Rumor Control

OK in the latest that’s making our inbox and alerts spin:

    • The New Moon soundtrack artists have been selected and there’s a super secret letter from Chris Weitz that says so. It was most likely an April Fools joke that people took seriously. Probably an April fools joke, but not real. FALSE
    • That Jaden Nation guy is just trying to rip Kaleb Nation off. He copied his name,he’s trying to sound like him, and everything. Well, given that his name is actually Jaden Nation, and he is Kaleb’s real life brother we think any similarity has to do with genetics. Anyway, we had Jaden’s reguar YouTube gig pointed out to us, asked if he would do a saterical, news wrap-up opinion piece for us each week, and the rest is history. False
    • OMG! Rob is sleeping with Nikki! Umm…honestly, we have no idea. However the idea that Nikki Reed in broad daylight, no disguise, aware that a full cadre of paparazzi was following her would go to Rob’s hotel for several hours of sexual bliss and was hoping that this info wouldn’t get out? You do the math. Then of course maybe Rob has an entire legion of women up there and Nikki had to share him with Paris, Camilla, Kristen, Megan, Natalie, Kiera….(Did we miss anyone? It’s hard to keep track of who Rob has mesmerized into his bed despite his raging BO problem.)  We are totally agreeing with Buddy TV’s assessment. UNKNOWN, BUT WE DOUBT IT
    • They are still actively casting New Moon. Nope, as far as we are aware they are done. Also we have nothing to do with the casting. Last week, all of a sudden, we started getting a bunch of resume’s emailed to us. Not sure if that info is appearing on a blog or forum someplace, but don’t send us your resume; we can’t help you. FALSE