Miley Cyrus on Edward Cullen vs Robert Pattinson

Miley Cyrus was talking to Teen Vogue and expressed something we’ve seen a lot of on our boards and blog. She said, “I’m not a huge Rob Pattinson fan. Girls aren’t really in love with Rob; they’re in love with Edward.”

So what is your take? What category do you fall into, and if you don’t fall into a category here what did we miss in our poll?


  1. Rachel A. says

    And here we see why Twilight fans have a nasty rep. If something doesn’t go the way they (i am only including the people who fit this description) want, there is a backlash. If someone says something they don’t like, Twi fans question that person’s intelligence and then declare their hatred for that person.

    Miley should know a thing or two about people liking someone for who they play and for not they are. How many Hannah Montana fans are actually fans of Miley herself? Both Rob and Kristen have made comments about how they feel the fans are in love with the characters they play, not them. I am not saying that a lot of Twi fans out there who can’t separate Rob from Edward, but I do definately think that there is confusion for some people.

    So Miley disagrees with you, accept the fact that people have different opinions than you, learn to respect that, and you will sound much more intelligent.

  2. Umm… i also think that i should say that we are suppose to be intelligent people, who accept other people and don’t care what other people think about us. We accepted emmett and his family now it’s time we accept other people thoughts and opinions. We shouldn’t diss people because they don’t think like we do. Just becuae she’s not hard core Twilight doesn’t mean we have to be mean! we don’t deserve the thanks we get, if we can’t accept what other people say!

  3. I respect Miley’s opinion because there are definitely people who think of Robert and Edward as the same person (I have met some….it’s very sad). However her claim is a broad general statement so I would have to agree with. Not ALL of us are unable to discern reality from fantasy. I certainly realize that Robert Pattinson is not Edward Cullen (the fictional character) and many other fans understand that too. I have no problem with Miley, but I know lots of people are going to be upset by her comment. She probably should’ve just added a word like “some or many” (some/many girls) or even said “a lot of” first. There are those people that are going to wear a Twilight t-shirt when they go see Little Ashes or How to Be, and those are the people who cause claims like this to be made. The other bad thing is that now those of us who ARE mature enough to distinguish between Robert and Edward will still be victims of comments like “You’re only seeing [insert movie Robert is in] because Robert was in Twilight” which is not true. Can we not be both Twilight/Edward and Robert fans?

  4. Miss Temple says

    I like both, BUT I like Edward so much more that I voted for him. πŸ˜€
    Rob is cute and a fabulous Edward, but if he wouldn’t play Edward, he would just be the guy from Harry Potter for me.

  5. wellllllllllll i hate hannah montanna AND miley cyrus. SOOOO yep. lol

    rob rules.

  6. *um I need to make a correction
    “so I would have to agree with”
    should read “so I would have to disagree.”

    Also I hope my comment does not come off as bashing Miley because I agree with the people who are saying that it’s inappropriate to gang up on her for having an opinion. I take no offense at all from the comment we just have different views which is….no one freak out….okay.

  7. BA! its like ‘buddy, speak for yourself’ just becasue she doesnt like Rob, doesnt mean that ALL girl dont liek Rob and only like Edward. If it wasnt for Rob, Id never have heard of Twilight or even bothered to have watched the movies.
    Shes honestly very stupid for saying something that self-centered.
    By hey, Its Miley.

  8. Okay, so I’m no fan of Miley’s, and she is being a bit of a hypocrite because of her own Miley/Hannah Montana thing, and even though I hate how she worded her comment, making it sound like it applies to every girl, in a way, I think she kind of has a point. There are so many girls who only see Edward when they see Rob, and that’s probably going to stick with him for the rest of his life, just like Daniel Radcliffe and Harry Potter. I’m not saying this applies to everyone, because I certainly see the difference between Rob and Edward, as do so many others. In his own right, Rob is charming and funny and has a wonderful singing voice and I really wish that his scenes in Vanity Fair hadn’t been deleted…and then there’s Edward. Of course I won’t go into detail about why I love his character (I’m also a Jacob fan too!. So many people only see him as Edward, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re casted in a role of a really famous beloved character. So before you go completely balistic about Miley’s comment just because you hate, maybe you should think about called Rob Edward when you were actually talking about Rob. If that makes sense…:) You might be surprised.

