Gianna Cast?

Justine Wachsberger has been cast as Gianna.

Some of the IMDB’s current errors would be listing Justin Chon, Anna Kendrick, and Christian Serratos as rumored for the movie. clearly all three were on set this week filming.

TY to Mary


  1. Good choice. Maybe we can get a replacement for KStew?

    • Julie M. says

      What the heck is your problem “Sitsu?” Very immature!! Same for you below “Sophieee.”

      • I am immature simply for wanting another actress to play Bella? Not so. It’s just simply an opinion, one we are all entitled to. 😉

        • No but this is the mod team saying enough already. She’s been cast, it ain’t changing, get over it.

          It’s not that we don’t hear your point and some of us agree with it, but it constantly being in every post particularly one where Kristen Stewart is not the topic is getting old and whiny fast.

          • I think she was initially just throwing it in as a joke. Maybe it is whiny and annoying sometimes, but Julie M was the one who started the argument in the first place, so you should have commented on hers too if the mod team is going to be jutting their opinion in whenever they are annoyed by something. Unless it’s a real crisis, there’s no need to interfere. Maybe I’ll be kicked off forever, and I’m not trying to make any enemies, but I think this comment was unnecessary. Sitsu deserves an apology for being publicly and unnecessarily slapped on the wrist by the mod team.

          • It was no joke, Sitsu post this all over the board consistently. It’s not the first time by any means.

            Sitsu doesn’t like Kristen, which is fine, no one has to like anyone, but putting her Kristen hate on every entry where Kristen isn’t a part of is in appropriate and annoying.

            There’s also going way too far, which would be the now deleted post sitsu put on Kristen’s birthday thread about Kristen being a pot head is was an almost 10 stanza poem. That’s called crazy obsession in our opinion. Not saying it it’s true or not, but completely inappropriate on a birthday well wishes thread.

          • Sorry, and thanks for the clarification. I hadn’t realized there had been previous bashing. I just thought the mod team was pulling out the pent-up emotion on one person’s comment. I mean I’ve also expressed my need for a new actress and nobody’s ever said anything.
            Sorry again. Keep on keeping on.

          • errin421 says

            i think u need to get all the facts befor u open ur big mouth and krstin is a great atresss i love her as bella she plays the part perfectly if stephenie meyer the autor if u remeber that much doesnt have a problem with bella so why do u ??????? logic how old are u ppl u are acting very immature and i agree fully wit the mod team

        • maybe missy peregym. she looks the part, but is a little more of a tomboy.

    • Kristen Stewart is okay. She fits it. Yes the movie sucked but I got use to it. I liked it. Blame the director and screenwriter. Gianna is suppose to have olive skin isn’t she.

  2. Sophieee says

    Good one sitsu, hopefully, maybe someone with a bit more life and soul? (:

  3. Can someone remind me who Gianna is?

  4. Gianna oddly enough was my favourite character even though there was so very little said. I kind of built up my own idea of her. She’s not too bad I suppose:D Wait and see what she’s like in the movie, hopefully it’ll be great. I always pictured Jennifer Love Hewitt, but Gianna’s a very open character to cast since there’s not much description.

  5. MrsEdwardCullen0491 says

    i dont know if this is a rumor, but i know the actress to play emily is confirmed. it’s on her myspace

  6. heatherh says

    that’s kinda how i pictured her. kind of all american, cute, clueless human. 🙂

  7. Vampangel says

    Isn’t Gianna suppose to be black?

  8. I thought Gianna was black also…Isnt there a description of her in the book?

  9. maybe the casting is incorrect. I hope so. If she is black… then they are changing things.

  10. Charlene says

    Thank you Julie & Twilight News – it is getting tiresome hearing how they should replace Kristen Stewart – she is Bella!!! GET OVER IT!!!

    She will be Bella for hopefully all 4 movies!!! – Yes some agree she could add a little more emotion to Bella BUT she is a fine actress and her chemistry with Rob & Taylor I must add is great!!!

    I was hooked by the movie & then read the book so it says something about her & Rob acting together!!!

    Yes we all have our opinions even US who agree that Kristen is a good Bella!!!

