Goodnight Juliet

This week feature band is relatively new to the Twilight world however they have been performing together for quite sometime. Goodnight Juliet started out as a father daughter team that has since expanded.  You can read the story of Goodnight Juliet below as well as see our video interview with Niki Leigh, lead vocalist and foudner.  The music has a haunting .  You can hear  the music at Goodnight Juliet’s myspace page and check out Goodnight Juliet’s upcoming events.  There is a discussion thread started for the band in our forums.

Niki Leigh started writing songs at the age of 15 years old. Her father, Ross, a seasoned musician encouraged the shy introverted Niki to begin performing her songs at local venues. After a few short years of behind closed doors work, the singer/songwriter on vocals, and Ross on guitar, set out to play little spots all around Northern California. After just six months of entertaining, the duo was nominated for a Modesto Area Music Award. Only a few months later, Niki decided that she wanted to take her sound to the next level. Surrounding herself by Punk Rock bands like My Chemical Romance, Green Day, and Billy Talent, she realized that her heart was somewhere else. She wanted a band.

Ross then began posting advertisements at local music shops, in search of a bass guitar player, and a drummer. Almost immediately, Drummer Apollo Tull, known for his wild and crazy rock star perspective on life, heard the makings of something that was anything but ordinary, and climbed aboard. Shortly after, they received a phone call from Russell Scott. Russ was an intelligent, outstanding bass player, with a rare knowledge and passion for music, and just like that, Goodnight Juliet was born.

The band began playing small shows at the same venues that Niki and Ross had already played, but this time with a completely different impact. With an extreme amount of originality, but also with a Paramore/Evanescence type feel, Goodnight Juliet’s songs are written with an incomparable amount of raw emotion, with inspiration ranging anywhere from heartbreak, religion, and faith, to politics, eternal damnation, and love. They soon found themselves looking to pursue bigger shows, bigger venues, bigger dreams. In the following months, the rock quartet graced the cover of The Modesto View Magazine, along with being nominated once again, for another Modesto Area Music Award.

Niki has written a song aptly entitled “Let’s Never Die”, inspired by Eclipse, third book in the blockbuster Vampire series, The Twilight Saga. Goodnight Juliet was recently asked to perform “Let’s Never Die” at the Twilight Convention in San Francisco, and received and overwhelming response.  The band will continue to play Twilight related events all through 2009, and are currently in talks of performing at conventions.


  1. Pretty good! Listening at this moment.

  2. MrsEdwardCullen0491 says:

    is there a way to download the song(s)?

    • on our myspace, but don’t use firefox..we’re having issues there and you can’t see the songs. :0
      thank you for your interest! :)))

  3. I like the music.Especially Let’s Never Die.It’s really good.Where can I find its lyrics?

  4. I’m listening to Lets Never Die right now. It’s gorgeous. (: Can’t wait to buy this someday!

  5. Timberlynn Twilighter Cullen says:

    I’m liking lets never die and mindreader 🙂

  6. Niki and band Pretty cool Lets never die pierces N a good way, can’t wait 2 see it performed live @ the convention and I’ll be picking up Goodnight Juliet as soon as I can $ it! Love the name goodnight all, I think I need Edwards lullaby myself but I guess my babes Laotion melody will have to do tonight.

  7. twilight girl says:

    I REALLY like your song “Lets never die”. How can I buy it or get the song without a myspace? Thanks!

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