Hannah Montana’s Twilight Connection

According to Box Office Mojo:

“On Friday, Hannah Montana raked in an estimated $17.3 million, which typically would have led to a weekend of well over $40 million, but the picture tumbled 40 percent on Saturday, ranking second to Fast and Furious on that day. With over half of Hannah‘s weekend business coming from Friday alone, the only other picture ever to have a more Friday-loaded first weekend was Twilight.”

Plus at approximately 4:09 which guy from Twilight do you think they are talking about?

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  1. Is it just me or is Miley Cyrus kind of annoying? (no offence to any of her fans :])

    • it’s not only you Sana. I find her annoying too.

    • i agree< she is annoying

    • She is so annoying!

      • Switzerland says:

        im not gonna lie, i really do love miley.
        i thinks its so cool they mentioned edward/jasper/whoever it was ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Twi~dancer72 says:

      Mah ha ha ha!!!!!! Ever since twilight became sooooo commercial everyone likes it! They only like it cause of the movie! And now shows like Hannah Montana and iCarly are premoting it and idk why but it kinda makes me mad. it was better when nobody knew about twilight cause i liked it bettr then! (even though i still am obsessed with it ๐Ÿ˜‰ and PS: Miley IS annoying!

      • Agreed.

      • Tell me about it. I remember people not being interested in Twilight at first or Kristen and now that the movie’s out, everybody’s talking about it like wtf? Even people that never liked Kristen suddenly think she’s hella talented because she played Bella…like Hello! In my opinion, she’s been talented.

  2. OME! My little sister was watching that one night and she had me watch it! I am pretty sure we watched that little part about a million times! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. hahaha I love Miley ๐Ÿ™‚ I thought it was halarious they put the twi refrance in that episode.

  4. man, I am too old to like watching Hannah Montana. haha. But I’m not ashamed!

  5. Chloe Cullen says:

    SERIOUSLY?!?! Well, it’s obviously Edward.. But putting Twilight in Hannah Montana is going too far. I LOVE Twilight, I love Disney, but I could DEFINITELY do without Hannah Montana.

  6. Edward's touseled hair says:

    Ok, can’t stand Hannah Montana.

    Like, at all.

    But yay for handsome tortured vampires…

    Although I’m sure Rob Pattz would never be seen anywhere near TAYLOR SWIFT’s party.


  7. haha it’s most likely Edward but my first instinct led me to think it was Jasper ๐Ÿ™‚ Poor guy is always in pain.

  8. ScarletRubie says:

    i’m so over miley cyrus, i really don’t like her at ALL but i do want to go see her movie, there is no explanation behind that. It just looks interesting.

  9. Guess she was making up for her other comment a week or so ago!

  10. I think it was cute and fun and adorable!!

  11. WannabeMrsCullen says:

    my first insinct was Jasper too, but its obv Edward. But why would Rob be at a Taylor Swift party? I love her but i don’t think she’s his kind of thing.

    • Rachel M. says:

      That’s what I thought…
      Jackson Rathbone would be more likely to go to a Taylor Swift party, anyways.

      And I agree with the first few comments. I find Miley annoying as well.

  12. it was deffinitly to make up for that commet she made about fans being obsessed with rob just because hes edward and not for his talent and hotness!!!!

    i first tought it was jasper (jackson) but it has to be rob cos hes like way more famous!!!!!!!!!

  13. elsie_1994 says:

    definitely rob
    although why would he go to that party. . .
    again, could it be Jasper????

  14. she is annoying but i found that a little funny

    i think she was making up for that other comment

    i actually want to see the movie [dont know why]

  15. good god you guys its jasper!
    you know when Jessica describes him as he walks into the caffeteria,
    you guys crack my up

  16. i dont get it some one ex plane plz.
    and i agree with 1,2,3

  17. katie/jaspers#1fan says:

    Deffanatly EDWARD doh?! obvious

  18. I thought it was Edward @ first but now i’m pretty sure it’s Jasper (after watching that part like 10 times) anyway-y would rob b @ a taylor swift party? it seems much more likely that jackson would b there. and as 4 the comment, r u talking about the 1 in teen vouge?

  19. I’m pretty sure she meant Rob. But I don’t think he would be touching a Taylor Swift party with a 39 1/2 foot pole.

    • Courtney says:

      Lol, I agree about the party… I think it was either Jasperor Edward that she was talking about but it was probably Edward..

  20. lol i’m the TJ there haha… i thought she meant Jasper — u noe…from the movie? lol

  21. Elizabeth says:

    Jasper! OMJ!(o my Jasper) but i dout that he would be at a Taylor Swift party.

  22. Is she talking about Jasper??
    Yeah I think it’s Jasper!!

  23. Bella_Cristina says:

    Jasper.yeah she was talking about jasper.though i don’t know why he’d be at a taylor swift party

  24. Wow, this is not good. I missed the old days before Twilight was some kind of national reference or whatever you call it that everyone knows about. It kind of ruins the magic of Twilight now that it’s even referenced in Hannah Montana.