  9. I meant to say maybe you should think about how many times you accidentally called Rob Edward when you were actually talking about Rob as a person.

  10. I’m so sick of people comparing these too, Twilight was a good book, with good character’s that lived in Stephenine’s and her readers heads. We all fell in love with characters because how she wrote them (I know they seemed real to me). But, now that they are actually in the flesh its ruining the image of what Edward or Bella and other the characters originally were. (I’m not saying that the actors are good, in my opinion they are very talented). I don’t have anything against people that have discovered the books in since the movies came out. My friends and I found Twilight before they were popular and it was like Twilight was it own world, it was nice to be able to escape to the world of Edward and Bella. But now its ruined. I wish it would go back to the way it used too, and people would take it serious like before, not just some little girls book.

    And what Miley said, I don’t think there is anything wrong with saying that, because although see generalizes, these are the type of people that she might just see, a group of people that can’t tell the difference between Rob and Edward.

    • Luke, I hate you…seriously!! just because you like the books better, it doesn`t mean you have to put down everybody else who like the people in flesh…..that`s just rude!!!

      • Rachel A. says

        hi, I think you need to reread Luke’s comment. He was not trying to offend anyone, in fact I thought he was very respectful in what he said. If you are going to declare hatred for someone, at least have a legit reason for why (having a different opinion doesn’t count).

    • Luke- I have no hate for you.
      I, too, fell in love with the books and characters.
      (I felt like I’d received a sucker punch to the kidneys when Bella said “goodbye” to Jake in Eclipse- I don’t know who was hurt more, Me, Bella or Jacob πŸ™
      So, believe me, I understand and respect the love you have for Ms.Meyer’s creation. When a book is made into a film the intimacy(established between a reader and the character(s)in that book) seems to be lost.The relationship and a series is often overlooked.The movie is made on such a wider scale and usually reaches a broader, larger audience who develop a voracious, hunger for all aspects(in this case)Twilight. It’s different,intrusive and a bit jarring to have this series that you love become a megaforceofnature-that you can’t get away from.If we feel this way (at times) can you imagine what Stephanie must feel? I hope your love for the series continues and you regain that magic soon. Turn off all the media and cozy up with the books. It does it for me every time. πŸ˜‰

      • It is so refreshing to hear you say this, Thank you Arazcal, you just made my night.

        • Luke,
          Glad I was able to help!
          Never lose faith in the healing power of the Twilight Series πŸ˜‰

    • How did the movie ruin the book???? If you didn’t like the movie then forget about it and go back to the book. You don’t have to whine about it.

  11. I am going to say that I’m not really a Rob fan. Sure, my room has a ton of pictures (73, to be exact) covering the walls, but he nowhere compares to the real Edward. I mean, I really hate to agree is Miley Cryrus, but I do.

    And, on a totally off topic note, I need auditions for a Twilight youtube collaboration channel. If you’re interested in being either Friday, Saturday or Sunday, go to and audition (be sure to watch the audition video).

  12. In my opinion i think Robert Pattinson is a good actor, and i don’t like the way she generalizes but with some people who,don’t do their research and just know of twilight they sometimes(most of the time) call Robert, Edward which is wrong, but the fans that do their research and a lot more obsessive know the difference because they watch all the interviews read the articles. But it comes down to the fact that she was wrong to generalize.

  13. Adrielle says

    I like Edward, but not Pattinson.

  14. I think the problem is that too many people think that Robert Pattinson = Edward Cullen.

    I have heard girls says they like Twilight or Edward because Pattinson is in it.

    They didn’t realised he’s just an actor. I’m sure there are tons of people who will not generalised the two of them.

  15. First, I don’t think you should hate someone over there own opinion, I’m just saying that the people that play the cullens and everyone else in the movie aren’t the real people, there actors. If I was Stephenie I would feel bad about my true characters being forgotten about, and turning into Rob (again his isn’t a bad actor).

    • Rachel A. says

      Luke, I agree with you to a certain extent. The movie did ruin a lot of the magic of the books for me. Before I saw the movie I couldn’t stop reading them, but after I saw the movie I haven’t picked them up since.

