MTV Movie Awards: Twilight Fans Take Control!

The nominations for the MTV movie awards are just starting. This year, there’s something different, and no we don’t mean that they had the very good sense to not to have Russel Brand host again. Mercifully, Andy Samberg of SNL fame will be doing that.

According to MTV the awards, for the first time in history, are now in your hands:

It’s time for some serious pop-culture studying because MTV is putting you โ€” and your love of the year’s best movies โ€” to work. For the first time in the 18-year history of the MTV Movie Awards, we’re opening up the nomination process to fans.

Here’s how it’ll happen: Starting Monday (April 13), head over to the official Movie Awards site to select the nominees in categories like Best Movie, Best Fight and Best Kiss. You’ll be able to pick from a list of more than 200 movies. MTV Mobile users can also make choices in the Best Movie category by texting VOTE to 66333. Voting for this round will close on April 20.

Twilight is among the nominees in these categories:

Best Movie: Twilight
Best Female Performance: Kristen Stewart
Best Male Performance: Robert Pattinson
Breakthrough Female Performance: Kristen Stewart (Dakota Fanning is also nominated for Push)
Breakthrough Male Performance: Both Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are nominated
Best Villain: Cam Gigandent
Best Kiss: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
Best Fight: Robert Pattinson and Cam Gigandet



  1. Love the idea!!!
    so about to do this!
    follow me on twitter

  2. Well, looks like Twilight will be winning EVERYTHING this year. Who cares about the other stuff…

  3. Stinacullen says

    woo hoo! im totally doing this, Twilight will win it all!!!

  4. Twilight will definitely win an award if not all..

    Care to challenge the strength of the twilight addicts? LOL

  5. Gotta be honest, Kristen Stewart should not win Best Female Performance esp. when compared to those other nominees. Just my opinion though. I voted for Twilight in all of the other catagories though. =)

  6. how many times can u vote?

  7. VioletSakura says

    If I can vote more than once, I’ll vote every day!!! LOL!!
    If Twilight wins all the nominations, I’ll be the happiest person!!!!! GO GO GO TWILIGHT!!!!!
    A Pity I couldn’t vote for both Robert and Taylor at the same time, sorry Taylor, but my choice was obvious!!!! ROB FAN!! Though I’m team Switzerland!!

  8. definetly wont be voting for best women performance for kristen, lmao. if she wins then its just a bunch of fans voting for the sake of twilight. that girl deserves to win absolutley nothing. maybe for taking twilight movie and acting her most horrible, shes ever acted in something. but i will be voting best fight, and robert <3

    • I disagree.
      If Kristen wins, it may be because some people think she had the best female performance. I am voting for her because I think she is a great actress and her performance in Twilight was great, not because I’m a Twilight fan.

      • I agree with you, Leah. It’s horrible to just assume that Kristen has no fans, & that everyone would just vote for her for the sake of Twilight. I’m voting for her because unlike a lot of people in this forum, I judged her based on her performance in Twilight & in honest interviews with her, & not just with rumors & crap. She’s an amazing actress, people should see other movies with her in it to see that, like Speak or The Cake Eaters.

  9. Just to show the power of the twilight fans I hope it wins everything. INCLUDING Kristen Stewart for best female actress. I personally think she did great as Bella. In the book Bella is awkward and quiet, just as Kristen portrayed her. When you read midnight sun (the draft) it mentions little things that Bella does, such as blink a lot when she talks. Well, I’d say Kristen nailed that one. I wish everyone would stop giving her a hard time. She is very talented and has unique characteristics for an actress.


    • TOTALLY and 100% agree with you Emily!!!

    • I totally agree with you as well. Kristen’s performance was absolutely amazing in Twilight, among many other movies. If people would stop judging her based on her different personality (which I find great, because I’m sick of those actresses/actors out there with bratty personalities), and start judging her based on how she portrayed Bella almost exactly the way she was in the book, that’d be great. I’m so sick of Kristen-haters.

  10. How do you vote? It’s not letting me vote. ๐Ÿ™

  11. I voted Twilight on quite a lot of categories, but not all, because there were certain things about the movie that I didn’t like and so I don’t want to encourage them. I am still hoping Chris Weitz makes a ton of improvements on New Moon.

  12. AriLovesEdward! says

    I voted, except I couldn’t vote for Cam for best villain , cause when you’re up against the Joker, there no comparison, Heath Ledger was just so amazing in that role

    • JessakaMitz says

      LOL, I voted for Heath too.

