT TRYING TO STEP ON ANY TOES! It’s just that I actually like Jaden’s sense of humor AND these videos, and so I would be REALLY sad to see them leave.

    LOVE TO EVERYONE! NO CONTROVERSY! I run away from it. xD

  9. Jaden you rock! Yet another hilarious vid!!

  10. Wonderfully halarious!

  11. runswiththewolves says:

    Who is this exactly? He just kind of popped up rather recently…

    It seems that he’s Kaleb’s brother, but other than that it’s rather unclear who he is/what connection he has to Twilight.

    Anyone willing to fill me in? Thanks!

  12. Maddie Cullen says:


  13. vampireartist says:

    I really like these video’s. If you don’t like them that’s your opinion but you don’t have to put down jaden in the comment box. Just simply say that you dont like the video’s and everything will be ok. Out of the hundreds of posts i’m sure you can stand ONE that you don’t like because so many other people like it.

  14. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! that had to be the funniest thing i’ve seen on youtube in a very long time… keep them coming!


  15. that was really random he was like rambling the whole time.

  16. JADEN! lol you got suckered into doing Twilight stuff? wwwooooowww. you could have told me! then again… you never return e-mails!

  17. Oh, really, people. Why do so many people hate on Jaden? He’s funny! If you don’t like his sense of humor or what have you YOU DON’T HAVE TO WATCH HIS VIDEOS!!! Yeesh! I do like his videos and I don’t know what everyone’s problem is. Jaden haters are not true Twilight fans. <:(

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