Vancouver Blogger Meets Taylor

The Vancityallie blogger met Taylor on the probable set for the infamous Mike, Jacob, and Bella date, as well as the Bella and Jessica movie outing.

According to the site, “Taylor was extremely gracious and friendly. Putting his arms around fans and making space to take photos with their friends. He couldn’t have been a better sport. His skin looked amazing up close snd he smelled GOOD!”


  1. SuperVixen says

    I think all reports on the cast should be ended with a smell comment from now on.

  2. Well of course he smelled good!
    I can’t even let my mind rest on this topic for a second
    **gasp**sigh**drool**panting** talking to self** keep it together woman…;)

  3. His wig this time around looks WAYY better then his Twilight wig.

  4. wow…taylor looks amazing 🙂 i’m quite excited!
    i swear he has no pores too! LOL love it!

  5. HowlingJuanjo says

    He truly is a good guy! Thnx for te news!

  6. isabelle says

    “smelled GOOD” . . . Am I the only one who thinks she meant to rub Rob off the wrong way?? I recently heard of the rumors and my gosh, I can’t believe it!!!

  7. oh gosh can he get any hotter?!! OH BABY!! I am excited for the movie scene, heck I am excited for EVERY SCENE!!!!!!!! 🙂

  8. lirael cullen says

    oh yeah! Sexiness in the making hahah ~_^ wow, i so can’t wait to see every scene in this movie!

  9. NezziLautner says

    OMTL!!! this world is soo unfair!! i know, its impossible to get any hotter. there is nothing beyond taylor. He is so perfect its like not even funny! i mean charity is something he does all the time he is sooo adorable and perfect and hot beyond imagination… did i mention PERFECT?
    … im really thinking about robbing a bank and running away to vancouver for a an extended vacay! Taylor is FLAWLESS!

  10. Mary Alice Cullen says

    OMJAYYYY he looks sooooo better in that wig. I bet he does smell good. LOL I wish i could be that close to him and give him a big oh hug!!!

  11. omg Taylor is my faveeeeee<333 !!!!
    he’s so hot/ gorgeous/ perfect/ amazing! 😉

  12. I honestly think that if I got that close to him I would pass out…
    Anyway, how could someone that gorgeous smell bad? My mind can’t even begin to comprehend Taylor smelling anything but delicious.

  13. OMJB, He looks so cute!! I’ve read and heard from so many different sources (mainly interviews with his cast mates) that Taylor is awfully sweet, nice and fun to be with. WOW that guy has it all!! Now they say he smells good too?!!!


  14. his hair looks good? it looks like he’s wearing a helmet! c’mon!

    besides the helmet, charming as usual 🙂

  15. His skin was amazing and he smelt good?? Well, duh, what did you expect!!

    But, oooh, I’m soooo jealous!!!!! “Putting his arms around fans” *dies* not fair.

  16. Jacob/Taylor…He’s so amazing 😛

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