    • JessakaMitz says

      I voted for Twilight on a few of them, but definitely not all of them. I voted for what I believed was most deserving. Off the top of my head, I can say that I did not vote for Twilight in best fight, breakout female (?), best villain…and a few others.

      As for the debate about it not being the best movie, I think everyone has their own tastes, and it is possible that someone thinks it is most deserving of best movie. This year, to me, it was the best movie (love story), so I voted for it and don’t care if someone disagrees with me – because it was my favorite this year (or past year rather).

  13. Ashley Renee says

    Twilight will pwn. XD

  14. I could only vote what I thought Twilight deserved which was in my opinion: Best Kiss & Best Fight. I do think it will win most of the awards because their love for Twilight will overrule what they really think. The rest of the awards should go to the Slumdog cast and Heath Ledger. Love Twilight, but that’s what’s fair.

  15. I have to disagree with you there, Emily. Kristen doesn’t ever really act. I’ve never seen her play a character, she just goes in and does basically the same thing in each movie. For me she didn’t capture the essence of Bella at all. I didn’t get the feeling of her being shy and sweet, I got the feeling of her being condescending and mad at the world. But I’m still optimistic and I hope that she can pull it off in New Moon.

    • Rachel A. says

      I agree with you. In all of the movies I have ever seen KS in, she “acts” the same. Catherine as director definitely does not pull out the best from the actors (so I am hoping for a better performance in NM).

    • Rachel A. says

      I am a Twilight fan (of the books). Even if you liked the movie, you should still be able to see why it shouldn’t win any awards (perhaps best kiss…not in my opinion, but that would be the only category that would be semi-legit). I would never vote for the movie to win anything, it doesn’t deserve to. I would however vote for the books.

    • Let’s hope so. Because they seem to be stacking up the Volturi side with more experienced actors. Because one of the worst things in a movie is when everybody’s acting is not on the same level.

  16. Bes Kiss has to be RP/KS!!!!

    and, I think KS did okay as Bella. I have no real compalaints (I may have a thing or two but I can let it go). KS rocks!!!!

  17. I think Kristin can act i honestly just think it was Catherine that didnt use the right takes or direction.
    Kris is just the actor and is pretty much told how to act by the director. Catherine could have easily said to Kris “try and tone tone down the blinking it distracting to the scene.”
    Also there is a clip on the dvd of Kris actually tearing up in the hospital scene, but Catherine used some other suttering take.
    Watch Kris in the Cake Eaters if you havent, the girl has skills.

  18. WannabeMrsCullen says

    i voted for it all. though i loved the batman film and Mamma Mia! I think Kristen did well as Bella, she got the shy, akward, blinking thing down. I don’t think Twilight will win everything but it HAS to win the Best Kiss, i mean COME ON!

  19. OMG happy happy person

    i really hope twilight wins best movie and kiss

    I FEEL REALLY BAD I COULD NOT vote for taylor and rob.

    i wasnt going to vote for kristen but maybe she will loose up a bit. she took her roll way to serious thats going to be her family[in the book]soon.she was a bit like “oh yeah” “i dont care”and the facial expressions but other than that she was fine.

    im voting night and day for twilight to win

    im trying really hard not to jinks it


  20. If you have seen any other of Kristen’s movies, especially Speak, you must know she definitely can act. Just because she had a subtle, low-key manner does not mean she can’t act. Bella was not an over-the-top person. If you did not like the final product on the screen, lay that at the door of Catherine Hardwicke. She made all the decisions for each and every final scene. Not to mention endless last minute rewrites of the script. Catherine was between the actor and you as to what you saw.

    More than I can say I am looking forward to seeing Chris Weitz’s vision.

    • Finally someone posts something positive and honest about Kristen. Honestly, a lot of people think her performance wasn’t all that great but I beg to differ. I think she did just as good, if not better, than Robert. Her past movies prove just that: Speak, The Messengers, The Cake Eaters, Adventureland. She’s an excellent actress. And like you said, if anyone should take the blame for any negative aspects of her acting it should be the director herself.

    • Kristen did awesome in Speak. My mom is a retired senior high health teacher and showed this movie to her students. It was very powerful!