  16. first off all she is allowed to voice her thought

    2.she lost a lot of teen fans that liked her and twilight

    3.i was one of her fans but she threw that out the window.

    why?she needs to know how to shut her big mouth

    4. she is just jealous that twilight stole her spot light like selena gomez [who i am a fan of]

    she not even worth our time

    btw i know im cruel but im truthful thats what counts right

  17. LOL This is why I love true twilighters! Cuz some actually hate Miley Cyrus as much as I do XD

    And I dont really give a damn of what she thinks^^

    She’s probably scared that Twilight or even New Moon for that matter would have made more the opening day then the entire time her stupid new movie is out. *grin*

  18. oh and im sorry i forgot to add this

    yeah their are teens out there who only like rob for portraying edward but im not one of them

    ill give you this twilight brought me too see his acting talent and the i watched harry potter goblet of fire and i saw it there to.

    but his personality seems great in his interviews and even at comicon[i did not go but i saw it on the dvd].

    he’s cute & funny in his own way.

    and that what i like

  19. God, someone should just beat her up or something. In regard to the whole article in general, I’m disgusted. Totally disgusted. It really speaks to her HUGE LACK OF INTELLIGENCE that she thinks The Catcher in the Rye is too long. Seriously? How about Anna Karenina, you imbecile? That’s long.

    And the Robert Pattinson comment? LOOK WHO’S CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK. The pot. People don’t love Miley Cyrus; they love the girl of the moment, the tweeny who will be washed out and knocked up in five years time (especially when her boyfriend is 6 years her senior, which in adolescence is just mind-blowing). She’s unoriginal and expendable, and I CANNOT WAIT FOR HER FAME TO BE OVER.

    • Rachel…….great minds think alike^^

    • Rachel- Go Easy Girl! Just because Miley made a statement that we don’t happen to agree with doesn’t mean we need to wish bodily harm to her or a pregancy. Let’s keep in mind she IS 16 and comments can be taken either out of context or even abbreviated, etc.

      The Lex is on fire tonight with outrage and smearing. I’m some what guilty of it myself as I commented earlier with a rather smarmy comment myself.
      Let’s all just agree to disagree and go back to our normal HAPPY PLACE- the Twilight Series;)

    • rachel, i think you are so right in a few months we are going to get the sob story on how miley got pregnant and it was a huge mistake and blah blah blah

  20. What does that little girl know ? She dating a 21 year old underwear model.
    I love Edward but girls love Rob too because he’s the real thing and he’s so different from other hollywood actors.
    Hey alot of girls love Rob not just for Edward.

  21. Yea Miley does have the right to her opinion BUT SHE SHOULDN’T HAVE OPENED HER BIG MOUTH AND GENERALIZED THE WHOLE TWILIGHT FANDOM ! Because there are alot of girls who love Rob for Rob.
    And there are some who love Rob more than Edward. And I think she did lose some fans and I for one didn’t really care for her before.
    But yes I do love Rob and I think he’s awesome but I do prefer Edward πŸ™‚

  22. ForJazz926 says

    Miley is an idiot.

  23. Bart, a guy who likes Twilight says

    wow…….does anyone….anyone…. actually like Miley Cyrus? just putting it out there…………cuz i want to etch a sketch on her face too……..

  24. My kids actually do like Miley Cyrus and so do other kids. Every celebrity has fans and detractors. It really doesn’t matter how old you are, you’re capable of putting your foot in your mouth. We give KStew the benefit of the doubt when she is awkward and acts strange in interviews, so why not let Miley put her foot in her mouth without the death threats and tantrums? Some of the comments I’ve been reading about this story on this site and others are embarassing to me.

  25. I like Rob for himself, I think he is a talented actor, musician, and he’s humble, not to mention good looking. I like Edward for who he is an amazing character in one of my favorite book series.
    What does your kids liking Miley Cyrus have to do with this particular argument?

  26. Because the comment above mine asked if anyone actually liked her πŸ™‚

  27. As much as I dislike Miley I have to agree with her. I’d bet if they had chosen some other actor then that actor would have all these tweens over him. I myslef am a Rob fan, have been since I saw him in HP and Edward kinda irritates me.
    Team Jacob :]

  28. anonymous says

    I think Miley has a point. Perhaps she just didn’t state it as well as she could have. Me and a group of my friends LOVE Edward, but think RP is just ok. His personality makes him more attractive, but there is a distinct difference between him and the character he plays. And I think it’s true that some people forget that. Not all, just some.