  11. I’m glad we’ve got some more Volturi members out. I’m going insane without certainty anyone’s going to be in. With some contacts, dying her hair and tanning her skin (which it seems is very normal for Twilight), she’ll be fine.
    I wish they’d hurry up and announce everyone. Felix better be in this film. He made new moon. One of the few times I laughed during it :/

  12. Lunna-san says

    Is it just my impression or she’s prettier than Heidi? You know… a VAMPIRE?


  13. Lunna-san…

    I was definitely thinking that too!

    If the girl that’s supposed to be playing Heidi is confirmed, I definitely think this girl is way prettier! :o) JMO!

  14. I’m a little surprised. She’s beautiful, of course, but Gianna is an Italian name and she doesn’t look very Italian to me. I guess I also pictured Gianna as a little older… I’m not sure how I feel about this casting choice..

  15. Nice choice! It’s such a minor character that I’m not very concerned with it.

  16. she is very good looking but i thought the lady in new moon was black?

    p.s. i know some ppl think kstew was bad in twilight but can u plz stop dissing her?! maybe she’ll do better in new moon

    • nmadison says

      I agree- maybe Kristen wasn’t sure on her portrayal of Bella in Twilight. We don’t know what’s in her head, you know… Every movie will get better and better. Other serials have had success, right?!

      • Kristen had the books and author for help, if she didn’t get it then, she’s not going to get now.

  17. Hey, I’m not a Stewart fan by a long shot, but this is getting old.
    This is about **Gianna and Justine**, not anyone else.

    I think she’d make a good Gianna if she really is cast. Very pretty. Maybe a little young.

  18. yeah I also thought that she was supposed to be black…if so “tanning her skin” would not be good enough.

  19. I pictured Gianna to be older and not very idea why, but oh well.

  20. I think it said she was olive skinned? I do remember that it said that she would have been very pretty in any other company but was overshadowed by the vampires- or something like that. She seems as good a choice as any, as she is very pretty. I’m more concerned with the acting, which I can’t judge as I’ve never seen/heard of her before.

  21. Aqualilly says

    pg 463 Ch 21 New Moon “She was tall, with dark skin and green eyes. She would have been pretty in any other company-but not here.” Dark skin could mean darker olive tones as she does reside in Italy or if you take the words more literally it could mean she is black. Personally I think she is too small a role to have the casting really bother me. I want to see the full Volturi cast list already! 🙂

  22. Seriously though, kristen doesn’t even appreciate the sucess twilight has given her! I think the role should go to someone who actually wants to be part of stephenie’s genious work. When Kristen quits her whinning about us twilight fans, is when i’ll stop whinning about her portraying Bella!

    • Twilitex57 says

      I think if you were chased after people 24/7 it may get a little old, and shes said she loves working on the project! I think your kinda twisting her words there..

  23. Twilitex57 says

    What did Kristen do that was so horrible in Twilight? I truely thought she did great! At the final fight scene, when she was hurt, I truely believed she was in that much pain. I thought she was great. We can’t say she didn’t look like Bella, becuase we really don’t know what Bella looked like on the outside, becuase we were always in her head. Kristen had a really hard job, and I thought she did great.

  24. haha omg my name is gianna & when i read this part in new moon i screamed haha

  25. not everyone with olive skin is necessarily african american. I imagined her with tanish skin anyways. So I think the actress is good for the part.

  26. Zookie Monster says

    Was I the only who realized after Breaking Dawn that nobody said anything about what happened to Gianna? Whether she was a meal or not????

  27. PassingThru says

    Curious, since her main roles have been small bits in Summit films, I wonder if she’s any relations to Patrick Wachsberger, the Summit exec??

  28. Vampiregirlsince1918 says

    Shes really pretty and think she’ll make a fine Gianna and I’m not to worried about it since shes a smaller character but I always imagined her a little plainer. lol.

  29. “She was tall, with dark skin and green eyes. She would have been very pretty in any other
    company—but not here. Because she was every bit as human as I was. I couldn’t comprehend what this
    human woman was doing here, totally at ease, surrounded by vampnes.”

    That quote comes directly from the book so please explain to me where anyone can gather that Gianna is Olive Tone or White? Dark Skin means one thing Gianna IS SUPPOSE TO BE BLACK. Like someone mention before they should of kept the little bit of ethnicity that they had because I swear you can count all the people of color on one hand (Actually on 2 finger). The only good thing they did was actually got some real Native American to play the roles of the wolves


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