Car Junkie Talks Twilight Vehicles decided to take a closer look at a couple of the signature vehicles in the Twilight Saga.

On Edward’s silver Volvo they state, “A vehicle that goes far deeper underneath the skin than its mere appearance would suggest, one which uses all-wheel drive and a sport suspension to stick to the road like glue all while maintaining a nimble agility that makes it a blast to throw through corners – all in a plain yet elegant Volvo wrapper. Clearly, this is the perfect automobile for someone like Edward Cullen…”

On Alice’s Porsche they state, “the vehicle is one of the fastest production cars which can be legally driven on public highways. This German beast contrasts oddly with Alice Cullen, the sprightly sister of the vampire clan.”

They also talk about Bella’s Ferrari from Breaking Dawn and the Mercedes Guardian.

TY to Stacey!


  1. Sophieee says

    I agree, it is the peeeerfect car for Edward, couldn’t imagine him in anything else (:

  2. elsie_1994 says


  3. Rachel M. says

    I can’t wait to see Ashley Greene driving a Porsche.
    It’s so not-Alice that it’s Alice. If that makes any sense. 🙂

  4. GenevieveCullen says

    LOL, just today I looked up Edward’s Volvo XD

    I’m surprised they didn’t mention the difference between the S60R in the book and the C30 in the movie. Personally I like the C30 better but reading their review, I can see why Stephenie was so specific. It’s just so Cullen 🙂

  5. Anyone besides me wish you could afford a Volvo?

    I bet Volvo has seen an increase in interest and possibly sales as a result. Whether the C30 or S60R, what a product placement! Could they be any luckier?

    • GenevieveCullen says

      Oh do I wish… $27K is a hefty starting price.

      Found a S60 on RepoDepo but it’s green =/

      And a volvo just isn’t a volvo unless its shiny and sparkley, like Edward XD

  6. NezziLautner says

    what abouts jake’s car? the rabbit? i actually want to see that and not just because it Jacobs’ car(being played by my boy taylor! <3)…
    i actually want to see if they will make it look like something from the dump or like his amazing mechanic skills have actually done something to it.

  7. MouseOlympics says

    Forget the Volvo…let’s talk about the Vanquish. That is the car Edward deserves! One of the sexiest cars every made!


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