Check Out His Golden Eyes

No, we don’t mean the very popular Twilight site, even though they are really great people (*waves hi to Kimmy and crew*). We are talking about the UK marketing campaign to get people to buy the Twilight DVD…as if they needed encouragement!

I think we can safely say that the “real Cullen” version doesn’t come with the not so subtle hint at what to buy.


  1. Ilu_una says:

    Creepy… but awesome at the same time.

    You have to admit, that’s pretty imaginative advertising… just for a DVD.

    Sheesh, the things Twilight inspires. Its ker-AZY.

  2. It’d probably creep me out.
    But that’s a really good idea.

  3. *shiver* The writing in the eyes reminds me of Shay’s clock-eyes in Pretties by Scott Westerfeld. Please see futuristic society reference.

  4. Creepy,but creative! Twilighters will never encouragement to buy any Twilight merch,let alone the DVD.

  5. okay, that’s just weird.

  6. Whoa. It says Twilight DVD in the eyes. Weirdly awesome.

  7. WHOA at fits I thought it looked pretty cool, but then when I looked closer, I saw “Twilight DVD” and thought it was weird. Lol.

  8. That’s freakin awesome!! Wow! I want some!! lol XD

  9. haha Moonpetal Lily, that’s what i thought of too

  10. leahluli says:

    How very strange..

  11. I need to go out looking for people like that… And maybe try and steal a pair.
    I think it’s really good that E1 is trying to raise the profile of Twilight here in the UK, although I do think this is a slightly odd way of doing so…

  12. Wow, I haven’t seen anyone like that yet. Myabe I need to go and wander the streets and see if I can get a photo of the eyes on action!

  13. Ha *in action

  14. I want a pair of those! Anyone know if they will sell them?

  15. Isso é muito estranho o.õ’

  16. Weird…

  17. um okay

  18. Is that for real lol? It looks fake or photoshopped or something..weird.


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