Peter Facinelli To Become A Dual Citizen

According to the Examiner, Peter Facinelli is about to become an Italian citizen. He is actually going to have dual citizenship.  According to the Examiner:

“While Facinelli’s decision to become a dual citizen of the United States and Italy may not have been entirely based on his role as Lucciola in The Absinthe Drinkers, it most likely did play a part in motivating the timeliness of that decision. Financing for The Absinthe Drinkers requires adherence to a European Union Convention which requires that all principal cast members, such as Peter Facinelli, be European Union nationals.”

So, Peter may not get to go to sunny Italy as part of New Moon, but he will as part of The Absinthe Drinkers.


  1. schmudiii says


  2. Really?! I guess this means Italian Twilighters are going to stake claim to Peter since he’s now one of them?

  3. That’s cool 🙂

    Nice picture 😀

  4. I always find it interesting how other countries differ from us in the states. Seems like a lot to ask of an artist in the creative process of making a movie, but if he’s cool with it-so be it. All the best to him and his 😉

  5. Cool. As long as he’s still in the US, though. =D

    And, yeah, sweet pic!

  6. twilighter says

    that is awesome, I’m a dual citizen too, american by birth and spaniard because of my mom. she is from spain.

  7. Nice picture 🙂

  8. That’s really great! I wish I could go to Italy.

  9. It would be nice if that is his hair color in the movie. I know he is supposed to be blond, but I think that looks nicer and it is close enough to blond.


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