Access Hollywood: Talks To Alex Meraz Again


  1. Beka Cullen says:

    Cool video. But do you think that he was meaning “Kristen” when he said “Christian”? He kept talking about “Rob & Christian”. 🙂

  2. Yeah who is Christian? He also uses he and she to describe Christian, if he’s talking about Kristen than he needs to get his act together.

  3. kehacakes says:

    I know, I thought the same thing. Luckily there is a Christian too, so it isn’t as bad I guess. Maybe, that is who he meant, but I doubt it.He’s so cute, who cares. He can call me by another name if he wants. lol

  4. He was talking about Kristen!

  5. It’s really nice that they all get along. I don’t really know but i guess that kristen is really great person, whoever speak about her say that she’s cool and great and you can see that they mean so

    • Have you ever seen an interview where anybody actually bashes their co-stars? I’m not saying it’s untrue, but I’ve seen enough interviews where people compliment there co-stars and come to find out they couldn’t stand them.

  6. I’d say give him a break. Rob and Kristen are awful in interviews and he already does better than they do. I’m assuming he is talking about Kristen but there is a Kristen and a Christian so maybe he’s still getting it all straight. He’s probably not been obsessing over the movies like the rest of us. People that have known me my entire life STILL screw up my name so whatever:D

  7. livvycullen says:

    Ya i no at first i was like Christan??? lol no its kristen u could tell when he said shes really hardcore lol LOVE KRISTEN!! He seems like a nice guy 🙂

  8. Why exactly is he the only one ever being interviewed lately? I hope he ends up being a good Paul!

    So what is a “Kill-o-wet”? lol He had a little bit of trouble with that one… and “Christian” haha

    I can’t wait to see him and the other boys in the pack!

    • NezziLautner says:

      yea, i know! Paul doesn’t even have a big part, but thats ok. i think he’s doing a good job and plus HES IN THE WOLF PACK!!! with my boy taylor!!!

  9. Julie M. says:

    It could be Christian Serratos(Angela).

  10. i highly doubt it would be Christian Serratos he is talking about since he would have no scenes with her and why would he asociate her with Rob? so he is deff talking about Kristin. lol

  11. allisonlovesedward says:

    he’s pretty sexy. but paul is a small role. why has he been interviewed so much lately?

  12. lirael cullen says:

    Alex seems like such a down to earth guy giving interviews about New Moon while everyone is like hush, hush about the whole event. He’s awesome and i do indeed believe our jaws are going to drop come November.
    lol just a comment but, remember during a month of the filming of twilight we already had pictures, interviews, and photo’s of everything? hahah i think we did anyways. Now its a month of filming and all we have are cast listings, a couple of pictures of jacobs house, and this interview section deal that ET is doing next week. hahah just a comment ^_^

  13. Maybe that’s just how he pronounces Kristen… Not on purpose or by accident.

  14. Devon061381 says:

    Dude seriously…the wolf pack is shaping up to be pretty smokin’ HOT! Damn. Love me some lightly-toasted brown men 😀

  15. ScarletRubie says:

    That’s just the way he says Kristen, maybe he just pronounces things differently, i didn’t catch the Kristen thing at first but i did notice the Killowete thing, i was like what is he talking about, it’s Quiluete! It seems it’s just the way he speaks.

  16. Awww. Yeah, he’s not doin’ too well at pronunciations, but he seems like SUCH a nice guy!

  17. La Bruja says:

    He said Kristen people and i hav to agreee with him that she is awesome! I like how he said that he gets to turn into a wolf the size of a horse!!! Its shows that they are keeping that part of the book true at least! YES!!!! it’s gona be good!!!!!

  18. Haha when he first talked about turning into a wolf and mentioned horses I was like “wait what!?” I didn’t hear him say “a wolf the size of a horse” lol but he seems like a nice guy! he has an interesting accent. it’ll be fun watching him play Paul, I think.

  19. I’m glad they get along. With all the negativity going on about Kristen (which I don’t understand at all) it’s good to hear her costars like her. She seems pretty awesome to me too!
    By the way, the wolf pack is gorgeous. And he seems pretty nice. 🙂

  20. he’s so cool – badboy! woo woo!… you guys know what he meant with his mispronunciations, no big deal.

  21. He is so cool! I love him! I’m so glad they get along. Glad to hear that her coworkers appreciate her. Kristen gets enough bad press.

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  22. Of course he was talking about Kristen and not “Christian”.It’s his way of saying the name.It seems,by hearing from the cast,that New Moon is getting better and better.Hopefully.

  23. well, it’s just 1 mistake- oh well

    he sounds like a humble and nice person. lucky his wife!!

  24. I did notice the mispronunciations on the Quileute part but that’s not important. What is important is he is fairly good at interviews (better than KS & RP) and is really good looking.

    Hey I just noticed that in new moon (which I just re-read again) Paul is short? Just saying, not that Alex is bad, because he is damn sexy and makes me melt every time i see him.

    I love that they mentioned the fact that the werewolves are “the size of a horse”. Its directly from the New Moon novel, Bella’s vision of them. I was going to be so mad if they turned out to be some small little wolf like in the twilight flashbacks/scary stories part.

    And for every who hasn’t realized it yet, but the reason they are suddenly interviewing Alex is because many people notice his artistic and creative potential ability to become a great actor or film person(i.e. look on his MySpace) and …DUH his is fuzzing HOT, anyone can see that.

    But I do have to admit I love Taylor so much more and he is closer to my age.

    Somewhere online in an Alex interview he mentioned that when they aren’t on camera they just constantly workout on and off set 24/7. Do think they could video tape that for me it sounds so hot?

  25. ^^^ to: ciera
    hehehe yeah I hope the working out btw/before takes makes it into the special features on the NM dvd I would love to see that

    • Yes, you’re right; they should put all the hot wolves working out on DVD.
      You known I’ll be watching and drooling like a million times over.
      *hint*hint* someone close to the new moon movie should mention this to whoever creates behind-the-scene extras. 😉 *

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