Vampires Are Done Filming?

It seems like Kellan Lutz made an off-handed comment that might indicate that the vampires will be done filming in Vancouver shortly. Given that the majority of the Cullens are only present in the very beginning and the very end of the novel, the story seems probable. Given the re-arrival of Edi Gathegi and Rachelle Lefevere and since Cristian Serratos on her blog confirmed that the humans are also done filming, it looks like filming is clipping along at a productive and efficient pace. Also, since New Moon has a lot more interiors than Twilight, and the vampires are less in it, its far less weather dependent.

This also means that they are free for other projects such as PR appearances at film festivals, or shooting schedules of other features.

See Robessed for the details pulled together from several sources.


  1. Wonderful news/rumor!

  2. still italy to go, though – lots of good robness there! seems like filming is going well! exciting!

  3. B Cullen24 says:

    Woot! It’s good to hear that they are on a fast and steady track to the November opening 🙂

  4. They are getting this thing filmed fast! They will only need abotu 2-3 more months to finish filming and editing! Maybe they will do to same thing with Twilight and move up the release date. November is waaaay to far away……

  5. NuttyNetty says:

    the sooner the better! lol

  6. Rob was at Coachella to see Morrissey and it said he was in cut off jeans! I want to see a pic of his legs!!!

    • Darn, I knew I should have gone. I was out of town running errands…errr!!! But then again, I would have possible missed him, even if he was standing right in front of me. I’m terrible at spotting people.

    • Annabella says:

      Rob is a Morrisey fan?? I adore Morrisey! Haha, I’m getting inot a fit of fangirl excitedness. *humms ‘First of the Gang to Die’ while staring at picture of Rob*

  7. That’s good news!

  8. Okay, let get to Italy!

  9. Oh, I dont care about what is happening! I just really want to see the movie! Cant wait!

  10. looks like Rob is SOOO ready to go home…

  11. Rob’s gone? *Sobs*

  12. Rob’s done probably for now, he’ll have to go back to meet them in Italy. This gives him time to promote Little Ashes.

  13. I read that Robert will go back to London for one week and then he’ll be in Italy to continue filming. I assume that will be when Bella goes to Volterra and saves Edward. Great! Now let’s get introduced to the Volturi and the new faces of New Moon!

  14. Noooooooo!
    Damn, I don’t want the Vamps to leave yet! I still haven’t caught a glimpse of them :'(.

  15. AWW im going to miss the vamps eventhough its only going to be a little while, I hope that they dont leave out anything in the part where Edward leaves Bella, its really sad but i think its the key that lets us know how mutch he really loves her ….

  16. Wow they really are moving filming a long. It will be sad to see the Cullens go but will be awesome when they’re back at the end. Now bring on Italy and the Volturi! Can’t wait to get some news and hopefully pictures from the filming of that. Even though this movie will have its sad moments I’m still excited! Man November seems too far away!

  17. great news so when will i be waiting for them here in Puerto Rico La Isla del Encanto Que bello es todo !!!!!!

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