  21. uh…I just voted for everything Twilight. ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. Yay! I adooooooore Andy Samberg! He’s super hilarious. And more… aware, let’s say, than (ugh) Russel Brand…

  23. VioletSakura says

    Hey! Come on GUYS!!! I love KS as an actress, though I’m not so sure about her personality, but he’s a great actress, but in SOME WAYS!!! I mean she can represent pain, fear, horror PERFECTLY!!! OH an also when she’s not content, it’s a thing to see too!!! But I don’t know so much about her ability to show love!!! I mean, come on, in the books, Bella is head over heals for Edward, in the movie you can’t see that, let her alone, and she’ll scream at Edward!!! But as the film was mostly about Bella’s beaing not contenet with her life, afraid for her life, horrified that she would die soon, it was GOOD!! I love the film, love KS!!! The film should win it all!!! Though I doubt it!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  24. Russell Brand is awesome, fyi. Just because he interrupted Saint Robert doesn’t mean he’s a terrible person/host.

  25. Profit2829 says

    I have been waiting for this for sooo long!!!!

    Twilight fans from all over the world LETS SO THIS!!!

    The last time I did this was for “Best Kiss” MTV Award with United States of Gosling… and Ryan and Rachel won Best Kiss… I dunno you guys remember that but it was AN AWESOME acceptance speech errr kiss!!

    *here’s hoping for the same* hehehe I doubt it but I will still hope!

    • That’s because Ryan and Rachel were dating at the time. Not everybody who wins best Kiss actually kiss each other on the stage (which is why I know most people are voting for them), and sometimes only one person shows up to accept the award. IF they are at the award show, and IF they win that category i doubt she will let Rob kiss her, Kristen doesn’t need another reason for shippers to believe her and Rob are hooking up.

  26. VOTED!!!
    everything twilight except i had to vote for
    emily browning she was always the bella i pictured plus the uninvited was great!

  27. lucky_angel0309 says

    Twilighters Unite! lol! We are so gonna dominate the MTV awards!! We’re gonna win everything lol! I just finished voting : )

  28. I just voted for the nominations, Im sure it will make it through to the final nominations to be voted on to win!! I guess we will find out next monday. I dont know about best movie but I hope they atleast win Best Kiss, and maybe breakthrough actor/actress ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Seriously, guys?

    Are you voting for the Twilight movie in all of the categories because you really, truly believe it deserves them or just because “it’s Twilight?”

    Because in my opinion, the movie wasn’t really all THAT great and some of the others in those categories are far more deserving.

  30. I honestly voted for other movies then I did Twilight. It wasn’t that great of a movie. I did however vote for Rob. There were a lot of movies that were better.

    I love Twilight and always will, but it just wasn’t my favorite movie this year

  31. What difference does the reason make? I want Twilight to win. I want Summit and anyone else who makes the decisions to know the fan support is THERE! The more I watch the movie, the more I like it. Would I change anything in it, sure. But, as that can’t happen, I’ll still take it over the others. I don’t own a copy of any of them. And don’t plan to.

    • Summit knows the fan support is there. Now they need to know that New Moon has to be WAY better than Twilight on film.

      That’s why I didn’t for Twilight in every category because I don’t want to encourage them that they were in any way on the right track with Catherine’s rendition.

    • The way Summit knows the fan support is there, is when they buy the tickets for the movie. I doubt they take the MTV awards seriously, it’s really become nothing but a popularity contest.

    • If that’s your logic, then Slumdog millionaire deserves to win because lIke Twilight it was (a) Adapted from a book. (b) It had a tiny budget, it was $11 million, Twilight’s was $37 million. (c)It was about the same length.

  32. OK SOMEONE HELP!!! IM technalogically impaired and i cant vote cos when ur signin up 4 it t keeps saying my URL is wrong and i cant get it right. what do u rite..???? ๐Ÿ™

  33. Michelle M. says

    Yay!!! Voted for Twilight!!! Why? Because Twilight Rocks!!! : ) Yes, the movie was not as great like the book but hey, for the budget and time frame I think it did really well so I’m just happy to vote Twilight!!! : p

  34. Ugh. Well, I don’t have an account. And you can FORGET about me making one. -sigh- I’ll just watch the awards, and pray that Twilight will win more than three–even four–awards. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And Rebecca, you’ve tried to make an account, right? Well, maybe it’s just something wrong in the URL, like you can’t do numbers or certain symbols. I ran into that problem long ago when I tried to make an account at MTV. I gave up, but that doesn’t mean you have to. (Go pep talks! :))

    My advice, try to find someone you know who has one, and have them help you figure out what the heck you are doing wrong. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hope that was helpful. (And not just me rambling.)