    Poor Miley. Reading all these hateful comments makes me feel sad for her:(

  29. Twilight fans don’t need comments from that fugly slut! What’s her name? I really don’t know her! Is she famous, cause i don’t think

  30. I don’t take into account anything that Miley says. I mean I can go on about how much I dislike her and all that, but I mostly keep it to myself.

    I think its immature that she says Twilight fans don’t like Rob, but are rather in love with Edward. It makes her look pathetic and like she’s just trying to get publicity by speaking out about it. No one cares what she has to say and she obviously doesn’t respect Rob or the Twilight fans. I think its best that she keeps her mouth shut from now on because nothing good ever comes out from what she has to say. I don’t feel sorry for her one bit, grow up Miley.

  31. yaytwihard says

    i dont like edward, i love jacob.
    i dont like taylor lautner, but i adore robert pattinson.
    so what does that make me? a crazy teenbooper only liking rob for his character? absolutely NOT!

  32. I don’t like the fact that she is generalizing all fans of Twilight but she has a point. There are fans out there who simply love Robert because he is playing Edward Cullen. I’m not saying everyone but I also believe a lot of fans do not even realize that they can’t distinguish between Robert and Edward. I personally believe that Robert even agrees with Miley and it is her right to point out her opinion. After all she is from the Showbiz and has much more knowledge how it is to be merged together with your character. As I said – it bothers me that she is generalizing.

    My personal opinion. I love Edward but don’t think he is perfect. He has many, many flaws and sometimes I was really frustrated with his character. I love Roberts acting and I think that he has a great future as actor. Nevertheless, what I’ve seen so far from interviews I do not even believe that Robert has the greatest personality. He claims himself as boring, not pretty and unsocial. I truly believe him! When he isn’t dressed up as Edward he is sometimes walking around like a homeless and still many fans think that’s attractive (and I’m not meaning the rumors about his smell). He has trouble like Kristen in interviews (even when no one sees that but many are bashing Kristen) and is basically asking non-stop ‘ how can you like me? why do you think I’m pretty? etc.’. He even doesn’t get the hype. He doesn’t really like the attention and I truly believe that he some only a few really close friends. Even when my assumptions are wrong – I don’t really care because I just want to see him making good movies. He transported Edwards personality perfectly on screen and for that I truly respect him.

  33. You know, I just don’t think she meant anything bad by her comment. As a 34 year old mom, I obviously know who she is, but am not in her fan base. I think they were asking her about who she thinks is cute or whatever and she mentioned she didn’t like him. She has that right. I didn’t get the impression they asked her specifically about Twilight nor was she basing Twilight. As a girl who makes a living as a fictional character, she probably understands this better then any of us. Bottom line, she is a 16 year old teeny bopper…who cares what she thinks of Rob or his fans?

  34. eternitys_charm says

    EW miley/hannah, i knew there was a reason i hated her other than the obvious.
    i care less what she has to say, I love you ROB and EDWARD (and unlike her, i can tell the difference)

  35. yes, i like Rob Pattinson as a person and Edward as a character….

    in a way we have to give miley some props..she is FINALLY smart enough to finally choose which persona she wants to be (in her new film….)

  36. Ha, that’s funny considering the only reason Hannah Montana is popular for little girls is because of the character, NOT the girl playing her. Really Miley, can’t you see that your statement applies to YOURSELF as well?

  37. Wow, that’s probably the best comment I’ve ever written. πŸ™‚

  38. Well, considering that I like Rob but NOT Edward, she’s kinda wrong there…

  39. i do believe i am very capable of disinquishing who i like and who i dont. i dont need someone younger
    then myself telling me who i like.

  40. ahem, *gets a snotty attitdue* Little kids don’t like Miley Cyrus, they just like Hannah Montana.
    HA! LOL.
    Okay, anyway I agree with everyone who has said 1)Who the heck is Miley Cyrus and who does she think she is????!!! 2) Who gave her the right to speak for the ENTIRE fanbase??? 3)Get a life, Miley. 4) Even though I love fictional Edward, I also like Robert Pattinson as an actor. I’m a fan of both.

    It’s comments like these that really get me POed. Miley shouldn’t be speaking for the whole fanbase. Please don’t tell me she’s a fan of the twi-series?! If so, someone axe her. rofl. But anyone, I LOVE ROBERT AND EDWARD separately and together, hehe. πŸ™‚

  41. I heard they made up and hugged each other at the teen choice awards