  25. It’s Jasper!

  26. hehehe EDWARD! very apt description, lol. Though I strongly dislike anything to do with miley cyrus, this really made me laugh!!!

  27. Zookie Monster says:

    Miley Cyrus: stfu

  28. I hate Miley Cyrus…but that’s really funny. If she did that just to make up for her Rob/Edward comment, it didnt work. I think it really is Edward. Jasper isn’t as well known as Edward, so I believe it was him.

  29. Rob wouldn’t be caught dead at Taylor Swift’s party. Jesus..

  30. Sterling Snow says:

    Ugh, I hate how all these famous people/TV shows are throwing around Twilight references. Yeah, we know it’s cool, the majority of us thought it was cool before you did! It gets so annoying after awhile because half of these people who are making the references probably just saw the movie (in my mind seeing a movie but not reading the book is a sin ๐Ÿ™‚ Go Twilighters who were Twilighters BEFORE the movie came out!

    And I’m pretty sure she was talking about Rob, cuz he’s more well known than Jackson. But why he would be at a Taylor Swift party I do not know.

  31. All I can say is LOL. Haha, look at them trying to connect with twilight fans, whom they assume to also be Hannah Montana fans. Just like the Jonas Brothers trying to be on the New Moon soundtrack. Ughh.
    No offense to any of them, of course. I don’t believe in haterism on any account. I just wish they’d leave it be ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. i thot jackson too! but no1 rlly knows him so yea its prolly rob ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. No offense to the twilight lexicon, but don’t we have better things to do than watch that wanna be pop star.

  34. Of course it’s Edward, he is/was a tortured vamp. You guys are thinking too hard! He is also the ‘It Guy’ now. A ref to Jackson would make no sense as he is not that well known to anyone outside of the Twiverse, although we love him.

    You mention ‘vampire’ and everyone thinks ROB.

  35. Well, thats oviously Jasper! ’cause remember when jessica in the movie says he always looks like he’s in pain? haha funny… anyways, everytime we see him in the movie, we can’t help but burst out in laughter! no offense, but they should really tell him to cut down the staring with the bush baby eyes! still love the movies though! especially cam gigandet or whatever his name is, whoever plays james!

  36. Even if it was Edward OR Jasper… I doubt they’d be at the party. And i doubt either one of them would talk to “Hannah Montana”.

    Miley Cyrus bugs the crap out of me.

  37. Mrs.Pattinson/Cullen says:

    I can’t STAND Miley or that moronic show Hannah Montana. Did they HAVE to mention Twilight on that show? Urgh! How degrading to Twilight and it’s actors. Team Edward! Whoo!

  38. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    I love the Hannah Montana show its super funny and I like some of Miley’s music. But anyways i think their talking about Edward or Jasper. Not sure.

  39. i thot it was jasper cus she said tortured but it could also be edward

  40. Hello It is Jackson.. “The one that has a tourtured look on his face all the time” That would be Jasper.. I don’t mind Miley now if it was someone from HS musical or the Jonas Brothers then I found that REALLY ANNOYING

  41. Bart, a guy who likes Twilight says:

    oh go she is so annoying! THANK GOD (SPOILER) that she died in the Hannah montana movie!

  42. eternitys_charm says:

    ew. miley.
    *runs to a trashcan and gags*
    shut up miley, you’re really annoying.

  43. btw she didnt die int he movie. have u seen it? hellooooo in the end she was still miley and they are gunna make a season 4. and i think it was totally awesome that she mentioned twilight! and u people need to stop being mean to someone you dont know. and im not saying i know her. but she is a person too. and to the person who said it degraded twilight… twilights degraded itself. robert’s cast mates arent so happy with him apparently. ugh everyone is so immature. cant u keep ur comments to URSELF???????

  44. Who says Robert’s cast mates aren’t happy with him?
    The rags, that’s not true, they all get along. They just all celebrated Kristen’s birthday together. Christie you are immature, you believe everything you read.

  45. Twilight Nymph says:

    I agree she is annoying, I mean not to be mean or anything like that but I just can’t stand the way she acts.

  46. Twilight Nymph says:

    By the way by the scene and the whole torture guy, it’s a 99.9% chance she was talking about Jasper or Jackson for that matter.

  47. Iwantjasper says:


  48. never really been able to tolerate her much, but she’s a little bit more tolerable now that i know she has “decent” taste in men =P of course, you’d have to be blind not to be able to see that he is one sexy vampire!

  49. It is Jasper but it could be Edward because he has more fans.

  50. lirael cullen says:

    i like Miley Cyrus. A lot more than demi or the other gomez chick…

    and its Jasper. definitely Jasper.

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