  35. haha ok thanks love bite ๐Ÿ˜‰

  36. why is is OK for whomever wrote this to say Russel Brand is a bad host but when I commented that Glenn Beck was a right-wing biased crazy someone from the site got offended. Both are opinions and I think it shows someone is favoring conservatism. Unless it is just because he cut off Rob which is a lame reason. Anyway short story long ๐Ÿ™‚ I like Russel Brand’s comedy.

    • Sarah, you could not be anymore wrong about (ugh) Russell Brand. First off, the guy is not funny. Secondly, he acted like a complete jackbutt last year at the VMA’s. Thirdly, there are these wonderful products known as shampoo, toothpaste, and a hairbrush. Has he EVER heard of them or seen them? I was disgusted when I found out that he got nominated at all.

      • Rachel A. says

        funny what you said about how he needs to use those hygiene products, I totally agree. I don’t care if he interrupted RP, Brand is disgusting to look at and to listen to (in my opinion). I dislike “comedians” who rely on tasteless jokes and crude humor to get laughs out of people. To each his own though.

      • I’m kind of curious as to how you know he doesn’t wash his hair or brush his teeth…Russell styles his hair like that, it isn’t just stuck there with sweat and oil.

        And also, have you seen Robert’s hair?!

      • i just wanna say that everyone has their own opinions on humor, and just because YOU think russel brand isn’t funny, doesn’t mean it’s a fact…that’s just YOUR opinion…and his personal hygeine should not be of any importance to anyone other than the people he works with on a daily basis, so i don’t really understand when or why that became a valid way to measure someone’s ability to host an award show…and sara, i would also like to point out that this website is not biased: they only delete comments that use obscene or vulgar language, and i think that includes excessively harsh opinions…so i doubt they deleted what you said because of who you were talking about, but instead because of the language that you used…ok, rant over lol

      • We were referring to Russel’s cutting off of the Twilight contingent last year.

        As for the other I can’t remember the comment specifically, but as long as it contained no cursing, didn’t start a political war (we are a politics free site, the owners of this website have vastly…trust me..vastly different political views), and didn’t harp on religion, or personally attack another user we would have left the comment be.

        • Wow I didn’t expect to get a response ๐Ÿ™‚

          Well OK to be honest I don’t think my comment got deleted but I did see that some got offended and just assumed the reasoning (you know what they say about assuming). I probably unfairly used the Glenn Beck incident to prove the point that not everyone hates Russel Brand and I didn’t really appreciate it blatantly in a news article.

          About Russel’s hair: it is a character he is playing I’m sure you (the people complaining about his look) have heard comedians do that sometimes like Larry the Cable guy (maybe that type of comedy is up your alley).

          I agree that not everyone has to like his comedy but as I said it was unnecessary to put that opinion in the news article. I think he was only mildly funny on the VMAs and he is much better when he doesn’t have to be censored. He can be over the top for some people’s taste, but that is his character. Thanks for all your opinions.

          Here is a clip with Craig Fergusen (its PG)

  37. I LOVE TWILIGHT so i voted them for everything, too bad they didnt go for funny (of course the movie isnt funny, but i still would have voted them) LOL Jk

  38. theotheradoptedcullen says

    Ok, why is Taylor even nominated? He is only in the movie for a total of 5 minutes….I wish they would of waited for next year.

    • Ha-ha! I know, right? I am a HUGE Taylor fan, but even I wouldn’t go as far as putting him in the run. I think that they are jumping the gun on this one. They definitely should have waiting until after NM; that would’ve given him more of a chance.

  39. Twi~dancer72 says

    Twilight definetly deserves Best Kiss, best breakout actor(rob& taylor) and best Villin (but heath ledger still should win) not so suuuurrreee bout best movie.

