Site Update: Breaking Dawn Chapters 12-14

We have just updated our chapter summaries for Breaking Dawn:

Chapter 12 summary, Some People Just Don’t Grasp the Concept of Unwelcome, forum discussion

Chapter 13 summary, Good Thing I’ve Got a Strong Stomach, forum discussion

Chapter 14 summary, You Know Things Are bad When You Feel Guilty For Being Rude to Vampires, forum discussion

Thank you to Goodnight Elizabeth for the Chapter 12 & 14 summaries and to Una for the Chapter 13 summary.

EDITED: Links fixed


  1. Why in the link of chapter 14 I’m been taken to chapter 14 of New Moon?
    Is that right?

  2. Thanks!

    Ive been waiting forever for these.

  3. well i would love to go fill those out on the discussion board, but i havent been able to log on to the forums for like a month. ugh. ugh.

  4. i cant read chapter 17 – 20 for breaking dawn it is just blank when you click on the link whats going on?

    • OMG! u r so right! i have been trying for days and i still cant read chapters 17-20 of breaking dawn! i even reload my page every five minutes. when will we get 2 read those chapter! I’m dying.

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