  40. WHOOOO TEAM TAYLOR! I absolutely love Taylor Lautner so I totally voted for him. I didn’t like any other people besides Rob and I want Taylor to have a chance. He seems like a really great guy and being easy on the eyes does help! I mean come on people we are only human! To be honest I didn’t think Twilight was better than The Dark Night. The Dark Night was the shiz! Yes I’m a HUGE Twilight fan but I’ve been a Batman fan for WAY longer. I have to be honest. I don’t want it to be a popularity contest. I did vote for Kristen for one of the categories. I couldn’t vote for Cam for best villian because Heath Ledger played the Joker so well it creeped me out just a little. He totally had me scared. I loved him as the Joker he is an INCREIDBLE actor. I hate that he is dead now. :'( I do wish Twilight all the luck but if Hannah Montana or HSM beat Twilight or the Dark Night I will be so pissed. The KCAs made me mad! I’m rooting for Twilight and The Dark Night and actors from both movies. Good luck to all. I might alternate my voting paterns. Like one day Twilight the next The Dark Night. IDK yet.

  41. Didn’t vote for Twilight, as much as I like the books. Sorry, guys, but the film was garbage, and Stewart was terrible. Emily Browning or Ellen Page would have been better. I cast my vote for more deserving films, and not just because I’m a fan.

  42. I voted for Twilight in Best Kiss etc, but not everything. Certainly not Best Villian or Best Actress/Actor, or even Best Male/Female Newcomer. Because others deserve that way more. Cam against the Joker etc, no competition.

  43. I agree, Gigi. Voting for Twilight for everything is a little ridiculous. For example, Heath Ledger is much better than Cam. Twilight certainly isn’t my favorite film of 2009.

  44. Really, I find it funny that everyone is criticizing Kristen so much when my biggest problem was with Rob. He had his dazzling moments of course, but so much of what he felt was external when he should have kept it internal. For example, he was a little physically rough with Bella before the meadow scene. Edward would never do that. Also, the first Biology scene really bothered me. Honestly, plugging his nose? I’m sure that wasn’t his idea but it was just ridiculous. I hope Chris redirects the characters to be a little more true to the book and especially true to the nature of a vampire. He was just too human for me, but that may have been Catherine’s fault. We’ll see!

    • My thoughts exactly! People seem to be attacking Kristen’s performance but I think Rob’s was more of the problem. He didn’t live up to Edward Cullen in my opinion. He seemed to be more of a whimpering puppy at some points than a strong vampire.

      • I agree as well!

        I really do hope that Chris brings out what we missed in Twilight, because I know that all of the actors and actresses left room for improvement. But they certainly have potential. So, I hope Chris doesn’t let us down! (Well, lower than we already are. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  45. Rob was alright. Kristen was terrible.

  46. I voted Rob and Kristen for Breakthrough Actors. and also voted Twilight with Best Kiss. I hope they win. I’m not sure if i voted it best movie though ( I probably did I just can’t remember).

  47. Twilight won’t win best movie. It was a disgrace, and not only to the books. I’d be severely disappointed if he beat out Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Benjamin Button, or Slumdog Millionaire. I wouldn’t give it any more than Best Kiss.

    • Unfortunately the MTV awards have turned into nothing, but a popularity contest especially if they’ll letting the public pick the nominees. The more deserving actors and actresses probably won’t win. I remember the days when actual A-listers used to show up for the MTV awards, not so much anymore, and if you do see one it’s probably because they were told in advance they were going to win.

  48. Well i am trying to vote for what I feel it deserves, but I cant seem to vote, keeps saying I need to log in but keeps taking me to an :Error 404:Page Not Found

    • Im having issues logging in too. Everytime I click on log in it just takes me back to the main page.

    • I may have a solution to our problem. see if you can get to the mtv community section( I googled it and used the brady bunch link) It may have to logged in there, try logging out there and logging back in on the nominations section.

      “You must validate your email address before you can participate in the MTV community. “

    • Ignore me my trouble shooting isn’t working *sigh*

  49. says

    Hey guys, I posted a few times earlier but it would be great if anyone else wants to answer a questionairre about their experience with Twilight and its sequals, as well as the movie! If you are interested, please email me–I am doing this for a class project as well as just a way to see how readers interact with the books.

    If you’re interested, please email me at the following address and I will send you the questions!


  50. I will admit that there are many more deserving movies than twilight for any of these awards, but i love the books and the movies soooo much(even with all of their flaws) and i want them to keep getting attention, and keep making money so that the next ones will be even better, so i will vote for twilight in EVERY category…i know that problem seems rediculous, but i loved the twilight movie…sure, it wasn’t EXACTLY like the books, but you have to remember that it was just an adaptation of a popular series, not meant to be the books verbatim….plus, they had a really small budget, so i think they did great with what they had =D

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